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  1. Sorry, we had a bout of downtime today. Appears our hosting had some issue. Back in time for match. Hopefully.
  2. I voted Alfie. I think his hold up play gets missed for his lack of goals at present. The guy is just solid, he takes no shit, wins a shit load of balls, and boy, we miss him when he's being punished by shity Scottish Var. He done superb on Thursday. His lay off to Aribo showed the guys just never going to shy away from a tackle either
  3. Can I update to Roofe please. Kent not starting..
  4. In fairness I was a kid and my memories are probably more around my dad laughing at him.
  5. Archie, "goooooooaaaall .......kick".. He frustrated me as a kid listening on Radio
  6. Sorry, I had a bout of man flu and wasn't on much over weekend. Site appears OK this morning, I read the hosts were doing some work over weekend. I will try keep eye on
  7. Ridiculous I can watch on xxxxx.. Better than 4 dots.
  8. Rtv not even working for me tonight. Blah 2 season tickets to watch a spinning wheel. Great stuff
  9. The sheep smell blood All out attack for the 2nd champions league spot?
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