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  1. I have a new man crush. What a strike again. I love this guy already Pleaaaasse lord, let us hold it out this time!! Come on
  2. It really is cringe how sore he is hurting Long may it continue, the little scrote. He is gutted!! Meanwhile. Just wow wow wow wow wow Come on Rangers. Lets go see this out now. Wee early goal kill it off
  3. I think Stevie was even a bit nervous, hence him bringing on Balogun. I guess, it is what it is, it got us through to the end. Was bit shocking we were having to double up on Kirk Broadfoot playing centre forward for last 10 mins.
  4. They should have a harder 2nd round run of matches, we played more away matches in 1st round of games.
  5. I think the fact we are at home to Hamilton, where as they are away to inform motherwell has me keeping belief the slight tiredness won't be an issue. Our squad has good depth now.
  6. I think even Gerrard was getting a bit anxious of deja vu towards the end. Who cares. We done, what we wouldn't have done last season in coming away with 3 points. Who's next...
  7. I picked Kamara. His footwork was unreal at times, best 50k spent ever
  8. No doubht we will see a wee fan appease video soon from the Castore lads. I was criticised highly for being critical earlier in season, but what a terrible misjudgement i fear this is
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