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  1. Between Balogun and Aribo, went for Joe.
  2. Yes, Smith stayed put, easier league to win up here, simple as that.
  3. I'm afraid yes, just ask Souness.
  4. Hagi, Kamara had good spells but Lundstram for me.
  5. This was to give them their big break but Capital? Decided to release Wings version as a single.
  6. 5. My cousin vinny 4. Back to the future trilogy 3. True Grit (original) 2. The big Lebowski 1. It's a wonderful life.
  7. I don't recall any real hatred between us and the sheep prior to the Simpson tackle on Durrant.
  8. And by doing so they are calling Aribo a cheat.
  9. Thought Balogun played well and Wright showed a willingness to drive at the heart of the opposition but Lundstram was the stand out performer for me.
  10. I was asked to show my covid passport by someone who could barely speak english never mind understand the written word. When i told her i didn't have one she informed me that i would be refused entry next time. I watched other fans show theirs which she paid no attention too looking at.
  11. Was wee tam no in charge for the cologne game?
  12. If Goldson doesn't make it he will be a big miss as going by last nights performance Bassey is not a make shift centre back.
  13. McGregor, but for him the result would have been more embarrassing if that is even possible.
  14. Whats to stop an un vaccinated person using someone elses passport?
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