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  1. Past form has Ally's team being outplayed by Hibs twice.
  2. McDowall also said he wants Durrant back as first team coach even though Durie is doing a "wonderful" job. The dream team + Durie - aargh!!!
  3. This would be a terrible attitude for the new board. Football is all about achieving as much as you can, not resigning yourself to being second rate. We are only trying to gain promotion to the SPFL not La Liga. It is well within reach of this Rangers team if someone can motivate them or even the players themselves can wake up.
  4. As a former member of the "Bubbly Babies" I remember belting out that song at BB Sunday Bible Class. It was good at the time but belongs in the past.
  5. Sorry to offend but after banker's scandals, MP's expenses, Mike Ashley maximising his profits, and Rangers directors helping themselves to Rangers money, let alone Dave King fiddling his taxes, I have little faith in our (Western World) financial system.
  6. In the financial world there is no honour among thieves.
  7. Kenny McDowall believes there will be no quick fix at Rangers - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/31732854. Unbelievable, he has been and still is part of the problem.
  8. It still means King will have to raise a few million this month to keep Rangers afloat if he hopefully can reject Ashley's loan, then who knows how much more to put the club on a sound financial basis.
  9. Hopefully Dave King and his new board have a clearer view of the way forward than this thread. Bring Ally back - no bloody way, promotion is vital - staying in the Championship is best
  10. Isn't the whole Rangers team betting against itself? This would explain things.
  11. Years ago me and my pals missed our supporters bus back to Glasgow after a midweek game at Tynecastle and a stop-off at the pub. We managed to get a lift from the Toonheid Supporters bus. The bus duly broke down in Bathgate whereupon the younger members from the bus proceeded to try to break into a Newsagents just beside the bus. They were encouraged in their endeavours by the more senior members, "Screw it right" and such other advice. The police duly arrived but no arrests were made. Eventually a replacement bus got us back to Glasgow much to our relief!
  12. Maybe a bit off topic but I joined RST for the £10 and got a confirmation email. I then bought a share but received no further affirmation.
  13. Sorry to use this analogy but Fergus McCann arrived from North America, stopped Celtic going bust, paid off their debts, rebuilt Parkhead, stopped us winning ten in a row, made his club a plc and walked off with a big profit. He was not a "Celtic man", indeed he was detested by a large section of the Celtic support.
  14. Mr Flea is an American zillionaire who wants to invest loads of his dosh in Rangers. Why? because he likes us.
  15. Thanks for the history lesson DB. I can just see Llambias prostrating himself before Lawwell and his "holy" court.
  16. Worry not? I don't think we can be reassured by anyone with power at Ibrox just now as to their motives and actions.
  17. Hopefully it will be up to a new manager to decide what to do with them, bearing in mind costs need to be cut.
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