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  1. Maybe Pardew can stick the nut on a couple of Celtic players during the next old firm game to even things up a bit:rfc:
  2. It's not going to happen anytime soon in Scotland, Scottish football can't afford goal line technology.
  3. Must be Barry's outstanding record at Clyde which has brought him into the reckoning.
  4. The quality of our players is not good enough to attain any kind of consistency. Look at Hearts, they gubbed us 4-1, then were piss poor against Hibs in the cup replay, and again against Partick yesterday. We are the same level.
  5. Jim Baxter was the most skilful Rangers player I have seen, but he was flawed like so many that he liked a bevvy. He went to Sunderland but did not achieve much success. He was selected to play for World Selects with Willie Henderson but Scottish football was in a better place then. Laudrup was a complete professional who was head and shoulders above the Scottish game but at European level only a good player.
  6. That will make for some "interesting" games particularly at Ibrox where a lot of teams like to sit back and defend. Shades of West v East Germany in that World Cup game?
  7. I was at that European final in Nuremberg. Scott Symon wouldn't allow Jim Forrest or George Mclean to play again after Berwick. Instead Symon played the two Smiths, Alex and Dave, as the inside forwards with Roger Hynd as the centre forward. We had Willie Henderson and Willie Johnson as the wingers so we did create chances against a Bayern Munich side containing Beckenbauer and Gerd Muller. Unfortunately big Roger did miss a sitter but he was a centre half! I remember his mum defending him! RIP Roger.
  8. So depressing. Where do you start with that gang of no-hopers?
  9. I disagree. Depends which way Murty wants to go but Garner up front with Dodoo could work. Garner on his own will not.
  10. Totally agree BH definitely does not think Dave King is a fit and proper person to control Rangers due to his dodgy tax dealings. however I have no doubt he is a Gers supporter which is a very broad church.
  11. Let's face it. If Rangers lose to Dundee on Sunday the clamour for a new manager will be overwhelming.
  12. " Yes we are stuck with the present squad who don't look as if they could beat the minnows from "Somewherestan" at the moment
  13. I think most fans including myself assumed that King's £30 million which he said was necessary to compete with Celtic, would be spent on players mainly and infrastructure.
  14. The way we're playing no tie is easy.
  15. That was dire. Can a new manager improve that lot?
  16. I don't see McLeish taking the job until the end of the season unless he has the proviso that if Rangers finish a "strong second" he will get the job permanently. I'm sure if Rangers had got promoted then McCall would have remained as manager.
  17. Hopefully Murty is more inspiring than Kenny McDowell was
  18. Alec McLeish is definitely not the way forward, lets hope the board pick better than that:
  19. And the same goes for McParland. as a talent scout he is pretty awful.
  20. Wasn't the reason we got Rossiter was that he was injury prone and Liverpool decided to get rid? Also European qualification begins in June so we are unlikely to have brought anyone in by then so are likely to be beaten by some mediocre outfit who will know our weaknesses
  21. And midfielders getting into the box to score. Holt isn't doing it anymore.
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