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  1. As Calscot and others have said we have got to mix it up and stop being predictable. Why Warburton bought O'Halloran I don't know, we are not using his main asset which is pace with the occasional ball over the top.
  2. Alex Willoughby never reached his potential. I remember at Brockville I think, Willoughby coming on for the pre-match kickabout still smoking a fag!
  3. Our three signings, Barton, Kranjcar and Garner who are supposed to take us to a higher level have all failed to impress. Kranjcar was very poor this afternoon, misplaced passes and losing possession.
  4. It's going to be a long hard season going on that display
  5. I remember Billy Ritchie thumping the ball upfield at Cathkin I think and Maxie trapped the ball instantly with the sole of his boot. He drew a round of applause for that.
  6. I think it is more of a cultural thing. Guys of my generation (60s) were more interested in getting pissed than performing on the sporting stage. And this goes for the guys that actually made it to a high level like Jim Baxter. Nowadays there is a lot more to do than kick a ball about but there is still a self destruct attitude in Scotland.
  7. Wullie Henderson played in the game against Wales scoring a wonder goal. Dennis Law and Eric Caldow also scored with John Charles and Ivor Allchurch scoring for Wales. Those were the days! It must be an earlier game you are thinking of, but maybe not 4-1.
  8. Rangers beat Third Lanark 4-1 on Tuesday 23rd October 1962 at Cathkin Park. But the nearest International was the previous Saturday at Ninian Park, Scotland winning 3-2. Just google with as much as you know and possible answers will come up.
  9. This was the 1961/2 European Cup when we played Vorvarts Berlin. The Rangers-Vorwärts tie scheduled to be played at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow was finally staged at the Malmö Stadion, Malmö, Sweden, the East German side having again been refused visas to enter Britain. The original match in Malmö was abandoned due to heavy fog (Rangers were winning 1-0) and the match was replayed the following morning. (Wikipedia). We went on to play Standard Liege in the Quarter Finals and were beaten 4-3 on aggregate, a tie that made me realise Rangers were not quite the best team in the world.
  10. Although I have lost most if not all my enthusiasm for the Scotland side - too many failures over the years, even when we had some good international players, a successful Scotland side would make a difference to our country and the way we feel. The recent success of Wales and Northern Ireland demonstrate what a good feeling can be engendered in a nation.
  11. Jeez, getting mixed up with Martin Škrtel . It's an age thing
  12. Senderos looked ok in the European Championships. If he can compete at that level he should be ok for the SPFL.
  13. Ok Kris Boyd He was absolutely crap when he came back to us and failed to win promotion from the championship. Even at his best Walter Smith wouldn't pick him for Europe or against Celtic. He could score but only against poor defenders, of which they are plenty in Scotland including Rangers.
  14. Clint Hill certainly does not look up to it after getting outpaced by Chris Boyd last night.
  15. We were very poor tonight. If it hadn't been for a wonder free kick from Tav we would have lost. We created very few chances and when Kranjcar came on he did practically nothing.
  16. Of course we can move on. We can win the league and move on!
  17. I agree. Obviously some bampots should be charged and punished, but although that defeat really disappointed me we have to move on and hope that our defence is a lot stronger in the top league.
  18. The problem with Scottish football is that it takes a different team to do well in Europe as it does in Scotland.
  19. I'd agree that sentence is sufficient for the Hibbee. One daft act and he has a permanent stain on his character. As for the Rangers fan if that is all he did then I could be facing a life sentence for all the daft behaviour I have engaged in
  20. We cannot defend so the addition of this old defender from a higher league will be a bonus.
  21. Rangers were nominally the home club at Hampden. Ah I see where they are going.
  22. Well fans of all clubs including Celtic. I am not going into percentages because I don't know|
  23. I think it is social media and blogs where keyboard warriors can vent their spleen. This forum is an exception .
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