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  1. I have looked at home delivery, there were no slots available for 5 days or more. If I feel fit and healthy why shouldn't I go to the supermarket rather than ask someone else to go?
  2. The 2m distance protects me and everyone else I might encounter. If I go to the supermarket then, I will be touching surfaces, I don't see a way round that apart from hand washing, but if you are infected and don't know it because you have no symptoms then pass it on you will. What are you doing to get food?
  3. Agreed. But we have people trying to protect their families, well that's their argument.
  4. Hopefully you are right. The advice is very confusing. Maybe if people stop overloading at supermarkets we wont need bin lorry dumps.
  5. I see your point, but staying indoors for a few days is bearable, but longer than that No! If I go out I don't intend to make close contact, I will try to make my 2m distance, but go out I will. I need to go out for food at the very least.
  6. Agree but I don't see telling the entire population to isolate is viable in the long term
  7. Yes, our experts don't really know what will happen but let's hope for the best.
  8. We are not listening to WHO we are informed by our governments Scottish and Westminster
  9. I think there is a real problem with people being told that there is little danger for healthy younger people and all us oldies are in real trouble. From my point of view I would rather go out walking and cycling than stay in going slowly mad. Back to the herd immunity philosophy for me.
  10. I give up. If you want to argue that the Chinese are such an evil threat and cooperation with them is useless then maybe we are doomed,
  11. I've listened to British doctors and they are saying they are talking to their Chinese colleagues so lets let them get on with it.
  12. I think the blame game can come afterwards. We need to talk to the Chinese to establish as best a response as we can to this devastating virus
  13. Can you not put aside your political views and concede it is a crisis which needs a global reaction which includes the Chinese
  14. Are you for real? What a wally.
  15. I would have thought this would be voluntary as the players and many of the staff have contracts to which they can hold Hearts to. I remember Leeds Utd asked their players to accept a wage cut when they were in financial trouble but they all refused. They were bunging huge sums into their pension pots.
  16. Looks like everybody who is going to suffer financially from the virus crisis is going to be looking for cash help. Could make the banking crisis look like small beer.
  17. I must admit I have been quite impressed with Jason Leitch, the National Clinical Director of the Scottish Government. His performance on TV this morning was very good with his advice to prevent gatherings of more than 500 people and that over 70s will not have to completely self isolate if they are healthy, but to cut down their social contact. I couldn't live under "house arrest" for four months, I would go stir crazy.
  18. They had to stop playing the National Anthem at the cinema as most people just walked out at the end of the film.
  19. I don't fancy self isolating for 4 months. I'm going to lie about my age 😕.
  20. Are you saying Liverpool would struggle to see off Hamilton, Ross County, St Mirren etc?
  21. They are all lying, wee Eck is innocent.
  22. That blames the manager and the coaching team. SG definitely pushed to sign Ryan Kent who has not lived up to expectations.
  23. But these players are not doing it now. Why is that? My laboured point is that they are not good enough to sustain good form.
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