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  1. I will be renewing regardless but i think not having a 4 or even a 3 month installment deal offered to fans it will reduce renewal numbers. I know a good few fans who wont be able to afford to stump up all the money at once, my brother being one of them.
  2. Shocking news, thoughts with him and his family at this sad time. RIP wee man
  3. Right boys, ive been away a while and i know we have more pressing matters with Rangers but imagine my disappointment when firstly i had to search for this thread and secondly their hasnt been a post in it this year. Shocking!!!
  4. Still of the opinion that our home games (at least) should be Saturday at 3pm.
  5. Having us in the draw before this membership mess is sorted out just sums this whole situation up, a total joke of a "football association"
  6. So 7 of our 18 home games would be shown on TV? Not chuffed about this, we will probably struggle to get the numbers through the gates at Ibrox enough next year without giving the 'fans' the option to sit and watch it at home not to mention the fact that the kick offs will change away from Sat at 3pm.
  7. That is one thing im really looking forward to, sampling the atmosphere at these games from the terraces. My company are taking 6 places at the Brechin game in boardroom hospitality but i think i might prefer to be in the terraces with the bears.
  8. Good move for all concerned i think, Great move for Edu, Good for us to get a fee for him and a decent player for Valencia to get for 300k, pennies to them really. As many have said Thanks to Mo for doing the decent thing.
  9. Seems like a few erses are twitching over this tv deal and now trying to appease sky by sticking this on the end of the deal. No chance should we allow this to happen, as stated above we would be hammered and not to mention helping the same SPL clubs who plotted our demise.
  10. R.B.

    Welcome Thread

    Alright lads, not so much new more of an old timer returning to post on the board again. Looking forward to getting involved again and hearing your thoughts on the current tough times.
  11. So we won't sign anybody to replace the players who are going in your opinion?
  12. Davis gets my vote. Maybe I'm being harsh on Weir but I think taking the game by the scruff of the neck and making things happen is a much harder skill than defending. Although he probably hasn't done it in enough matches in a lot of fans eyes I think we would have really struggled (well, much more than we have done) for a creative spark without Davis.
  13. Damn, I was hoping this was going to be a wheres Wally type thread.
  14. Agreed, Whittaker would probably get ripped a new one off Aids McGeady, hes not the best at defending, id be more comfortable with Broadfoot at right back even though hes not shown his best form recently. On a side note, McGeady has been playing on the right hand side for the mhanky mob recently with Kamara playing on the left, according to a couple of cetlic supporting "friends" anyway.
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