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  1. "Mussolini" will be taking Italy out of the EU then invading Ethiopia. The major aim of the EU is to maintain peace and unity in Europe, if it fragments then we will all suffer. I don't understand this offence at Jonnie Foreigner telling us what to do, that's not my impression of the EU. Plus I'll have to pay 7 Euros for a Visa next year to go on my Spanish holiday πŸ˜–.
  2. Oh well we have nothing to worry about then 😊.
  3. Managed to watch it in the end (on Rangers TV). Wouldn't say I got my moneys worth but 3 points is gratefully accepted.
  4. I think I may have lost my VPN when I tried to pay for it, so I've lost Β£7.99 πŸ˜–
  5. Tried to watch it on Rangers TV. Do you need to subscribe to Rangers TV now?
  6. I thought Murphy was doing alright until he got injured.
  7. Is this extra card "wiped out" then after Morelos has served his suspension?
  8. I used to be in the Govanhill RSC in the sixties. After a Scottish Cup replay at Tynecastle me and my mates went for a drink. By the time we got back our bus had gone. "Luckily" the Townhead RSC let us on their bus. The bus broke down on route and the young boys got out and started to try and break into this newsagents encouraged by the older passengers. Along came the polis but fortunately did not take any action. We eventually got back to Glasgow on a replacement bus. Rangers lost by the way πŸ˜₯.
  9. Great result, great performance. We can now all enjoy Hogmanay and the winter break 😊.
  10. I hope Rangers win tomorrow but I don't think its got anything to do with politics and the future of Scotland 😁.
  11. That view is so depressing, if we can't govern ourselves, not with Nicola at the helm! then we truly are a joke non-entity country.
  12. I don't think it is a good idea to call voters morons if they don't vote the way you think they should, although I'm tempted to think the same ☺️. Unfortunately Nicola is streets ahead in profile of our other Scottish politicians.
  13. Unfortunately despite your arguments the SNP did very well πŸ™‚.
  14. Why didn't I get a gong? I've done absolutely bugger all to deserve one.
  15. Scottish football can't afford var or goal line technology.
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