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  1. Lille were shit poor that night.
  2. I dont dubai that....they are just pish.
  3. No covid goal celebrations at the piggery today....😂
  4. Fur-lough sweet chariot, lawwell fuck yer 10 in a row.
  5. Same here, what a display, won the game almost singled handedly (pun intended) as that save from Jess is probably right up there with Banks against Brazil for me.
  6. Not sure they have either a heart or a soul Bill....
  7. Pretty sure he was a better outfield player than goalkeeper.
  8. Goram is our greatest keeper, he is remembered more than the others for the number of important saves he made in BIG matches. I do recall him making a monumental blunder against Hearts when he allowed a ball he thought was going wide into the net. Klos, like Goram, was a great shot stopper although poor with the ball at his feet. McGregor is an exceptional keeper but he did learn his trade from the best didn't he. I was a lover of Woods and was an exceptionally good keeper but just not as good as the 3 others.
  9. Of course not, although we played well for the most part we should have ensured the result was in no question (not that ever was after the sending off) by probably changing things up front by intruducing a fresh player or two.
  10. Morelos was superb today and got my vote. Thought Kent and Davis also had very good games....Tav should have scored pen and tracked Kennedy for their goal so that ruled him out for me.
  11. Played well for the most part and should have racked up a decent score but chose not to....but good 3 points still the same.
  12. Agree....if memory serves match screened live on the BBC.
  13. As CammyF says above. Kamara and Davis came onto a good game but when we needed him he produced....mcgregor.
  14. If you look back at their run of bad results then he is at the heart of most goals they conceded either direct or indirectly.
  15. I'm in the same boat RSBT....we are in a good place but there will be a lot of rough water ahead that we still need to navigate through and far to early to be thinking of lifting the league title.
  16. Can i suggest that everyone who hasn't watched the match back does so....not as one sided as first viewing.🇬🇧
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