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  1. Echo...... Just pushed out a little software upgrade. Anyone note any issues drop us a line. Thanks Bf
  2. Happy new year too all our Gersnet family. I have a feeling 2020 is going be an excellent year for us all
  3. I went with Davies. Quite easily coulda been Borna. I just felt Davies steppped up, we missed him last time and Jack wasnt quitr firing 100%
  4. Hey all, Sorry for the slight downtime tonight. We had to just push out a forum software update. All sorted now and opened the boards again. Anyone spot any issues drop me or Frankie a Pm. Cheers Bf
  5. Man, my arse making buttons. Up fresh and early and buzzing. Hope we have a good day. Mon The Rangers!
  6. Just saw this thead. Here is my thoughts; Our customer relations and ticket office are extremelly poor. They drive me insane. Ticket office regularly messy's up any paper tickets i buy. Either they dont post them and tell me to collect (i live near Sheffield), or the miraculously disappear in post. I was only i Scotland 2 days before thr leagues cup game and after telling me i had to collect ticket, it wasnt 'available' until the Tuesday.. so i coudlnt collect, had get back to England for work. As for replies from Rangers (and even the fans liason person who I emailed). They are simply non existent. I, in many years at ibrox have only ever complained once about another fan. The fact they let him in so pissed was my complaint. They coudlnt even be bothered to respond to me. Absolute joke. I love my club, but, but all means they dont really appreciate the support as much as they could. Sorry for the rant
  7. blueflag


    Ive released mine and the boys a few times this season as i had to surrender my drivers license. Easy to use and seem to sell quick. Only note. Anyone know how it works for a childs seat? If i release the juvenile seat and they re sell to an adult what credits do you get?
  8. To be fair, you's raise a good point, next match away to porto mabie not quite the time. But how blooming frustrating..
  9. Tav needs dropped , it's quite obvious and clear. After the woeful goal he conceded, he didn't hit a pass or cross all match. 93rd min free kick edge of box, he has the bloody cheek to shove Barisic off the ball, in some sort of ego trip, and floats it right into the keeper. Guy's a liability.
  10. Good to see Murphy make the bench again. Wee rest for buffalo. We need to show some great intent today after the result earlier now. Common Rangers, gutted i coudlnt make it up to Ibrox today
  11. Walker was hurting so bad, that was so nice to actually hear. What a rodney plonker hahahahaha We best come out with some intent today now.. 5.0
  12. P.s any away tickets for Feyenoord spare, plz hit me up
  13. Tickets are on the site now if you are not on ccc.
  14. C'est la vi, i expected 120 or thereabouts
  15. Morelos on bench. https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1168097992555077633?s=19
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