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  1. With regards to the formation, it is not just about how the players are set on the park. It very much is about an idea of how to play and infusing your players with just the right mentality. To me the formation is just the foundation for the real stuff if you will.
  2. I pretty much try to keep myself busy following Germany and the world cup in general. Who could say no to up to four games a day after all. Once that's done I'm back to fully anticipate the next season of my beloved Rangers.
  3. What he does is down right dangerous and broad generalisations always tell a lot about the intellect of the person they're coming from.
  4. This gave me a good chuckle.
  5. This almost beats the journalistic expertise of a certain Phil Three Names .
  6. Ah so Message Boards count as sources now. Not too hard to to write something "substantial" then, is it. Can't believe this guy is serious.
  7. I'd like to know where exactly it is that Mr McMurdo sees this undercurrent of bigotry towards Jon Daly. Might there be just a bit of over elaboration for the sake of just writing anything here?
  8. First of all very good read amms, cheers for that. I think participation falls very short in today's football. Just look at the fans in manland Europe trying to take part in their club. They're being shown as delinquents or nay- sayers by clubs, footballing associations and the media. Frankly, I don't feel this sort of environment in British football with clubs like Portsmouth showing how things can go down. Anyway, we have to come a long way for this and getting off your arse may sometimes be the hardest task. Just nagging is very convenient.
  9. DUDE


    Jesus Warrior really came up with some comedic highlights aka Liverpool's away and third kit. Truly aweful.
  10. Getting sick of them playing the bigotry card, that's just getting really old. Perhaps if Mr Lennon could try and behave like a human being for once, people would stop abusing him.
  11. It really should be Pighead, as leaving half of these horrible green seats empty would not look all too odd would it.
  12. I've always liked the work those lads put in. If the move is what's needed to keep going, right on.
  13. Still can't stand him, I generally refuse to read anything he comes up with.
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