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  1. Stewart for me too. Barasic, kamara and Defoe all contenders but feel Stewarts all round play was brill. A wee mention for Polster who did well and could from what i saw possibly fill Jacks boots.
  2. Laughed at that tit walker. Rather that giving Livi any credit he told us how ceptic had superior football player.....ladedah ya tosser
  3. I voted for Kamara as i thought he had a decent game and at last is looking like the player from last season.
  4. My first comment was ' what a save ' closely followed by ' goalllllll ' 😀
  5. My initial thought at the match was Davis and after watching the whole match again this morning i have no reason to change my vote. Davis was immense and just got my vote ahead of Stewart who i thought was excellent. Barasic is now looking the part which is great to see.
  6. Great night. Remember sitting on the wooden bench in the centenary stand with my then fiancee and recall the atmosphere being electric despite the new look stadium being under construction. 2 weeks later we were a married couple and both us and the club are still going strong 41yr later....
  7. Pretty sure jfk was directing his comment at the UB response.
  8. Which is why i have chosen not to watch.
  9. Just back from a leg break. To many to name them all but loved the Terry Hurlock assist 😉 at parkheed when he puts Bonner on his arse before slotting home. Favourite has to be his goal at Elland Rd....whit a finishing heeder that was.
  10. Fuck off, get yer own.
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