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  1. onevision

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Hibs vs Rangers

    Hibs 1 Rangers 2 FGS = Morelos
  2. onevision

    Pacific Quay Musings?

    Also noted that after the scoreline and attendance were wrongly quoted the caption read Gallacher of Rangers booked.
  3. onevision

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    Agree and Sunday is probably the one and only chance of him getting just that before the break with Hibs, St Johnstone, Hibs again and then them to play. Stick Flannigan in his correct position for a change.
  4. onevision

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hamilton

    Rangers 3 Hamilton 0 FGS = Morelos
  5. onevision

    [FT] Rapid Vienna 1 - 0 Rangers

    We had the beating of rapid tonight but lacked a cutting edge as seems to be the case recently. We really need to be more direct in our attacking play and drive through the centre of defences rather than always taking the wide route.
  6. onevision

    Vienna Away

    Me son will be representing our loyality flying over on wednesday. Ticketless but hopeful of maybe picking up one over there.
  7. onevision

    New Gers store opens today (Saturday 8th)

    Saw me wifey in the backgroud during the video. My wallet is £400 lighter this morinig and in the words of the song ' am feeling good' Watfp....
  8. onevision

    Celtic may turn down Ibrox tickets

    So has Liewell had any guarantees yet on his safety concerns?
  9. onevision

    UEFA charges

    Bluedell is right. The BB is becoming more and more a apart of the weekly songbook and really needs to stop. IMHO.
  10. onevision

    GN Podcast 025 - Top of the league at last

    Excellent podcast guys, particularly enjoyed listening to Graham, thought he came across like a real pro unlike the usual rabble.... great job, well done to all involved.
  11. Unless I'm wrong we have never asked for him not to referee any of our matches again but only for him to play fair.
  12. onevision

    Pacific Quay Musings?

  13. onevision

    Goldson: We Don't Like Them

    Goldson could have chosen his words better but what's said is said. Teams don't need any lift when Rangers come visiting. Hearts have the same incentive as us and that is to get 3 points. It'll be a tough match like most others at Tynecastle but we know that a win takes us clear at the top and that it is a big must win for me. By my reckoning we will still have played more matches than the tims before the new year match so really important that we stay ahead until then.
  14. onevision

    Celtic and Rangers face lap of honour crackdown

    Here was me looking forward to Halliday planting a union flag in the centre circle at the piggery when we next beat them there, plod sure know how to spoil things.
  15. onevision

    Celtic may turn down Ibrox tickets

    Oh please say it's so....

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