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  1. P.s any away tickets for Feyenoord spare, plz hit me up
  2. Tickets are on the site now if you are not on ccc.
  3. C'est la vi, i expected 120 or thereabouts
  4. Morelos on bench. https://twitter.com/RangersFC/status/1168097992555077633?s=19
  5. Up and buzzing for this today. Lets do this
  6. Decent draw, could have been worse i suppose. I was want united for some reason but will look forward to trying our hand at Porto. Think will be a close group, don't underestimate the young boys, they beat juve in champs league tie last year in Switzerland. Bring it on, hope the ibrox atmosphere is back to its glory for the home matches.
  7. The bbc reeporting of this is an absolute disgrace. This is for sure part of a plan to kill all parades. I cant belivs reading the bbc report you would be of the understanding that this was all the big bad loyalists fault. How dare they protest. And how they shouldnt need to protest as bad. Why no mention of the terroist supporting skumbags that we had to protest about. Its an absolute joke, the bbc and police are trying there best to stop all parades and as usual the loyalists loose the mediaj/bbc reporting the bullshit. So angry.
  8. It's another victory for us, and a step closer to group stages. I think we can beat leggia, i think these danes were abour on same level. Leta hope so. Excited for old firm too, Stevie G is certainly building us a good squad and bring on 55.
  9. Ground our the victory in end. Some decent footie at times, same old shit at others. Have to agree with majority Goldson is the best defender imho. I like katic for his row z attitude, but as has been pointed out i think, his awareness and distribution in general is poor at most times.
  10. My sons arrived, but mine didnt 😳
  11. Funny, i'm i Yorkshire and see plenty flying the Union flag
  12. Hey all Sorry for the temporary closure for a bit tonight, i had to carry out some urgent maintenance. All should be good again Bf
  13. He's 7ft... Ah thanks missed that one. Not a great first half 🤬
  14. blueflag

    Semi Final

    Yaaaaaa little dancer Got assigned one now thanks to sheep not selling theres. Email just came in now.
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