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  1. Pedro surely can't start with Garner and Waghorn next week. Garner just cannot hold play up to bring others into the game, in fact I am struggling to see what his assets are, apart from the odd win of a header, but not directed at goal. I think Waghorn will play because we have no one better, although it looks like he will never score. Dodoo cannot hold the ball up either, but can be effective coming off the bench.
  2. Garner is completely ineffective, we're playing with 10 men.
  3. We were set up to defend and didn't defend
  4. Typical performance so far, some dodgy defending, missed two good chances, let's hope somebody in a blue shirt can score.
  5. I think he has won a game (v Hamilton). If he wins against Aberdeen -great! but we need consistency.
  6. Can Pedro be the new "special one". Let's hope so, it doesn't take much to be successful in Scottish football. I think his first test is if he can get some improvement with his current squad.
  7. Very brave of Amy to come out and say she is a Gers supporter and keep on saying it despite vile on-line abuse and people refusing to buy her music because of it.
  8. Just had a look, St Johnston only 6 points behind!. Fortunately they have an even worse gd than us.
  9. Even with two young defenders in still expect better. There is just no quality.
  10. Let's hope PC can do better in the transfer market than MW. Barton was a big gamble, Kranjcar looked as if he might be coming on to a game, Rossiter is made of glass, Windass and Crooks are not good enough, Senderos is past it. The jury is still out with Garner.
  11. Agree we don't have options but if we lose to Kilmarnock it will be panic stations!
  12. My first pair of boots were a pair of Stanley Mathews'. Unfortunately they didn't turn me into a Stanley Mathews
  13. IF we beat Aberdeen twice and Hearts and perhaps reach the Scottish Cup Final, then I would say we are closing the gap.
  14. I remember the 5 a side tournaments at the Rangers Sports Day. They played on a full sized pitch. That was a test of fitness!
  15. Agreed. all through this season this team has only turned up for certain "big games".
  16. Agreed we make too many mistakes to give us a chance in this game.
  17. Who was the Rangers player who completely miskicked before the goal?
  18. You obviously didn't read about Pedro's awareness of Tactical Periodisation .
  19. It does not make sense to say a player is very good except he suffers from lapses in concentration His net contribution then is not acceptable. Also you cannot say that first Hibs' goal in the SC final was due to a "lapse in concentration".
  20. Our new manager might have to go home after Brexit
  21. STV saying Pedro is the new manager. Still to come to Glasgow though, may fail his medical.
  22. Has Toral got a contract that he must get a game?
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