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  1. I think Davis will start more so because Kamara is likely to be out. I would keep Morelos up front and see how Hibs defenders can handle him (note;McGregor was an unused sub when they played St.Mirren). As Hibs lack pace I would be tempted to keep Jones in the side. As Fianagan has only come back after surgery it might be that a second match in three days is a bit too much for him. If so, I would expect Barisic to play. Arfield still seems a bit below his normal standard and looked very tired at the end of the game so possibly he might be replaced. I hope he retains Goldson and Katic but would not be surprised if there is some rotation at the centre half position.
  2. Do you really think that Barisic can improve because so far there has been evidence of that to date. When he receives the ball, if there is a defender in front of him his standard reaction is to pass inside to Niko or one of the midfielders. You very rarely see him taking a defender on or cutting inside. It may be just lack of confidence preventing the former but I have my doubts that this is the case. I feel he is very one footed and is probably weak on the right hand side and that partly explains why he is reluctant to cut inside. If we are to get the best out of Barisic offensively then he needs to receive the ball when he is ahead of the last defender and can cross the ball in; so far this has not happened. He does make runs down the wing that takes defenders away from the Rangers player who is wide and this at least helps create more space but is that enough to justify being our first choice at left back. Lastly, defensively he has been caught wanting on a few occasions and seems reluctant to physically dominate the opposing winger.
  3. Overall, a rather mediocre performance from Rangers with a tendency to over-elaborate and dwell to long on the ball. The passing needs to be quicker and more incisive. Aribo had a very good game in the first half but drifted out of things a little in the second half; I wonder if he is involved so much in the first half that he then tires in the second half. Some good flashes of skill from Ojo who was unlucky that none of what he created was put away. I think we also need to improve at left back because Barisic does not provide much and is too often wrong sided by players. Finally, as usual our long range shooting was mainly atrocious.
  4. Overall, a good victory and giving Gerrard plenty to think about in terms of his best combination in central defence and midfield. Only disappointment was that neither Jones or Ojo made any great impression.
  5. Derby started well and seemed to be finding quite a lot of space but midway through the first half we started to counter that. Kamara has been a bit hit and miss at the moment, looking a slightly off the pace. Jones has tried hard but mot quite coming off for him at the moment.
  6. Rangers website reporting that Kyle Lafferty leaving Rangers by mutual consent.
  7. I thought Jones did ok but agree re Ojo who I thought was a bit of a disappointment. Tav's performance was a little below his level of last season and Kamara looked a bit complacent and was too slow in moving the ball on.
  8. i noticed that Amy Muir, who was the women's player of the season has left Rangers to go to Hibs.
  9. Agree with the comment about Durrant, and it made me wonder what his input was when he was assistant to McCoist.
  10. I thought Flanagan was not included because he has had some minor surgery.
  11. If correct, does this signal that Rangers expect one (or more) of the current players to leave for a sizeable fee.
  12. The Hibs side contained McGregor, Hanlon, Gray, McGeough, McGinn, Stokes and Cummings whereas the Rangers side included Kiernan, Wilson, Zelalam, Holt and Miller. The composition of the two teams I would argue does not merit the suggestion that in comparison with the Rangers lineup Hibs were a shit side.
  13. From Kent's displays against various opposition it is evident that he is regarded by them as a dangerous player who they have to watch closely. This can be seen by the way opposition players swarm round him. This, in itself, is useful because it opens up space for other Rangers players. The issue I have with Kent is that he does not always play with his head up and tries to do too much. He has to realise that having drawn players to him he can then release the ball to a colleague rather than attempting to dribble past the opposition. If Kent can improve his decision making then he will be a real asset for Rangers.
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