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  1. Paddy McCourt and Darren O'Dea
  2. Jings! Zappa your faith in Ally is unshakeable. I remember you advocating that McCoist should get another chance to prove himself in the Championship despite the realisation by most punters that Rangers were crap and would struggle against better opposition. If he does invest his "ill gotten gains" in Rangers I will hold my hands up, but I doubt it.
  3. McInnes no. He'd probably bring Robson and Gollum with him.
  4. You are not going to sell a lot of season tickets on the basis of fans' loyalty. You need something to excite the fans. The prospect of more dire football after the last 3 years will drive more fans away.
  5. I don't think it is fair to expect fans to buy STs before seeing who the new manager is and who he brings in. If it is going to be another Ally McCoist type bringing in overpaid duds then what a waste of money. Perhaps Rangers will have to rely on fans paying at the gate to see decent players playing good football. In the meantime perhaps Mr King could dip into his pocket as promised.
  6. Just read Warburton's entry in Wikipedia, and he doesn't have a long record in management nor an illustrious playing career. One interesting fact is that he played under Jock Wallace for a short time at Leicester and did not like his training methods. Running up sand dunes until you are sick did not appeal and he stated he would never treat his players like that. That's a plus in my book as I never thought much of Ranger's playing style under Wallace.
  7. I agree, you don't have to be that good to be a successful manager in Scotland, and given the resources Rangers have relatively, they should have cake walked the three bottom leagues.
  8. I think that McCall has lost the plot. Playing McCulloch up front and "lobbing" balls into the box won't work. We need to get down the wings and cut the ball back to create chances.
  9. Ach well I'm still daft enough to believe the Gers can win this tie.
  10. If we fail to win promotion which looks likely, then we will not be attracting any "big name" players or managers. Hopefully our new board can find some manager/coach who can work on a budget, improve the young players we have and find some better players to bring in.
  11. Very true. Ian Durrant maybe gives them a good laugh and a joke but as far as playing football he should be the last of the three amigos to go.
  12. Our first team defending has been coached down to the youth team.
  13. I like the suggestion of John Hughes. He likes his teams to play football. He tries to improve what players he has got by coaching and encouragement. The man exudes enthusiasm. Whether the Rangers support as a whole would accept him???? I think he could be the ideal manager given our financial situation - no money.
  14. It surely should be too late in the day to change the rules.
  15. It's not that difficult to become a successful manager in Scotland. The standard is so poor. String a few results together and you will soon have BBC Sportscene heralding you as a genius. Lose your job after some bad results and the Beeb will take you on as a pundit. Given the resources that Celtic have and Rangers (used to have) then to be successful in Scotland should not be a problem.
  16. Jings, Moshni is Rangers answer to Franz Beckenbauer. I sense a new thread here - comparing our duds to world greats. How about Jig as the new Bobby Moore?
  17. I'd agree with Calscot. For more money you will get a lighter frame, better components, i.e. gears that change more smoothly, brakes that stop better and overall a more enjoyable experience. Also the components will last longer. If you have access to Cycle to Work consider splashing the full £1000.
  18. From Tuesday the club says there will be access to "a matched bargain-trading facility" with JP Jenkins. To use this facility you will have to go through a stockbroker which probably won't be worth it, if it is a relatively low amount of shares you are after. Better to wait and see if the shares get listed on ISDX or similar.
  19. Someone on here suggested Sbragia as the next Rangers manager
  20. Maybe one of the few players that are making an effort in training?
  21. Agreed so don't let him back.
  22. Eh? Hibs have beaten Rangers twice in the league this season under McCoist, and once under McDowall. We managed to beat them in the League Cup at the beginning of the season but were far from impressive.
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