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  1. Thanks Stevie, enjoyed reading that. A lot of positive words from there owner certainly. Looks like i was right about a fan appease of orange and the news about different levels/standard/pricing of kit seems to be confirmed. Interesting indeed, the guy obviously wants to make a success (of course he would tho!) Of this partnership and their money is as good, or the same colour, to use an old phrase, as any other. Like you say Bill, nobody forces us to buy stuff and for me i will wait till i see the actual strips design and pricing before committing myself to buying.
  2. Saw some gossip on social media they will be releasing 2 versions. A more expensive first team one and a replica one. Different quality, like the rugby tops. Also reported they confirmed airport shop (and others) will open back up. Interesting, again tho concept and pricing time should be interesting. Look forward to your blog Stevie, always like to hear what the real non bs is we get from there.
  3. Agree with you folks, Sometimes all the effort in the world sadly doesnt always make you good enough. Wonder if any first teamers will go, and who
  4. https://rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/first-team-squad-update/ I think a wee thanks to all three. Especially Andy and Wes who both gave us their all.
  5. Of course.. we also all called this "They are detemined to play the Scottish cup " All to let them get the treble. Absolute joke
  6. This one was public knowledge with the gutter tabloids weeks ago. 👀
  7. I admit to being a little grouchy this morning. I kinda agree with you Ian that the proof will be in the pudding. Sorry for starting a thread of our new supplier (and bullshit as kindly put) , but we nothing better to do than nit pick a shitty 7am marketing ploy. The jury will be back at concept and pricing time... (My guess, they will go with orange somewhere a fan appease and 70 quid a strip)
  8. Hope they throw something at their own website then.... it crashed for 20 mins after first word went on Rangers.co.uk. How do you know they wont rip the piss in strip prices? Blind faith? Id be willing to bet you right now, even accounting for the new mygers discount, it will be north of the hummel tops.. only time will tell i guess
  9. Chill your bones winston, constant drivel and negativity? From me? Couldn't be any further from the truth. I hope you are right, i tend to think Gribz is more accurate and will find some scouser link to Gerrard than some magic wand that going to bring us more trophies as they put it.
  10. Sorry, didn't see the video yet, will watch it. Obviously i take it with a pinch of salt tho when they worded it like this. This says to me, its better than what we had since we had ashley, which wasnt exactly much was it. Clever use of the word recent if you ask me.. "The multi-year partnership stands as one of the most valuable commercial partnerships in the club’s recent history"
  11. Well its all ok saying it Db. But they verge on blatant lies by Rangers by saying things like they as the fastest growing uk sports brand. Unless i'm mistaken the only sports interest they currently have is through an old and battered hibby,Andy Murray and tennis. Willing to come back and eat my words if there kit quality is as good as they say it is... as also i mentioned they offer 2 year no questions asked returns on there non footie kit, that screams they are confident in the products, lets see if that holds true for the footie gear too. I just think they making them out to be some big known brand already, you hit the nail on the head, they will be successful if WE are.
  12. Gonzo. Unless im mistaken they don't mention any figures. We had unofficial numbers bouncing about but dont really know how we can class it as a good deal if we are comparing against recent deals. Which we know were all terrible. I agree on the kit templates, least our design will be unique. However since they sell basic hoodies for 200 quid online, i dread to think what they will cost, do look forward to my priority email showing me the concept Oh and does there 2 year warranties also apply to football kit? If so, then a premium price may be ok. (From their website info on all there other.non footie kit)
  13. Oozes positivity alwrite. I'm just so glad I paid for the myclub membership benefit which got me this earth shattering announcement in an email at 7am before they made it public 🙈. (Actually Castore has a rfc article on there homepage since yesterday) How will they help us win trophies? (Re second paragraph of there launch today) How much is the deal worth? As I said DB, i was actually positive about the deal in the other thread when we all knew weeks ago.. I just really don't like the cheesy bullshit that there here to win us trophies and they make more advanced kit than the worlds best 🙄
  14. Probably true. Still worrying their site folded 30 mins after 1st announcement on a Sunday morning, and thats without even a concept design
  15. It appears we have crashed their website... and that's without any concepts or any live merchandise yet. Wow... i am sure this is going to be an excellent partnership. .do they realise just how much they have been thrown in the proverbial deep end here? As a IT guy, i hope they upscale massively for any real launch
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