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  1. If you mean the General Election I don't think Johnston got a resounding victory in Scotland and neither do a majority in the UK support him, such is the first past the post system.
  2. Let's all believe in Boris then 🤢.
  3. "I may get pelters but I would persevere with Kamara, Davis and Jack in the middle. It was working for us and helped us control games but I feel we've lost that dominance now. " I'd agree. Last night our midfield was nowhere in the second half, but defensively we didn't look strong enough, the number of times we got possession and then gave it back was our downfall.
  4. We need better players. Some of our players can play very well at times but the mark of a very good player is consistency and we don't have enough of them. Good players cost money and we don't appear to be generating much of that at the moment or producing players through our youth system.
  5. As Gerrard says the players we have aren't strong enough overall to grind out result after result to win the league. Let's hope we can win the Scottish Cup this season.
  6. We've seen this movie too often at Rugby Park. We were not strong enough in that second half and Kilmarnock always looked likely to score. Their second goal was very weak defending from Katic and Goldson.
  7. Don't know about that, I think they might target our left flank with that old guy who used to play for us.
  8. I don't think the midfield is strong enough, maybe Kamara would be better.
  9. Good win in the end. Played a lot better in the second half, but Kent is really struggling.
  10. Frustrating game not helped by Rangers TV hanging up every 5 minutes 😟.
  11. Hope that equaliser gives us the confidence to go on and win this game.
  12. No this is the girl in Bill's bedroom or at least his poster girl ☺️.
  13. I don't know how many Rangers supporters voted SNP and neither do you.
  14. Well if we all have to go with some narrow view then it is not for me, but I continue to support my team.
  15. I just watch Rangers on the telly nowadays apart from the league cup semi with Hearts. We are all Rangers Supporters in our different ways.
  16. I think it might be more than a few particularly those who thought they should stay in the EU.
  17. Sorry Bill, I bow down to your superior intelligence and obviously right on views 😁.
  18. Dearie me. You don't apparently read your own posts. You seem to be a cross between a Trump supporter and a Boris Johnston sycophant.
  19. What a narrow view you have. You don't seem able to accept that Rangers supporters would vote for Scottish independence and staying in Europe, not necessarily both. You suggest those of that opinion are not true Rangers supporters. I beg to differ.
  20. Our final ball was non-existent.
  21. I don't think waving a sword about is the way to maintain peace. Lets leave demented Donald Trump out of it.
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