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  1. We saw about a week ago Aberdeen drew with Celtic by sitting deep and going man to mani in the midfield. We knew it was likely they would do the same against us. Equally predictable was the team and shape we played; this would not have been a surprise to McInnes. Aberdeen were in their comfort zone playing the game they wanted to play. I think SG should have have started with one or two surprises, such as two up front, a backline of 3 or at least something that would be different from our norm. Aberdeen would then have to react and possibly we would have more joy as they adapted. Another issue apparent from last night is how bereft we are off game changers on the subs bench. Davis and Coulibaly have both been mediocre of late and so far Lafferty and Defoe have been ok but not much more than that. I think there is plenty for SG to ponder over.
  2. Good to see Worrall getting his goal and he put in some solid tackles in the second half.
  3. I think Alfredo may well leave in the Summer to an EPL club anyway but with Rodgers being more aware of his potential I think it just increases slightly such a move happening. Losing Kent to Leicester would be a blow.
  4. I think Kamara's top must have been through the wash a few times.
  5. Your wish has been granted.
  6. I think one of the issues for Kent is that teams have sussed out he is one of our most creative outlets and are looking to stifle him by doubling up and reducing the space in which he operates. I would, however, agree that he needs to play with his head up a bit more and when to charge forward and when to pass.
  7. It was a disgraceful high boot by Power. You can see that just prior to the incident Power had a look and knew Jack was there and likely to head the ball. Therefore it appears to me that the high boot by Power was premeditated and that it had a good chance of connecting with Jack's head.
  8. I felt Morelos had a rather mixed game on Saturday, at times very good while at other times he was a bit slack especially in his passing. i also think there was no need for him to tackle the St.Mirren player from behind and pick up a booking; although the StMirren player did make the most of the tackle.
  9. As a bit of light relief I think the first five of Vass's pics of the training today would be worthy of a caption contest.
  10. Oh good, we will be able to field a defence of five goalkeepers. Presume, Wes and/or Jak must be going.
  11. Unfortunately, possibly on the ball as well.
  12. John, you will need to change your avatar though I have to say I always considered Bill as more of the Victor Meldrew type. 🙂
  13. I agree with the above and think that the relationship between the players is something that needs a lot work on the training ground. There were one or two spells in the match where we appeared cohesive and offered a lot of threat but unfortunately, these occasions were too limited.
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