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  1. Sure would have although after watching Ian's video above i just might change my mind.
  2. I for one think he got one of his few decisions right with the McGregor incident. I do agree however that he is more of an incompetent than a cheat.
  3. Alfie for me just ahead of mcgregor....the rest were poor and interesting Frankie that you thought Bassey did well at times, thought he was really poor and even a bomb scare all night.
  4. To win appeal they would need to cite Brown which aint gonna happen.
  5. Suppose best looked at as a point gained.
  6. Usual shite match against this shower. Wright needs to press Bates more. Great touch and pass by Kent for the goal and is looking to be more involved a half sent on. Clansy is a tit.
  7. Did Andy Penman not end up at Arbroath?
  8. Defo....i don't want our club to be associated with them in nought other than just league fixture.
  9. The Jambo's are due to play the mhanks late January, if we have plans to sign him and in this window then leave it till after that match.
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