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  1. I suppose you knew the truth at the time 😊.
  2. We all know that now but we were told different at the time.
  3. Crivvens that will get me back to supporting Scotland and voting SNP.
  4. Well nobody seemed to know or use these proven methods. Whyte was a well known multi-millionaire was he not.
  5. Isn't it about getting rid of people like Craig Whyte who didn't have any money but almost drove our club to extinction?
  6. The seagulls flew over the dustbin and shat in it.
  7. For me the reason we lost it in the end was the whole team went upfield to try and score the winner and we weren't organised when they punted the ball back down the field after Goldson had headed over from an offside position. We nearly lost out minutes before when Tavernier took a booking after another "everybody up to get the winner". We were naïve and should have seen the game out for a point.
  8. Can't agree with that we have lost a great chance to get at least an away point. Chance gone!
  9. We weren't looking too clever either until Morelos scored. We should settle down now and try and pick them off as they press.
  10. I see the bike is in the trophy room. I thought Craig Whyte had flogged that with other treasures?
  11. India is somewhere to send Eros Grezda.
  12. Helander looked very poor at times. You can't allow the ball to bounce on that surface.
  13. How are you doing David Seaman or is it Johnny Hubbard 😁.
  14. Ojo was the matchwinner and worth his selection if he did nothing else.
  15. Two million quid is a lot of money to throw away. Fine him his wages and play him as before to put him in the shop window.
  16. I believe there are elements within the SNP who do not like Rangers as there are in all strands of Scottish society, however I do not accept that there is a concerted effort to conspire against Rangers.
  17. Do we really believe Police Scotland and the SNP government are conspiring against Rangers FC ?
  18. Since Ojo sliced that early chance wide he seems to have no confidence.
  19. Switched the telly on this evening at 6pm. It was the BBC news which I don't usually watch but decided to leave it on. At 6.30 the Scottish News started and included in the items to be covered was "Celtic in Europe". It was a fairly lengthy piece with a contribution from James McFadden obviously enjoying his break in Stockholm and assuring us all that Celtic would progress. There was also a contribution from ex player Paul Elliot. I didn't listen to what he said. I look forward to "Rangers in Europe" later this evening or perhaps tomorrow.
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