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  1. onevision

    Gersnet Live Podcast this Sunday!

    Listened live last night for about 40mins. Good job and as Buster states it came over like a normal podcast. I counted 23 connected at its peak last night, was this more or less than expected or did you have no expectations?
  2. onevision

    Gersnet Live Podcast this Sunday!

    Scary stuff, Hope not....😋
  3. Well done young lads. Made me think back to our clubs humble beginnings when the young rangers lads all those years ago took on what was on paper superior opposition and went on to victor. Congrats.. ..
  4. onevision

    Gerrard Song??

    How about '' when you walk through a storm hold your head up high''
  5. onevision

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    Hopefully McGregor does the right thing and and sticks his two fingers up at the authorities again and retires from International football.
  6. onevision

    Compliance on Power

    I'm pretty sure a Rangers player would have got a red for that.
  7. onevision

    Gordon Banks Dead

    My hero when i first set out to be a goalkeeper. Never tire of watching THAT save from Pele infact after watching again on the news tge save is even better when you see how good the header was. Rip.
  8. I think this womens specialality sport is martial arts.
  9. onevision

    Allan McGregor's two game ban stands

    As an former goalkeeper i always performed the same manuover to ensure if anyone got hurt it wouldnt be me.
  10. onevision

    Trial By Sportscene Must Be Challenged

    Here we go again, Conroy states there are more Rangers supporting official then we get this pish. Help, what fucking help do they need?
  11. onevision

    Morelos 3 Match Ban

    Wrong thread.
  12. And the referee had a good view of the McGregor incident and deemed it a fair challenge.
  13. onevision

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Agree Bill but i'm glad that some bears have the stomach to listen and update us on the pish being spat out from their rancid frothing bigoted throats.
  14. It was six of one and half dozen etc....ref gave penalty to even things up. IMO

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