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  1. I think that's what some members will be afraid that's what they'll need to do.
  2. I thought it was a good entertaining final.
  3. When Harold Wilson won in 1964 I thought that would be the dawn of socialism in our country. Oh dear how wrong was I! However now we have Jeremy Corbyn I am tempted to go for this old time socialism and see if the electorate are willing to give up some of their wealth for the good of all.
  4. Aye well we will see Craig at the Bookies in Rosyth again.
  5. Big improvement on last season when we would have gone one or two up then sat back and maybe conceded.
  6. Rangers are struggling a bit here. Aribo, Stewart and Arfield aren't contributing enough.
  7. Great result for the Gers tonight, let's beat them at home.
  8. You've made your point, can't you move along?
  9. Very good article. Unbelievable that this biased buffoon is in charge of the review.
  10. I suppose you knew the truth at the time 😊.
  11. We all know that now but we were told different at the time.
  12. Crivvens that will get me back to supporting Scotland and voting SNP.
  13. Well nobody seemed to know or use these proven methods. Whyte was a well known multi-millionaire was he not.
  14. Isn't it about getting rid of people like Craig Whyte who didn't have any money but almost drove our club to extinction?
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