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  1. I have never got involved in these dedates as i believe everyone to their own and all that but never ever say that the Rangers are just a football club mate....we all know they are more, much more than just a football club.🤨
  2. Thers is also the possibility that we are holding off and going with what we have in the CL qualifiers and if we progress then we have funds to possibly bring in better quality of player.
  3. or suffer the same fate was William Wallace.
  4. Sad to hear. I recall when i was around 10yr old travelling on the Airdrie to Glasgow train my grandad pointed out that sitting across from us was Davie Wilson explaining who he was and how good a player he still was. He obviously overheard and commented that my grandad was exaggerating and that he was never THAT good, it wasn't until later in life that i found out for myself that my grandad never exaggerated and that he was in fact a true Rangers legend. RIP Davie.
  5. But they can all go on sick leave at once.
  6. And most of the scotland team singing both national anthems. 🤪
  7. Yip...me along with 10,000 others in the hercules towers fanzone. 🤣
  8. That would mean having to return to actually doing their job, can't be having that.
  9. yeah, it appears his style lends itself to the younger female fans.
  10. so basically anyone filmed without an erection will be charged with breaking standing orders.
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