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  1. No! If we can't break teams down teams that have inferior players then we are not good enough. Look at the top teams, Liverpool, Man City, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, They face brick wall defences regularly and win. Dare I say Celtic manage it in Scotland too 😖. The solution is to play better with better players.
  2. I'm saying they have produced some great results in Europe but they are not good enough to perform consistently in Scotland.
  3. They are not good enough or they are not putting in the effort for the SPFL.
  4. But they have been playing the same against SPFL opposition.
  5. I don't know. Hagi looks good so does Kamberi. How many times have we given a contract to a player playing well then nothing. Davis recently
  6. I don't know what to make of this Rangers team. We were abysmal against Hearts, Hamilton and Ross County and in the first half against Leverkusen. We stepped it up in the second half and our team looked good at times but against a better team we succumbed. Let's hope for a second half performance on Sunday.
  7. Aargh it was Compo that forecast four, you disagreed. Humble apologies.
  8. Your forecast of the four English teams going through is not going too well 😊.
  9. Is the Government and Parliament going to self-isolate now?
  10. Always look on the bright side 😊.
  11. Its only old gits like me and other posters on here that are in danger, plus medical staff treating the very sick. If I was a lot younger I wouldn't give a toss.
  12. I hope that's not the case ☚ī¸.
  13. Ross County had the three best chances in the second half but we won playing worse than on Wednesday.
  14. Ross County 1 Rangers 6 FGS Kent Forever the optimist.
  15. Can we bring in better players than them or do we need a manager who can motivate what we have with a few tweaks here and there?
  16. Its not all down to the Chinese. Arabs have contributed as well with MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome). Apparently due to their love affair with the camel, eating them and drinking their piss (apparently medicinal). Has a 1 in 3 chance of killing you but fortunately is not spreading too much at the moment. As a protest to government warning, Arabs are posting pictures of themselves kissing camels.
  17. I suppose this team of chancers might advance in the EUFA Cup.
  18. Unfortunately its a lot easier to blame and get rid of the manager than a whole team of players.
  19. The way we are playing we can't afford to give goals away like Goldson did,
  20. Can no one in our team head a ball on target?
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