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  1. I've renewed my two. (And had a cheeky dig at there yet again advertising of Sunday Takeover). But only if your outside UK. I know I know, not related to my book,but mehh
  2. I didnt get that either
  3. *chuckles loudly* Sorry, not to ruin the match thread like but that's tinfoil hat nonsense. Security defense against what exactly, sir? It's not pointless, we can watch via VPN, or premier sports for a cup match, it's disappointing. What's not to like? Sounds like you just trying take the piss like. A bit like Rangers having a VPN provider as a partner, for this very reason, in the first place.
  4. It's not the tenner. Watching over a vpn is a joke solution . You run a few mins behind live time for start. Fucking stupid, it's just as illegal as watching an iptv stream. Really suprised they dumb enough to even allow this on a uk account.
  5. One thing is for sure, it ain't me who breathing down your neck @Rousseau
  6. Woo Hoo, finally won something Shared first prize with about 180 others... 5.49 yaaaaas 🤣😃
  7. Better team won. They were a bunch of clever dirty bastards. I hope that little racist runt gets the punishment he deserves. Lastly.. are bbc trying to taking the piss?
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