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  1. Think? For starter Jones will play for the jumper which is more that ohalloran did.
  2. onevision

    New Ibrox

    Fully retractable roof and its well sorted.
  3. There all jealous you're getting more sex than them no matter by what means....
  4. A newly promoted team (Aston Villa) can't afford to buy in young players with potential, what they do need is someone who will land running and unfortunately for us Tav fits that profile. £10 million is very little outlay in that regard.
  5. Liverpool disapointing....never a pen this season....next season yes but not this.
  6. I watched the Du defender Connelly and the StM forward cooke? Commit many fouls with Madden chosing not to speak to either. Got me thinking would a certain young colombian striker be afforded the same leniency?
  7. His loan spell and place in the team may just have helped make Katic the player we all hope he is going to be if his recent performances are anything to go by. EDIT....by his i mean Katic
  8. I can understand why if not just for his work rate alone.
  9. Possible 2 in Nicky Walker and Anti Neimi Another off the top of my head could be The Goalie?
  10. Tav for me. He has been the driving force in our attacking play and leads by example.
  11. Deflection tactic from Scott bain.... from a man who knows he should have not only a better wall set up but should have stop Tavs free kick....mans a diddy.
  12. So Flanigan wins appeal. Can i dare suggest that there was a method to all this madness all along like had Simunovic been charged and found guilty he would have missed the cup final. Flanigan winning his appeal just another deflection tactic.
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