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  1. I would sell him if someone offered us 8-10 mill early in the window with a chance to replace. If we sell him now that is crazy. We couldnt replace the goals he scores with the current squad. It would really need to be a crazy bid before we even look at it imo.
  2. Maybe i remember things incorrectly but in the transfer thread everyone was calling him out for leaving now he says he was forced out and we're still not happy. What is it we want exactly? Personally if what he says is true it does show some issues with the inner workings of the club. Would you not find it odd to be told one day expect a promotion then the next day being told they want you to leave? (i know a regular work setting maybe not the best analogy but still) I know i would.
  3. Thing is he hasn't looked as good the past few weeks as he did at the start. He seems to miss a boat load of chances for everyone that goes in. Personally i would have taken the 8mil. We are more light in center forwards than i expected but still if he either doesn't play as regularly or has a poor run in we wont get 8mil for him in the summer. Of course if he starts banging them in again we might get more! I know i will get abuse for this but reality is we wont win the league this year, second place is what we must get. And 8mil in the bank to spend in the summer would
  4. Look at the amount of games both him and Fleck played post leaving us allowing them to develop. Nobody would be happy giving a player for us that much time to develop. Seperate related point but this is what still annoys me greatly about our div 2 back to prem period. This was the time to blood young players but nope we just signed a boat load of mercenaries on stupid money instead.
  5. I have no idea how it works between Queens Park and SFA but is this all a scheme to get a lower rate for using Hampden? Personally would rather it went to Murrayfield. Better stadium and bigger capacity. But that is completely ignoring all the implications that has been mentioned here.
  6. I understand it is costing Hearts £300k a game a lease Murrayfield from the SRU. I am guessing that all other costs still need to go on top of that. Personally i think Murrayfield is a great stadium, although only ever been for rugby.
  7. Well look at Aberdeens league finishes pre and post McInnes taking over: season 9-10 to 12-13 best was 8th McInnes took over end of 12-13 then; 13-14 - 3rd 14-15, 15-16 and 16-17 - 2nd. Thats a bloody good record. Also 3 cup finals out of a possible 8 is pretty damn good also. Btw i'm not saying he is the best choice but you cant argue against the guys record in Scotland.
  8. Not saying he is the best manager out there but for sure would be a safe choice and well cant do any worse that's for sure. Is use to working on a tight budget and producing good results which is what he will need to do.
  9. The board took a huge gamble giving Pedro so much money in the summer to spend. And realistically they shouldve gave him longer after that size of an investment. I am assuming they have the money to let the next manager do the same? Otherwise which manager of real quality is going to want to come in??
  10. Stats don't tell the whole story. Did Celtic get the better of the 90 mins possession wise, yes, but anyone who thought they wouldn't isn't facing up to the new reality. With that will come more shots and corners. But we weren't backs to the wall by any stretch. Remember we are playing against a team that has been slowly built up over 4-5 years with big investment and European experience. Despite what the apparent 'experts' keep telling us about how much we spent versus them in the summer... you cant buy that or sort that in a season or two. We just need progress and I can see big progress
  11. Cant wait for the game.... get a real idea where we are. Still when i see Windass on the left i just cant help but wonder what Pedro see's in Windass he didn't see in McKay. Because for me from all the games i have seen there is no comparison on who i would rather of had in that position.
  12. does it not depend on what the offers are? We shouldnt judge purely based on the fact offers were made, if they were crap offers, he should reject them. Dont think we could hold that against any player.
  13. I just dont get this line of thought at all.... Attitude/work rate is something that can be changed a hell of a lot easier than actual footballing ability. if we are judging McKay on last year then we should be happy to get rid of the lot of them. They were all hopeless. This is a guy we should have fought to keep.
  14. Quite frankly this is a disgrace of a decision.... I know we need to sell players nowadays but this is a guy who with the right team around him would provide that creative spark to create goals. Granted last year was not the best from him but it wasn't for any of them. And for what 500k..... awful. This pisses me off more than the bloody Europa result. Going out of Europa is short term damaging selling our top assets for peanuts is long term detrimental to us. I really hoped now we had a management structure all the way up to the top in place that would compete with that lot but once again its
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