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  1. Can't help but think the mounted Polis and riot squad would have been deployed had the same thing happened over Govan way with numerous arrests.
  2. Messi the greatest ever Argentine player...with I.M.O Pele still the greatest ever with Ronaldo ( the Christiano variety ) up there ahead of Maradona
  3. Good team performance yet again and agree with all qoutes above and reasons for motm votes but my vote goes to Kamara whom i thought was brilliant again.
  4. And thought he did well to keep the heed with some bad tackles on him.
  5. Agree with John. I played against him a few times and he was and has always been (as far as i'm aware) a bitter tim.
  6. I for one want to witness our silky football first hand and therefore cannae wait to get back to Ibrox albeit with a vastly reduced attendance.
  7. Tav for me....thought he was immence throughout and his engine is just incredible.
  8. The board may have budgeted in the sale of Morelos which didn't happen.
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