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  1. I recently attended Wembley, for the semis of the Euros. They did check our covid pass as we went in, but it was a manual steward looking at it. I simply don't see how Rangers would be able to do this without a lot of planning and as mentioned people being at stadium at set times. (Is what we also had to do at wembley)
  2. In England the covid pass is on the NHS app. You can get an offline version. My worry is, she becomes problematic with other regions certificate. Will they just accept the NHS pass?
  3. O m g No joke. This poor child is from my hometown.
  4. 4 of us in friends and family and none here 😭
  5. Database repaired now.. however I think hosts having some issues today perhaps. Any further error messages drop me a DM
  6. Ah dam missed this. I got tickets to Italy V Spain on Tuesday at Wembley , should be fun
  7. Hey all, We have today pushed through the latest IPBoard forum software updates. These come periodically , but does bring a few changes on the look/themes and it actually had some really big changes on the backend database side that most of you will not see, so you may notice some oddities over the next few days whilst we pick these up. please report any issues to myself or Frankie. Sorry for the downtime whilst I pushed that update through. thanks BF
  8. Gribs yes you can still run Antivirus and highely recommend you do. All a vpn does, to the untrained eye, is make you look like you are some where else. It passes ownership and trust of your browsing history over from your internet service provider to whatever vpn service you trust, but for all other purposes you keep any security software or ad blockers etc you have now.
  9. A big thanks to @Rousseau for maintaining the league! Well done Bearger and unlucky Rousseau
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