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  1. SPFL teams now know how to play against Caixinha's Rangers - just flood the midfield. Pedro persists in rigidly playing only 3 midfielders against 5 opposing. I know we are short of quality midfielders but Aberdeen play donkeys like O'Connor and get away with it.
  2. Toral off thankfully, Barjonas on
  3. I am paying for this, it is embarrassing.
  4. I wouldn't mind so much if he signed for a top EPL side for a shed load of money but that is not going to happen.
  5. If you watch the number of times Miller lost possession of gave the ball away in midfield to start another Hearts attack I don't think he should be playing there.
  6. I'll be disappointed if we lose McKay to Nottingham Forest and Warburton. He is our only player with a bit of class despite being inconsistent.
  7. That second half was pure torture. We cannot tackle and we cannot pass the ball.
  8. I see Ryan Gauld is being released by Sporting Lisbon, the wonder boy of his day.
  9. Yes I think EU professional footballers will be one of the "exempted professions"
  10. Definitely not a "must sign". If Caixinha wants him fair enough, hopefully not on exorbitant wages.
  11. The Accrington Stanley approach does work
  12. Garner has missed two chances as usual. One where he missed the target and another when it just bounced off him
  13. Will Waghorn or Garner ever score? Might as well put the youngsters on.
  14. We haven't got any midfield to create.
  15. Bloody hell, Mike Ashley, Charles Green, they were out to get what they could for themselves, not Rangers.
  16. As far as I could see Mike Ashley came in to suck our club dry.
  17. Here's the guy we should have signed rather than Joe Garner. Adebayo Akinfenwa. At least he would have made his presence felt
  18. All very depressing. Let's hope Caixinha can bring in some decent players with a limited budget and get them playing as a solid unit.
  19. Half time is a relief. We are just so lightweight, nobody in our team can hold the ball. Lucky to be only 2 down.
  20. The tippy tappy approach only "worked" against opponents who allowed us easy possession.
  21. Yes defensively we have improved. We are not playing tippy tappy at the edge of the opposition box anymore, getting nowhere until we lose possession and our opponents launch a long ball to score against a depleted defence.
  22. It would be a huge bonus if they both make it back to full fitness and good form. That cannot be relied on.
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