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  1. McGregor for me, important saves that ensured we didn't lose last night.
  2. Easiest pick yet....Joe Aribo by a country mile.
  3. Had to log in through the Europa link also but no issues once in....missed first 5mins.
  4. If the move doesn't come off you can always add Tash before Kent and move to Uzbekistan. 😋
  5. Can't remember either but whoever the team in question are they should probably give our team a guard of honour prior to kick off.
  6. Good, maybe then there'll refuse their allocation seeing as they are moaning about the price.
  7. Tommy was a decent player in his day but an arrogant fanny on the park and a bigger arrogant fanny in politics....regarding this rant..he really has shown himself up as a total fanny.
  8. Ojo for me. Like Pete said 2 assists and a goal good enough for me. Goldson had a couple of dodgy moments and the cross he allowed across the face of the goal was unforgivable.
  9. Was he not suspended having been red carded the previous week?
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