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  1. Was very encouraged by Middleton's early season displays. I think he is good enough to stay at Rangers instead of being supplanted by another loanee.
  2. Awful game. Spurs very dissappointing
  3. I remember Law and Baxter would only pass the ball to each other when playing for Scotland.
  4. That was a good read, very interesting.
  5. Because we have been legally stitched up.
  6. I tend to compare Morelos with Mario Bolotelli, a player of undoubted talent but extremely suspect temperament. Morelos has a way to go in his development i.e. can he reach Balotelli's achievements but like Ballotelli I cannot see him changing his ways.
  7. Is that Klose the World Cup winner ☺️
  8. Katic deserves his chance. Hope he can recover his early season form.
  9. Good result. One Kamikaze moment from Worrall, I don't understand why Katic can't get a game.
  10. It's just not the ability to break teams down that is the problem but also closing out games when we are in the lead or like Sunday when we could not achieve the draw.
  11. It's all big Eck's fault 😊.
  12. He is playing midfield wide right according to the team line up and he has scored as a striker from a corner! What's going on?
  13. The game I remember with Pele was a pre 1966 World Cup game at Hampden. I was embarrassed to watch Bremner kick Pele for the entire match. Pele was kicked mercilessly during the World Cup and was eventually carried off against Hungary. Thankfully gifted players like Pele get a lot more protection these days.
  14. We are not going to get anywhere then - just a repeat of Tuesday night.
  15. We have three midfielders who are behind the ball all the time. One or two of them must make runs into the box to open things up.
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