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  1. Good result. Ended up listening to BBC Radio Warsaw who of course were disappointed Legia didn't win.
  2. Link not accepting my log-on details 😕
  3. Yes haven't managed it yet.
  4. Go for a strong team. This game is not a walkover. A strong team means players who have played together.
  5. Very satisfactory win over two legs. The Danes are very good going forward but obviously we exploited their defensive weaknesses 😊.
  6. Great news. Brings Rangers financially a bit closer.
  7. Unless there is a Hateley available we are going to continue our style of football.
  8. Not Sam Cosgrave for goodness sake. Very reminiscent of two years ago which isn't very encouraging. Let's hope for a big improvement on Sunday.
  9. A bit disappointing in the end. They could have sneaked one back. Pity we didn't go three up with the penalty.
  10. No result against Niederkorn will exorcise the nightmare of two years go. However a good win and the chance to achieve positive results against better teams will give us good memories to counter the bad.
  11. One of my memories of Bobby Shearer was a game at Cathkin Park. It was a Glasgow cup tie I think. Third Lanark were 4-0 up at half time. Bobby collected the ball outside their penalty box and just used "shear" strength to force his way through Third's defence and put the ball in the net. Alas that was the end of the comeback.
  12. I liked his hard work but overall he is not good enough for where we want to go.
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