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  1. Ian, if you'd watched it I think you would have found some words of criticism for our team,
  2. Tavernier is having another poor game. When Barasic is fit I would replace Tav with Flanagan.
  3. I was disappointed when Katic appeared to be dropped. Didn't look good in his comeback game. Big game for him right enough.
  4. What kind of injury does Barisic have? Hopefully he is not a perennial crock.
  5. I used to have a pal whose parents came from Pakistan. We went to Ibrox a few times. I used to cringe when the chant went up "I'd rather be a Darkie than a Tim". How times have changed - for the better!
  6. One of the earliest games I remember between St Mirren and Rangers was the 1962 Scottish Cup Final. The semi-finals had Rangers beating Motherwell 3-1 at Hampden, at the same time as the Grand National. Meanwhile at Ibrox St Mirren were 3-0 up against Celtic when their fans invaded the field. Eventually order was restored and the game ended 3-1 St Mirren. The final was a fairly straightforward 2-0 win for the Gers with Brand and Wilson scoring. Our team that day was: Ritchie, Shearer, Caldow, Davis, McKinnon, Baxter, Henderson, McMillan, Millar, Brand and Wilson --
  7. I will preview the St Mirren v Rangers game if you want?
  8. I didn't think their keeper made any outstanding saves, if he had let any of them in I would have considered it a blunder. However on saying that a least we did have a few attempts last night and there is then the chance that their keeper might not deal with it.
  9. Apart from our goal, which was a deflection we didn't create any clear-cut chances.
  10. Can we even finish second when we keep dropping points? Surely finishing a strong second must be our aim.
  11. No spark, no flair, we are going backwards.
  12. Has Coulibally got a free pass into the team every game?
  13. Terrible defending at Killie's goal - powderpuff.
  14. We have signed two players from Croation side Osijek, Barasic and Grezda, and Katic a Croation player. Barasic and Grezda seem to be suffering from long term injury problems and Katic after a bright start cannot get a first team place. Fair enough taking a punt on one player from Eastern Europe but three?
  15. Can't agree the Euro games give our players and fans a lift. We should have a big enough and good enough squad to cope.
  16. I wouldn't blame Sunday's defeat on our European involvement.
  17. Yes our domestic performance is no better than last season. Only our European run has given us an uplift and hope that things are getting better.
  18. Yes that's the point, we don't have enough quality, particularly in midfield.
  19. That's a big gamble. He has looked clueless so far.
  20. Just compare it to last season in Europe ☺️.
  21. Disappointing. If only Grezda had taken that final chance (I would have slotted it in😉).
  22. We're doing ok but haven't created any clear-cut chances. Coullibally has been a bit disappointing but we're up against much better opposition than we usually face in the SPFL. Hopefully Morelos screws the heid after getting booked.
  23. A mate gave me his ID and password to use BT Sport. You get to use three devices so if you have a spare. From a smug bastard 😏.
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