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  1. Why on earth's name did I only take 4 days holiday this week. Tomor is going to drag in... Nerves starting to kick in!
  2. Thankyou This makes sense why it was hidden in the bottom of the mygers update email too! Note to self. Pay attention 🙉
  3. Anyone else have issues trying to register for the final tickets? Stupid 1 max ticket error even although only 1 in the basket?
  4. They didn't even reply to an email.. shock
  5. To be candid... he looks like a 18yr old baby face. I pinged another email to them today, not that it will do any good
  6. Wow. Is that a genuine quote? Da fuck does he think he is?
  7. Utter shambles. Let's gift them the league and then go down Australia for a wee friendly with them. Raging isn't the word. Email being sent, not that it will do any good.
  8. I'd start Roofe up top Slightly annoying buffalo wasn't even on the bench for Columbia vs Peru.
  9. The footage and voice recording are very damning and very public
  10. Well played, Ross and everyone else at Rangers. Time to do the talking on the pitch now
  11. Is Roofe injured ? A little worried we have no strikers on the bench really
  12. Just for the record, the timing on this was completely outwith our control. It was planned by our hosts and we are not in a position we could have stopped it unfortunately. These things happen.
  13. Man. Disaster strikes too. Grrr Soooo sorry everyone. This was planned but went a little wrong and the timing was absolutly terrible. Announcement day and I am +5 hour timezone this week with real work so been limited how quickly we could get it back online. Really sorry folks. Go enjoy the Gio chat now.
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