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  1. Our abysmal away form continues. Another test against Livingston coming up.
  2. Just like last season outfought and outplayed at Rugby Park.
  3. Can't afford to make mistakes like Worrall's - changed the game.
  4. The point is Rangers supporters are paying a licence fee and getting little coverage and what coverage we get is biased against us.
  5. Why cant we be flexible and rearrange the game for today or Sunday? It wouldn't take that much organisation.
  6. Why didn't he stay or return to Kilmarnock? Kilmarnock fans will be beelin'.
  7. Livingston have signed Chris Erskine from Partick Thistle (https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/partick-thistle…). Maybe Ryan Hardie is staying.
  8. I remember a Celtic supporter coming on Jim Traynor's phone-in and telling how he carried out work at Sutton's house. When asked what like Sutton was he said he was a miserable moaning git.
  9. Great player. I remember him scoring against England at Hampden to record our first victory in 25 years at Hampden.
  10. Wait a minute, wasn't Beaton the referee for Rangers v Hibs 2017. He was crucified on here for not sending off Stokes and sending off Ryan Jack. He was accused of all the bias against Celtic in the Rangers Celtic game. The only difference is the media including the BBC joined in.
  11. I would be training in Tenerife too, but not in Scotland - I'm still injured ☺️.
  12. Good idea, but does the ref get overruled?
  13. Rugby and cricket are different in that the ref or umpire calls up the review when he cannot make up his mind on what decision to take.
  14. The referee should have the final decision. I wouldn't sit right having guys sitting in a cosy studio making decisions that could overrule the referee. Just bring arguable decisions to the ref's attention so that he can change his mind if he feels he has made a wrong decision.
  15. I remember Billy McNeil's daughter getting done for shop lifting. I indulged in a bit of banter with a Celtic supporting workmate. I said I blame the parents particularly the father. Of course dangerous driving is a much more serious offence.
  16. I remember Andy Gray doing us a turn even though he had lost all his pace.
  17. Yes a lot of people were raving about Coulibally after a couple of good games and saying to sign him permanently, but I must admit Kent gives us a bit of spark.
  18. Shinnie gets booked a lot playing for Aberdeen. It would be worse for us as he would feel the pressure to perform and he can't.
  19. Rangers 4 Celtic 0 FGS Katic I had a dream.
  20. Graham Shinnie no way. Maybe on our way up the leagues but not nowadays.
  21. We're talking about bringing in quality then in the next breath Tom Eaves 😞
  22. I doubt we will find the players we need in the January window. I hope we don't waste money. I also don't see the point of Coulibally.
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