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  1. Agree about defence looking shaky and add that our keeper today didn't help them any.
  2. There isn't a snowballs chance that any law firm will be able to prove where any one person has caught covid. Proving a workplace not having enough precautions in place then yes.
  3. Ah but the show must go on.
  4. Not bad but much rather have something that i can keep and watch over, like Bd mentioned i think a dvd would sell well.
  5. Is it a one off watch or once paid can be downloaded or viewed as often as you like?
  6. And me now that Patterson is injured.
  7. And there you have the perfect defence if ever you have the mis-fortune to be arrested if shouting secterian abuse at a Celtic fan whilst at the match.
  8. You should demand that they unsell the Prague ticket to whomever they sold it to.
  9. Looks like i won't be taking up my euro tickets as my son refuses to get vaccinated.
  10. selective racism bother me.
  11. i'm sure they will sell well.
  12. Based on his sub appearance for the B team then he's not far away.
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