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  1. That would be a good tactic against them but can we trust our defense to defend and hold out like Walters sides used too? Don't thin so.
  2. Butland. brilliant double save at their dis-allowed goal.
  3. Come on tae eff Rangers give us some hope to cling on too.
  4. I think we have far too many serial losers in our squad. We blew it big time with those recent defeats to both Motherwell and Ross County so their is not a snowballs chance of us winning all our remaining matches. If i'm wrong i'm willing to suck up whatever forfeit you guys deem as punishment for not believing.
  5. Cantwell just ahead of Butland, the rest can GTF.
  6. I did mention his first pass going astray but not having him take any blame for the third. Dowell never tracked back, Sterling left his man to try and cover for Soutter who ran away from the goalscorer.
  7. Dessers and Lundstram played well with both Matondo and Sima making a big difference with their pace and direct running but for me there can be only one winner and that is big Dujon Sterling. His first pass aside i though he was by far our best player.
  8. Poor penalty aside Tav played as well as any other.
  9. Caving in without our fan input is a crime in itself. This will not go down well.
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