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  1. Was listening to the Ayr United chairman interviewed on BBC Scotland on Saturday and I think it would take at least £400 thousand to sign Shankland.
  2. Hyndman was another one that started well then faded, although you might not describe Bournemouth as a big club. Will probably play against us this Wednesday, hopefully he has an off night.
  3. But Naismith always likely to get injured so I don't think we made a mistake not signing him.
  4. Just saw the last half hour or so and though we had lots of pressure very few clear cut chances. Middleton Arfield and Grezda have got to come in the box when it looks like the ball is going to be crossed in.
  5. Just saw the Hearts result. Jings what a scoreline 🙄.
  6. Do you mean that all Scottish football fans watch Rangers TV? I thinks they should, you have got something there Pete 😀.
  7. Aren't Dundee saying that the player was sent off for being the last man and stopping a goal scoring chance, not for a bad tackle.
  8. I did expect a win tonight. That team was there to get beat. We were not good enough. Hopefully we will sign some better players at the break.
  9. He flatters to deceive. Get rid if we can.
  10. Stevie G's Rangers must do better. Have just watched Celtic get the runaround from Salzburg but they are a much better team than Rapid.
  11. I'll be ecstatic if we challenge for the title but I'll be happy if we finish a clear second.
  12. We are just not good enough at the moment. These last three results have been very disappointing.
  13. The pitch is not helping, not a game to let the ball bounce when defending. Hope we can show a bit of composure going forward.
  14. Forgot McCrorie had a goalkeeping brother. Would be good to see them in the same Rangers team - one day 😀.
  15. I don't think we have the quality of player yet to be consistent enough to challenge them.
  16. We'll get more room to play in this game than in the previous two and if we play well we've a good chance.
  17. I forgot about Guivarch. He just wasn't interested in playing for us or anyone else as I remember,
  18. Maybe Sadiq deserves more of a chance, but Gerrard seems to have made up his mind about him. Maybe it his attitude in training but why play him in the League Cup semi-final? We keep saying the SPFL is so poor that just about any signing would make an impression but that has proved not to be the case.
  19. Windass was young and had potential. Eaves is as good as he is going to get. That's why I compared him to Garner. We're not happy with Sadiq and he comes from Roma. Lafferty is also getting pelters and he has played at a much higher level than Eaves.
  20. Eaves is no Hateley. Hateley was in a different league literally and he struggled when he first came to Rangers. I agree we can't afford a top class striker but we should be looking elsewhere than the dross in the English lower divisions.
  21. What I meant with regards to Joe Garner was that he was a player who had been at a multitude of lower league clubs without ever being a success at any of them. Eaves has a similar record but at a lower level.
  22. Dundee have beaten us at Dens in the last two seasons. They will have confidence after their last three results. We will have to be up for it and play well to win. It will be a measurement on how far we have improved or not from the last two seasons.
  23. I hope McCrorie fulfils his early promise and goes on to become captain of Rangers.
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