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  1. I think the fact that he hasn't scored against Celtic has got to him. If only he could have equalised in injury time I think we would have gone on to win it.
  2. Yes SG needs to sort out who is taking our penalties before Thursday.
  3. Goldson gets caught on the ball too many times.
  4. I don't want to watch or pay for the alternatives. I want to watch my telly. The standard of broadcasting in Scotland makes me despair but there are other quality products on BBC and other channels.
  5. What alternatives do you suggest? Keep it legal 😊.
  6. "The final whistle has gone in Bern, where Porto came from behind to keep alive their chances of progress. They are now a point behind Rangers heading to Ibrox in their final match. Young Boys, level with Porto, can also go through as they face Feyenoord." This is BBC Scotland. How do these ar****les get a job?
  7. Disappointed to concede the equaliser but overall very happy with the draw.
  8. We look very nervous on the ball giving it away so cheaply.
  9. One big guy up front can cause us problems, Hamilton have got two.
  10. I think that's what some members will be afraid that's what they'll need to do.
  11. I thought it was a good entertaining final.
  12. When Harold Wilson won in 1964 I thought that would be the dawn of socialism in our country. Oh dear how wrong was I! However now we have Jeremy Corbyn I am tempted to go for this old time socialism and see if the electorate are willing to give up some of their wealth for the good of all.
  13. Aye well we will see Craig at the Bookies in Rosyth again.
  14. Big improvement on last season when we would have gone one or two up then sat back and maybe conceded.
  15. Rangers are struggling a bit here. Aribo, Stewart and Arfield aren't contributing enough.
  16. Great result for the Gers tonight, let's beat them at home.
  17. You've made your point, can't you move along?
  18. Very good article. Unbelievable that this biased buffoon is in charge of the review.
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