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  1. Fans celebrating and not socially distanced? 100point penalty to rangers!!!
  2. Guard of honour at their place? ?
  3. I don't think we really need them though do we? All done now right?
  4. Ah, that makes it harder, but still as good as Albertz was (and I loved the guy!) I'd have to pick Kos. Leaves me a space for Gazza in midfield though, so every cloud and all that!
  5. I was thinking the same. Niemi was great for us, but there's no contest. We've recently been debating the greatest keeper we've ever had, Goram, Klos and Greggs being three of the front runners, Niemi was good, but not in the same class as Klos! Edit - Hard to do with that midfield, but I'd try my damndest to find a place for Gazza too... can we play 2 at the back???
  6. The big difficulty comes from the unique status of certain employees at a football club. I work for an IT firm here in Yorkshire. If I were to be guilty of gross misconduct, my employer would right dismiss me and not worry too much about it. I like to think they'd struggle to replace me immediately but am under no illusions that it would be anything more than a minor inconvenience whilst someone else learnt the finer details of the stuff I do on a day to day basis. In the case of a football club, however, the players are also assets. Could we replace the likes of Patterson on the pitch? Yes, we bring in a new player or find another in the squad (King?) who can fill the role and build from there. What we do lose though is financial. Patterson listed on Transfermarkt at 250k, hopefully with a bit of nurture and development he becomes a multimillion pound player in a season or two. Given our finances that's not money we can afford to just throw down the drain. Yes we hold our players to a higher level and are disappointed when they fall short (as these guys undoubtedly have) but there's also a business angle to consider and if we hang them out and make it known we no longer want them, their resale value plummets and that becomes problematic. It's been said before, but if it were to have been Morelos, Tav, Kent or one of our other high value assets who did it next, we'd have set a precedent that would be very dangerous. They need a penalty, even a draconian one, and an education on what it means to be a representative of Rangers, but pragmatically there needs to be a route back for them, if only to maintain their transfer value...
  7. Don't let @Rousseau hear you talking like that...
  8. How does todays win have any bearing on that? It brings us closer to the title but so nothing confirmed...
  9. Ah, but a couple more should be enough, right?
  10. At this point I've given up caring how many points they have. Eyes firmly on the in incible season and points record. Can't drop any more points now...
  11. 10 points now, but is it really? 6 should be enough right?
  12. We all know it's going to be interesting (if that's the right word) to see how this is handled by the authorities compared to other breaches. Celtic and Aberdeen both had a £30k fine (£8k up front and the rest suspended) for breaches in September. But those were breaches of Football rules, not legal breaches. To my memory there was no punishment handed down to the players involved (officially at least, we know Bolingoli was moved on shortly after). I suspect penalties here will be harsher, how long until certain elements start talking about points deductions and the like? A move to prevent internation travel for footballers (which would only affect Rangers, thankfully we play Antwerp away first tomorrow so may be too soon to put that in place and force us to forfeit, but again I wouldn't put it past some to try such a move. The club will have to be quick to respond to any attempt at heavy handed punishment given that imposed on other clubs (Duffy??) None of which suggests that the 5 involved have been incredibly stupid and should be punished in an appropriate manner. Legal fines at a minimum and a suspension handed down to them, I'd like to see the club get ahead of disciplinary proceedings and issue a lengthy suspension to all of them so that when the inevitable SPFL suspension comes up, we've already dealt with it internally. Should they be moved on? The precedent was set with Edmundson and Jones so I suspect they may be, Patterson in particular will be a shame to see go if he does, but there is an argument to be made that they've made a very serious error of judgement, but if they can learn from it and make the right noises (and supporting actions) there may be a future for them here... The Patterson situation looks very worrying though with a coverup story, could be more to come on that as well...
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