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  1. That's ok my efforts seem to have disappeared into the ether anyway πŸ˜•.
  2. I'll have a go at the Dundee Rangers game.
  3. I thought Middleton lost confidence in the second half and should have been subbed but SG had used up all our subs. I'd love to see a midfielder who would have a shot at goal outside the area (or anyone!)
  4. We were abysmal tonight. Wayward passes, lack of control, no composure. Morelos should have been subbed after yellow card. Too many forward players subbed on, the team had no balance. Ejario and Coulibally are not the answer, but we have no alternatives at the moment.
  5. If you think these players are good enough then bloody hell we are going nowhere.
  6. I remember this game which I attended with my grandson who is a Hearts supporter πŸ˜’. https://rangers.vitalfootball.co.uk/battling-gers-clinch-late-tynecastle-win/
  7. Yes I forgot our last away victory against Hearts was at Murrayfield with Pedro bringing back Miller to score a double, there sprang hope then πŸ™„. But we have a stronger team now and they are weaker so I'm confident of a victory tomorrow.
  8. Hearts 1 Rangers 3 October 2017. Were you not there πŸ˜€?
  9. As some stand up when an exciting moment occurs forcing others to stand up in order to see, I find this quite tiring for an old git like me, bobbing up and down πŸ˜‰.
  10. At Tynecastle a good many years ago I was caught short and a guy behind me handed me a can. Gratefully I took it and started to relieve myself. The guy in front of me started to protest - the can had been opened at both ends. I must have narrowly avoided a good kicking!
  11. He won quite a few challenges and worked hard, a better option perhaps than Lafferty? Give the guy a chance.
  12. If Morelos can't play due to injury or suspension I'd consider Umar Sadiq. I thought he did reasonably well in the semi-final and if he were to score it would give him the confidence he needs. Play Middleton beside him to feed off his knockdowns.
  13. Its 10 games with tomorrow's fixture included. 27 points
  14. That's a punishing schedule but let's be optimistic. Qualified for EL knockout stages and top of the league by the new year .
  15. You're right. We cannot replace most of our team because they are not good enough at that level, but we could have been better organised.
  16. I don't go along with that argument. Good EL performances gives the team confidence.
  17. Our great performances in the EL has been our main improvement this season. If it weren't for that our domestic form would be getting far more criticism.
  18. The disappointment and subsequent criticism is due to the fact that we could have won that game.
  19. I don't think that you can get away from the fact that defensively we were very poor.
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