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  1. Bloody hell SBS, is your new avatar "the chosen one" a couple of months after being appointed Rangers new manager?
  2. If Auchenhowie goes that diminishes Rangers FC. If Ibrox goes then that is the end, I can't see Rangers continuing after that.
  3. It will be interesting to see if Hearts and Motherwell will make a success of fan ownership. Both have required the support of wealthy backers to aid them to their goal. If Dave King or anybody else was prepared to do this for Rangers then I would invest a few quid myself.
  4. If somebody is daft enough to invest 50 million quid fair enough but I doubt it. The best way forward is fan ownership but Rangers will be a much diminished club, but an honest club.
  5. Looks like they just want to run Rangers into the ground, with very few fans left they can flog off Auchenhowie and Ibrox and walk off with a final return in their investment.
  6. Hardly recognised him with the beard. I suppose that's the point. Hope the posh hotel he's staying in asks for money up front
  7. I don't think there is any chance of getting quality signings in. We have good enough players to win this league. We need someone to motivate and organise them.
  8. When players come out with statements like Daly has, it usually means although they may like Ally they do not respect him or agree with his tactics/playing style.
  9. Maybe Dave King has David Murray. Craig White and Charles Green on board:bouncy2:
  10. Gretna FC progressed from the bottom division to the Premier League for a fraction of the money Rangers have spent on players let alone a further £10 million. They also got to the final of the Scottish Cup whilst still in the third tier (Division 1 now) and thereby qualified for Europe. Rowan Alexander for manager?
  11. I don't think most fans would bother if Dr Crippen was our chairman and Pol Pot was our chief executive, as long as we had on field success. McCoist has been given more than adequate resources and has failed to deliver.
  12. I don't suppose we know who Easdale holds voting rights for?
  13. He was still the only man (group) to bail out Rangers when "Rangers Men" failed to do so. He said at the time he was in it for profit. Let's hope we beat Albion Rovers on Sunday!!
  14. Them were the days! A pal told me when he was 16 he played in a bounce match at Hampden at the time Harry Davis was coach of QP. He was running in on goal with the ball at his feet when he saw Harry approaching. The next thing he remembers is waking up on the treatment table with Harry asking him if he was ok - my pal's proudest moment!
  15. I remember Harry Davis, a good hard player who was part of the first Rangers team I saw - Ritchie, Shearer, Caldow, Davis, Paterson, Baxter, Scott, McMillan, Millar, Brand, Wilson.
  16. I've signed but doubt petition reaching the 100,000 mark. 100.000 may mean but not necessarily that parliament will debate it. Better to get an MP to raise it.
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