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  1. The same wages King got at Hearts or that Oduwa gets at Spurs? I hope its the former.
  2. Rangers Fans United - nothing to do with rugby!
  3. Tom English was tweeting how ridiculous the idea that all clubs could be guilty of sectarianism, flare throwing and smoke bombs. Just at that moment a smoke bomb goes off at the Forfar v Linlithgow Rose cup tie. What a twat English looks. The bigger the fan base a club has the more idiots it is likely to have, but there are idiots everywhere.
  4. Jim Forrest had Wullie Henderson, Davy Wilson and Wullie Johnston supplying him so he had to score goals. Career was too short so it has to be McCoist although Mo Johnston was a better player.
  5. I joined RST and gave money to buy shares which in a small way achieved a better Board in charge of Rangers, but now I'm waiting for a share issue so that my money will go directly to Rangers and I will own a small piece of the team I have supported since a boy.
  6. The win against Hibs restores my faith that Rangers can win the Championship with the present squad of players. As others have said we need to strengthen in the summer if we want to challenge in the top league.
  7. Jim Baxter and Wullie Henderson, my heroes!
  8. les186

    Merry Xmas

    Merry Christmas everybody!
  9. Tavernier's and Wallace's final ball into the box has recently been woeful. Although to be fair at times there is little to aim at. Let's hope for a big improvement against Hibs.
  10. It's a difficult one. I condemn Multinationals like Starbucks, Amazon and Google for paying little or no Corporation Tax, but I still use them. Jimmy Carr was widely condemned for tax avoidance and quickly withdrew from the scheme. We will probably all have a good gloat if Neil Lennon has to repay HMRC after using his tax avoidance scheme.
  11. On STV last night a "tax expert" was asked if HMRC could pursue individuals to recover tax from the EBT scheme. He replied that as many of the beneficiaries were foreigners this would be too difficult. David Murray was the biggest beneficiary and I would have thought he could be pursued quite easily. This might be an incentive perhaps for SDM to dig into his pockets to fund an appeal to the Supreme Court?
  12. Baxter got his leg broken against Vienna Rapid I think. Baxter was in great form and taking the piss a bit when one of the Rapid players lost the plot, jumped in and broke Baxter's leg. After Pele got carried off at the 1966 World Cup Fifa decided that players like him did need protection and instructed referees to punish players who set out to maim opposition threats.
  13. McCoist was either complicit in the frauds that were occurring during his management or he was just thick?
  14. That's apparently what Tavernier himself said in an interview according to BBC Scotland.
  15. At Ibrox I remember standing next to the touchline wall and seeing the Spurs full back just chipping the ball over a Rangers player's head to a team mate, I was impressed and realised Rangers were not the best team in the world Spurs went on to win the tournament that year, the first British team to win a European trophy I think.
  16. The rest of the squad was at an AA meeting .
  17. Jim Baxter was the most talented Rangers player I've seen in my lifetime but heavy drinking cut short his playing career and also reduced his chances of playing at a much higher level. I hope the drinking culture in Scotland is not as bad as it was in my youth but I doubt it.
  18. Reminded of the Scottish players drinking in their hotel bar during the 78 World Cup in Argentina, which was shown on the national news on a regular basis. After Don Masson missed a penalty against Peru it was reported that he was so distraught that he stayed in his room. Not so, there he was with a big beery face and not a care in the world knocking them back in the bar.
  19. I assume more than one person/company can sponsor the same player. Some of the players' shirts might look like formula 1 racing drivers except .....?
  20. Law is not good enough. Like the rest of the players signed by McCoist they can produce on rare occasions but not often enough. Warburton has his work cut out.
  21. We need players who can get behind defences and cut the ball back. Last season we didn't have any players who could do that, certainly not often enough. The goal against QoS in the play-offs at Ibrox springs to mind. Whether Warburton can coach the likes of Templeton to do that remains to be seen. We certainly haven't signed anybody to make an improvement in the attacking sense and I don't see us doing so .
  22. Gascoigne was a great entertainer and domestically did really well, but I thought he was bought for Europe and at that level he failed.
  23. I missed that Dundee drubbing. It was foggy in Glasgow that day. I got as far as Paisley Road Toll on the trolley bus to be told that the game was off. I think Rangers played Dundee in the League Cup section qualifiers that year and at Ibrox despite much pressing Ian Ure was everywhere for Dundee and secured a draw.
  24. les186


    Le Tissier. The guy was magic, always hoped Rangers would sign him even at the end of his career. If low fee and relatively low wage then I'd take a chance on Vuckic.
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