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  1. He's 7ft... Ah thanks missed that one. Not a great first half 🤬
  2. Is flute injured? Noticed he isn't even on bench
  3. blueflag

    Semi Final

    Yaaaaaa little dancer Got assigned one now thanks to sheep not selling theres. Email just came in now.
  4. blueflag

    Junior football

    Lol.. oh i knew Craig haha. We actually played well, still got humped lol. Fair play, talbot still the best in the juniors
  5. blueflag

    Junior football

    The mighty 'Gow play talbot on Sunday in the league cup final and has now drew them in the Scottish. Talk about unlucky haha Mon the lowly Gow
  6. blueflag

    Semi Final

    Looks like I didn't get one. Gutted as i am already planned up that weekend. Typical luck
  7. blueflag

    Change for the semi-finals?

    Absolutely pathetic. Selfishly all i care about is the fact now i wont get fucking home till after midnight on a Sunday night. Raging isnt the word Also got my new top today and the quality of it is piss poor. Badge pretty much ready to fall off. Now this shit. Unhappy bear tonight 🤯🤯
  8. blueflag

    Change for the semi-finals?

    Anyone confirm the changed our kick of time to half 4? Yet now scum hearts at 1 30 .. what a fucking clusterfuck if that's true. Wankers man
  9. blueflag

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    A week and still no despatch or even an answer to my email(contact form) Wish they had told us it would be in shops quicker.
  10. blueflag

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    Im in 5000 order no. range. Agreed if it comes next week i be happy but they surley should answer my email. Online says i dont have an account.but i have the confirmation email. Any reason it's a fiver dearer direct than through JD?
  11. blueflag

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    Has anybody actually had any kit sent from this online store? Infact has anyone even had any other emails other than the confirmation? Cant even log back into website now and waited a week and not even a reply to my email. Disappointed isn't the word
  12. blueflag

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    Hopefully! Hey i'm just paranoid after the last few years. Great if true. As said, blind faith had me order one despite my paranoia
  13. blueflag

    Rangers new hummel kits go on sale today

    I've ordered a home top. However not convinced this isnt a mike fat bastarf Ashley venture. The website is amatuar at best. The domain name has domain privacy hiding true owner. On site it references 'the elite group' London, as who runs the site. Why would they not just use there own website or the many subdomains already owned by RFC. But hey, bought one anyway, little pissed off they had cheek to make the free delivery on orders over 70 but guess its the going rate for a kit these days
  14. Just wow.. that has certainly cheered me up
  15. blueflag

    Embedding tweets

    There were no changes here Pete

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