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  1. It is depressing to think we will lose our best young player but keep two whose best days are behind them.
  2. I thought ICT played a high line against us at Ibrox and we really struggled.
  3. I think SPL sides are now pressing us high up the park as they can see Kiernan et al are uncomfortable (not good enough) on the ball, therefore a ball over the top to the likes of MOH will pay dividends.
  4. I thought Green wasn't facing charges anymore
  5. I like the way Warburton is wanting our team to play but with the quality of player we've got it's going to be a bit up and down. I'll be happy with finishing second.
  6. We played well at times, at other times we gave away possession far too easily and in dangerous areas.
  7. Tavernier nowhere near the man he is supposed to mark.
  8. I don't see where the confidence that we will "comfortably" finish second is coming from. We had a couple of good home results against Aberdeen and Hearts recently but that high intensity of play hasn't often been repeated this season. Relying on Garner as our main striker isn't working.
  9. Rangers were very poor after Keirnan's error. We don't seem to have the character to come back from setbacks at times.
  10. I agree with most of that but when Windass, I think, tried to run with the ball he lost it presenting ICT with a good chance. We do not have a good enough calibre of player to stroll through games, like we did in the past. Every player has to give maximum effort in every game.
  11. I can't get through to Rangers TV website to pay for game
  12. Completely agree. When he was through on goal and wrong footed the defender he had to slot it home with his right foot but instead changed to his left and narrowed the angle.
  13. I think that midfield and forward line are too lightweight for a game against a big strong Hearts side. Unfortunately I can't think of on-form alternatives to bring in.
  14. I'd like to think that Joey has left with two months wages and no hard feelings but I doubt it.
  15. I would think the English Championship could match or better what we pay. Perhaps Derby will pay £10 million for him:D
  16. Are we confident we will beat Hearts or any other SPFL team?
  17. Hearts and Aberdeen are above us in the league.
  18. If Warburton's team does not achieve a victory on Saturday, it will call into question his tenure of the Rangers.
  19. Surely a share issue is the way to raise funds for the club. The fans then get a stake in the club for their money.
  20. Agreed. Hearts after promotion last season made it to third and were challenging Aberdeen most of the season.
  21. Watched Aberdeen yesterday and some of the St Johnston v Dundee game today. We have got to finish above that level of mediocrity.
  22. That was another humiliating defeat which was too much for me. Jeezo all Gary McAllister had to do was put that penalty in the net. Now he is back coaching the Scotland team
  23. It may be cheaper to donate £25 directly to Rangers Youth Academy and stay with your current provider
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