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  1. The midfield were all very good but the number of times Tav was available to take the ball forward and attack the defence of Standard was outstanding and for that reason he is my man of the match.
  2. Lots of good performances but Kamara was the standout.
  3. Difficult decision because there were a number of players who had an excellent game but I think most credit should go to our back line who remained solid throughout. I thought Tav and Goldson were the standouts with the latter just edging it.
  4. Borna could perhaps have done better but prior to the cross both he and a Hibs player jumped for a ball which they both missed and this resulted in the ball going to the wing where Boyle? was free. Borna went to cover Boyle and perhaps could have got in a block but I think equally damaging here was that no Rangers picked up the Hibs scorer who had too much space in the box. As pointed out Davis was close to the goal and Arfield was behind the Hibs scorer, so basically he was not picked up. In the second Hibs goal you might argue that it all started with a poor ball by Goldson but then Tav h
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