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  1. Hello First updates of 2024 have been applied. Annoyingly it looks like they reset some template modifications. @Frankie. Just watch for the custom code on the templates. If anything looks off, please dm me or frankie.
  2. This one did embed by Sunday morning
  3. Guys, it is twitter api thing usually Musk is a money grabbing twat. When X or twitter whatever we wana call it these days has "peak" traffic, he takes huffs and cuts the api to free software that allows embedding tweets. It doesnt just affect Gersnet, (usually) Edit - that isn't exactly what happens but it gives you the gist. He messes with it anyway
  4. I removed that absolutely ridiculous post.
  5. Yeh, they are part of the forum software. We do have custom ones. I.e some Rangers ones I see. Il have a look see if there's any packs we can add, I just presumed invision would use the standard emoji packs
  6. Ah , got it. I think mygers is needed to buy most games. If I made my seat available on seatsub it just goes onto normal sale, which is restricted by mygers sale at moment. Had a quick look and there is 2 together randomly in bf4. But think mygers is needed to buy them.
  7. I think, if Cantwell was half as good as he appears to think he is, Frankie, we would be in a better place. He's been MIA since his injury
  8. I think my two will be going on seatsub for this, il dm closer to the time. But as frankie said should be fine for a midweek ibrox game.
  9. How many are you trying to get together? I think there will be tickets for this one, mabie just not sequentially.
  10. Appears they have set a ridiculous high points bar for betis away, already booked a trip over, but highly unlikely to get one with the allocation is the passport number going to make it impossible for me to get a ticket? Sadface
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