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    Persson orjan....the original hammer.
  2. Just read on my renewal form that option 3 (finance installment) with Zebra have been discontinued and that the club are looking at other option with an announcement in due course via email / website. Still have a few weeks until deadline so i'll just sit tight and wait a while.
  3. Looking for help on this, I usually pay for my season tickets in full but looking to pay this time around using the 4 fixed date monthly credit/debit card installments. When online i can't see this option available, do i have to enter my CC detail first and then payment terms can be selected thereafter or am i missing something? I have emailed the club on this also but have found them slow in replying in the past. Thanks.
  4. Why the fuck can't a judge see the fact that we as a club have been stitched up by the ashley men that he put in place and for once rule in our favour? Im at a loss as to why.
  5. Agree with DB. Like Candeias he gives his all in so far as effort and work rate goes but lacks that bit of quality needed if we are to mount a serious challenge for league titles.
  6. Motherwell's quick action has shown the direction that clubs need to be going. Quick and decisive action is more than enough.
  7. My arse. She hade her say and social media allows others the right to reply. Rightly or wrongly.
  8. I still think the charge against the 2 effigies of exposing themselves in public will prove easier to prosicute.
  9. I was there along with about100 total. Weather shit but still poor turn out.
  10. If he spent a week at the piggery he' d have it down to a fine art.
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