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  1. As I said at games you will get a lot of abuse but meet most fans away from the game and there is no hatred.
  2. I don't think it's a case of the whole of Scottish football hating Rangers. There are obviously bitter people who hate us and wanted us dead. You will also get the "banter" at games where opposition fans will hurl abuse at us and other teams but after the game it is forgotten. I still remember standing on the Hampden terraces after Rangers defeated Hearts in the 1961 League Cup Final replay and a family of Hearts supporters, mum, dad and two kids applauding Rangers going up to receive the Cup. I wondered at the time if I could be so magnanimous|
  3. We will need more strength on the ball than he's got in the top division.
  4. Hopefully Zelalam's replacement can see a pass as well as tackle:D2
  5. I assume Warburton thinks if he plays his strongest team we will get a victory. Unfortunately our defence is a shambles and we aren't creating anything up front.
  6. So we've to expect another defeat to St Mirren because it's cold, our players don't want to get injured and we have nothing to play for? This is Rangers we play to win every game!
  7. From what I remember from previous contests the winner is announced before the Scottish Cup final, a ridiculous state of affairs.
  8. If it is 65% of Scots have a religion and 42% of them are Church of Scotland then that is 0.65*0.42* 100= 27.3. That is 27.3% of Scottish population is Church of Scotland .
  9. Have Just seen Chris Mclaughlin reporting on the game outside Ibrox for BBC Scotland. Has he purchased a ticket to get in .
  10. Hearts and Aberdeen don't have strong enough squads or good enough players to challenge Celtic for the title. As others have said we need better quality additions to our squad to mount a sustained challenge for the title.
  11. We just cannot defend. Reminiscent of the Paul Le Guen days, when the opposition just pumped the ball into our box and knew they would get a chance.
  12. I was fortunate enough to live in Crosshill, just off Victoria Road, then Shawlands, so I could walk to Ibrox, Cathkin Park and Hampden. Have many fond memories of Hampden both for internationals and Rangers cup games. Still think it would be a pity for Hampden to be replaced, and I don't remember complaints about the Hampden pitch before the stadium was rebuilt.
  13. I don't think Souness saw Davie Cooper as part of his new Rangers. Cooper was part of the old Rangers that had a real barren spell while Aberdeen and Dundee Utd were dominating Scottish football. He was a real talent nonetheless.
  14. You've cheered me up with that comparison .
  15. Rename this website "the old codger's" .
  16. It enables us users of crystal sets to still receive the programmes .
  17. I'm hoping Zelalem will come into his own once the fine Scottish Spring weather kicks in. At the moment he is not much good in the blood and snotters environment of Scottish Winter football .
  18. Maybe Waghorn is not good enough to maintain the high standard he set when he first joined Rangers? A really good player may have the odd dip in form but generally maintains a high standard throughout a season. Unfortunately we are not in the market for players of such a high calibre at the moment. Nicky Law is certainly an example of a player who only has a few good games per season.
  19. Let's hope Whyte gets to stay in a new abode also funded by the taxpayer after his trial.
  20. You can be a legend for different reasons. Miller's inability to control the ball is legendary. I have seen brick walls bring the ball under control better than Kenny.
  21. In Butcher's day we had the Simpson "tackle" on Ian Durrant, which destroyed a brilliantly promising career. We must do all we can to discourage assaults like these.
  22. The game I think was a League Cup tie in August 1961, Rangers won 2-0. Here is a photo. I think that is Geordie Young, the Third's manager at the time, centre foreground. Not sure if you are in it BH https://beyondthelastman.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/third-lanark-v-rangers-pitch-invasion-1950s.jpg
  23. That was my first ever Rangers game. I think I paid my 1s/6d entrance at the boy's gate. That was the day of the Cathkin break-in, first game of the season League Cup tie, when people climbed over car roofs to get over the wall. For safety reasons the police allowed kids like myself onto the pitch behind the goals to ease crowding. Each time Rangers scored, twice I think, we all ran onto the pitch to be chased off by mounted police. I was hooked on Rangers after that
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