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  1. This is off the back of a tweet i made regarding hospitality, basically saying the'd make a saving and could use that money for shares. For me, you should be able to track how your money is being spent and whilst "the money goes directly to Rangers", they should be transparent rather than use the "it's covered under the 5% admin". The positive from this is they've been upfront about the arrangement although they didn't answer the question on what the office costs. Likely around £2K a month, if they are paying full price. If they are in such a position that they need t
  2. Name: We Welcome the Chase Podcast - "Two Televisions for Eyes" - Episode 96 Category: WWTC Podcast Date Added: 2018-02-10 Submitter: Royal_Blue_Legend Join Snags, Baz, PAS, Tat magoo and Simmy as we try and draw Baz out of a bad mood...with little success... Paul forgets where he is/was and Simmy has a black out...it's really good, honest! We Welcome the Chase Podcast - "Two Televisions for Eyes" - Episode 96
  3. For me, if the blog accurately reflects the resignation letters then fair play to them for speaking out. It's clear there is a smear campaign (I can guess where that's coming from) against the 3 directors who did step down and i find it disappointing that 1872 won't support them in a positive and professional manner. We can all be confident that the outgoing party gave their all to the organisation and this latest statement will likely trigger another round of membership cancellations.
  4. The election process has been interesting to say the least. SDS have been blamed with "not vetting" applications which is not accurate at all. I approached SDS for comment and was told that they were there as a third party to ensure that applications met the criteria set out on the club 1872 website, which the majority did. They actually rejected 2 that didn't... At this point the Club1872 working party have a duty to protect it's members and if indeed donohoes statement is untrue, they reject it... as in any normal application process, if it does not meet criteria or is misleading y
  5. Christine, it's sweet you fixate on that as a reason for me to raise concerns, it really doesn't bother me as much as you think it does, but if it makes you happy....
  6. as far as i'm aware the petition was published to highlight that there was no formal complaints procedure for RF and also due to requests falling on deaf ears, Raised by a young man who cared about the organisation he supported and was unwilling to be "pushed" in a direction he didn't want it to go, fair play to him. I don't believe Club1872 have a formal complaints procedure either and i doubt we'll see the board implement one as a priority,. It seems the default response is...oh but look you only got 68 signatures... what an absolute shame. I simply cannot see success under the n
  7. Morning all, I've been watching this develop over the last few days and, as expected it's being spun at those who had the audacity to resign from what appears to be an poorly formed and governed organisation and i'm certainly not referring to RF as a single entity but the umbrella company (ies) that is/are Club 1872. Let's be clear on one point, NO organisation or the club for that matter should be without question, history tells us that this is key to any success and transparency is vital, moving forward. As Fury rightly points out There are a few on SM who are smearing and there are a fe
  8. What's interesting about this is one of my very good mates works at Doncaster rovers in the youth department and he sent a damning report on forrester, atitude etc... he said "wait till he gets kicked, he'll get found out soon enough"..... I'm yet to see any evidence of this! i've been really impressed with the lad, he's clearly got ability. I think W&W are his ideal mentor team
  9. who foots the bill if the project goes over budget? who pays the ongoing maintenance costs.... this hasn't been thought out well.
  10. We certainly do and for me that's not a bad thing, we are a cautious lot the members voted to continue discussions and then the visibility ended, that's not just RF's fault it's other fan groups that were present and the club. far too many claiming we voted FOR the proposal. we didn't. What's divisive is people who have seen the proposal saying "wait and see" not implying you have btw. and not answering questions on info that's clearly been leaked (however accurate it is)
  11. What's interesting about the merger debate is that anyone who opposes it is suddenly in it for "themselves" and it's the exact same group of people calling that out..which is revealing. There are some very capable people elected to the RF board who certainly are not in it for themselves and have concerns regarding the proposed merger. Their aim is to protect the members and the club and, of course, act on behalf of the members. I'm confident they will do that to the very best of their abilities. The proposal, when presented, has to be done in a neutral manner and already we are seeing
  12. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and i look forward to the result. Those elected are there to facilitate the members and should remember that when listening to proposals. Rangers First – Core Principles Rangers First is by definition a One Member One Vote organisation and the democratic right of all members is highly regarded. Rangers First Board Members are elected by and responsible to the membership. Rangers First Board Members have a term of office that stops them becoming fixtures on the board. Rangers First is a fiercely independent organisation in which no undue
  13. Updated with fundraising link, any donations much appreciated.
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