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  1. I saw Banks make a save from Denis Law at Wembley when we "absolutely" trounced them 3-2 in 1967. It was brilliant. I thought it was a certain goal but Banks dived backwards and pushed it round the post.
  2. Replay a week on Wednesday apparently.
  3. Must admit he was a lot better second half. Defoe on his own up front doesn't work.
  4. I like McCrorie, I thought he could be the next John Greig when he broke into the team last season but he has gone back the way. His basic ball skills are not good enough.
  5. Who isn't opinionated and closed to other people's opinions? I hope some of us are not.
  6. Should it not be "I try to keep up and try to follow what's being said". You are relying on others to feed you information to your almost closed opinionated mind,
  7. Must admit I was really worried after the sending offs. We lost our shape and Aberdeen were dominating with Stewart a real thorn in our side. But what a class finish from Defoe 😊.
  8. How many does Dave King win 😒
  9. I thought Morelos and Pena linked up well at times - they both speak Spanish. Get Carlos back in the team or send Defoe to Spanish lessons 😊.
  10. The game that really matters is on Wednesday against Aberdeen. Lose and we can just about forget about winning the league, and we will be fighting for second place. Win and we still have a chance and cement second place.
  11. Need another goal to make it comfortable and to get my prediction right 😊.
  12. I would have agreed with that last season but definitely not this season. He shows a lot more grit and determination than some of his teammates.
  13. I was at Cowdenbeath's play-off against Cove Rangers. The terracing is not that safe in the summer, nearly tripped over some guy's cairry-oot 😁.
  14. I'm looking forward to a Rangers victory on Sunday - maybe against history and logic 😊.
  15. I think it would be much worse for them if Rangers won the league 🤤.
  16. And there's you waking up in sunshine whilst most of us are waking up in the freezing cold. The only ray of sunshine for us in freezing cold Scotia is a Rangers win 😢.
  17. Are you saying Kilmarnock can win the league??
  18. Steve Clarke and other managers know we are going to try and play it out from the back so just instruct their players to mark all our forward and midfield players and to have one or two others ready to harry our back four. Last night Brophy seemed to perform that harrying role very successfully on his own. McAuley looks very uncomfortable on the ball so it was left to Worrall a lot to try and distribute the ball and he ain't too good either. Need to try punting the ball down the channels as a variation for Kent and Morelos to run onto, not down the middle as Defoe is tiny.
  19. We got beat at Livingston last time out. It's a big test as is any away game it appears.
  20. Defoe didn't look too pacey tonight. Hope he can be fitted in the team to better effect than tonight.
  21. Worrall would just have cleared the ball against Celtic, instead he thinks he is Beckenbauer.
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