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  1. Is horrible but nothing compared to wat you may later have to face in life so just get over it
  2. Jon

    A floppy

    Steve, you are just wrong mate
  3. Miller came out yesterday and said he was safe no matter what happened as he was there for the long haul....
  4. He isn't under contract at the moment though is he? Is there not a gentlemans agreement that he will remain until the end of season and re-evaluate from there? Would like to see him back as Scotland manager though and someone more attack minded for us.
  5. Brilliant scene Gav and I love the song. Also like the one he wrote nd sang, "She's Like The Wind"
  6. How do you quit? Cant be bothered and really wont have the time any longer. Studying is going to be much more than i thought and keep getting extra hours at work....
  7. As the title says. Finally lost his sad battle against a horrible pancreatic cancer disease. Always seemed a genuine guy in any interviews I have seen and has conducted himself so well and defied doctors by surviving so long and still working. Best wishes to his family. A very sad day.
  8. Gav has explained it to me and I've passed it on. (as above) Should probably have sent Gav a pm instead of posting. We know how it stands for the future so thats that now.
  9. I'm just eating but read your pm. I'll phone my brother and basically recite what you have said. Again sorry for using your name initially, I did try and change the title but couldnt. I'll ask him about getting the guy charged but Im sure he thinks it will now be to late but was livid he was fobbed off so easily. Thanks again for the reply Gav.
  10. Not a go in the slightest BUT, I just dont understand police actions in the following instance. I'll try and be as brief as possible here. Basically last Thursday I came home from college with one of my neighbours shouting for me to tell me the following:- There is a Polish guy just round the corner who is built like a brick shit house and constantly stoned to fuck. I will start by saying he does get stick/abuse whatever from a lot of the kids ie. chapping on the letterbox, stones or bark being thrown at windows etc. Apparantly this had been more rife in the 2 weeks prior to this. Anyway, this happened on Thursday, my two 8 year old nephews were in the vacinity (they have never done this before) but he only saw them. chased them and litterally dragged them 500 yards with the intent of taking them back to his house to wait for the police. My neighbour, a 5'4 girl saw this as they passed her house, around 100yds from his. He had them both locked around the chest dragging them. Michelled went out shouting and screaming for him to get off, trying to pull his arms free with no luck. Another friend heard this and came out also. The bloke still didn't let go. Now one of the twins had wet himself, the other was hyserical, well they both were. It was only when another set of neighbours came out and he saw one was a bloke the kids finally managed to get free. One of the twins was in such a bad state he didnt want to walk across the park to go home and my neighbour had to carry him on his shoulders back there. Now the reson for me asking is the way it was then handled after this. The police went to speak to the polish guy (who in the past month has threatened to kick one kids parents head in, threatened 2 other kids also. They they went to my brothers and interviewd the kids. The upshot? They advised my brother not to press charges as they would then have to press charges against 2 8 year olds for throwing stones/letterbox (no witnesses). They added the guy has had a hard time and is foreign so possibly didn't quite understand fully. Also added that all he did was try to make a citizens arrest. To me a grown man (literally a hulk) should not drag 2 8 year olds 500yds with the intent of keeping them in his house. I had a similer problem last year with a gang of teenagers throwing stones /letterbox etc (the whole neighbourhood di and the police knew who was responsible) and I was advised to ignore it and whatever I did not to go out and raise my hands to them...... Maybe just me, but I cannot understand the police actions or resoning for this. Don't get me wrong. The guy does get stick, but also is an arse when stoned and intimidates everyone, especially the kids. Still no reason for kids to do what they did, although I don't believe it was my nephews, but rather my next door neighbour I just wish I had got home 20 minutes earlier! But, then I'd probably have got arrested myself cos I wouldn'#t have given a shit about the size of him, just intent on getting my nephews safe. If you can't really reply of give any reasons the police ignored this in the manner they did it's fair enough. Just annoyed me personally obviously cos the kids are still scared rotten of going to the park. Thanks. edit. changed title as maybe a little unfair. edit. Not changed it properly.
  11. Shit loads of work an more, ar more than I amagined but looking forward to it. The programming in Java an then the architecture module look to cause the most problems. Most of it I'm looking forward to though as an interst in programming and the behind the scene engint. Only dilemma now is to go for the BA in 3rd year or streaight to primary certificate....although one of the lecturers now was a student last year and was offerd a lecturing jjob....
  12. Bollocks, a draw for me to leave in sole 3rd position with the final 2 games to go, player sent off, my biggest signing and star man and a late equaliser for them in 81 mins Our game could be make or break for me Fraser......
  13. Agree on every point Craig, yet when you say this to any of their supporters, they simply choose to pretend it never happened or there was no intent or malice there...
  14. I just find it ridiculous how quickly the media and SFA have swept it under the carpet again after the non stop coverage and whinging over the Eduardo incident. That in itself speaks volumes about our countries media and other authorities.
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