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  1. But we weren't powderpuff on Wednesday, we can't perform consistently, or maybe our players don't fancy putting in the effort for "wee games".
  2. Who would be our new captain then - Goldson?
  3. We haven't got a great team or any great players. We certainly don't have the money to buy any. We need to keep buying budget players hoping they will turn into better players or better still bring players through our youth system. Unfortunately any promising young player is snapped up by a ridiculously rich EPL team. I'm depressed 😢.
  4. I didn't tell him to drop Morelos 😟.
  5. Best news I've heard recently
  6. I think we are in a great position regarding Hagi. We can wait till the end of the season before deciding whether to sign him permanently. Let's see how he does overall, remember Coulibaly 🥺.
  7. I'm afraid I don't read much of what Jackson Carlaw says. He is a poor substitute for the previous leader of the Scottish Tories.
  8. I'm not that mean 😁. I was out and about today, but that's not a bad idea I could have listened to the match on earphones.
  9. Thanks for the commentary today Rousseau.
  10. For the people who bother to vote the system of proportional representation used in Scotland does reflect a substantially more proportional representation of political views in Scotland than first past the post. You only need look at the last Westminster election and we have all these SNP MPs elected!
  11. "Try to disguise your tribalism so that it doesn't come across as just evangelical faith-based cultishness." I am mortally wounded. Maybe you don't realise your caustic little comments.
  12. I think our players can get up for a European tie whereas a midweek fixture at Kilmarnock seem beyond them,
  13. Jings, you are insulting anyone who does not agree with you. Not all of us think Tory good, Labour bad. You may hang on to Johnson's every word I do not.
  14. Groan. Have you got that playing in a loop in your bedroom?
  15. I'm not quite sure what that video has to do with the Labour Leadership contest?
  16. Dear me, am I not allowed to cast doubt on Boris?
  17. I was using the word "believe" in the sense that should we believe that Johnson will deliver on his election promises.... maybe it would take blind faith to believe in that.
  18. You need a majority for the Scottish Parliament, which I think is more democratic.
  19. Maybe it was just the high winds, I'm sure tomorrow will be a sunny spring day ☺️.
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