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  1. I would have thought that was a given.
  2. Maybe wee calamero lacked the electric pace but he nearly always found his target....i'll be on Bill's side with this one.
  3. Mccloy Jardine Mathieson Greig Johnstone Smith Mcdonald Conn Mclean Stein Johnston
  4. Have a listen to mommas waiting a i dare you not to cry.. .😓
  5. Mccoist away to Leeds....still one of my fav ever.
  6. Not my favourite but Katic vs them...yessssssssss
  7. Anyone who disagrees with another persons convictions and beliefs is a bigot, no?
  8. Murray changed the catering arrangement.
  9. You are correct, they do deserve all the hilarity. 😁
  10. I've gone for Kamara. Thought he did well throughout apart from being caught out the once that i can recall and also thought Gerard made the wrong call hooking him. Most others had some decent moments but not enough to warrant MOTM.
  11. Worse scenario is likely to be that all remaining games will be played behind closed doors.
  12. Easy choice for me....Alan McGregor, if not for his second half saves we could or would have been looking at another embarrassing defeat.
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