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  1. I think you are being a bit unfair here. Rangers submitted their dossier called for suspensions and an independent inquiry. Unfortunately, this was not supported by other clubs. What other action would you have expected from Rangers.
  2. I disagree. McLean has been a regular in the Norwich team playing in the premiership, all be it, they are bottom of the league. In comparison, Davis wasn't getting a game at Southampton, Goldson likewise at Brighton, Aribo came from Charlton who are near the foot of the championship, Tavernier spent most of his time playing at championship or league 1 clubs, Kamara didn't make the grade at Arsenal. All of this, taken together, suggests to me that McLean would improve the quality of the team.
  3. I hope the handle came with a new spindle. :- )
  4. Is it not possible to buy a small hex key online. Smaller ones tend to be a £1 or less with sets being a bit more. Have a look at ToolStation as they stock them and are still operating some kind of service. As a matter of interest who is the supplier in Cambridge - Mackays?
  5. Its not an allen key or star head screw?
  6. What purpose are you trying to achieve by cutting the spindle? Is the spindle not able to be pulled out by disconnecting the handle on the other side of the door? There will some sparks with the dremel, assuming you are thinking of using a cutting disk. The cutting disks are quite fragile (and they wear out) and the further you cut into the spindle the more likely they will break, so have a few handy. A mini hacksaw would be effective assuming you can use clear strokes but it will be a little time consuming.
  7. @Gonso79, it is a bit ironic using a quote from Nietzsche who suffered from depression and went mad.
  8. I believe Germany also has a greater number of individuals aged 60 and over thus one would expect their number of deaths to be higher. Not sure lack of ventilators is the problem at the moment but could be in the forthcoming weeks.
  9. For those that are interested I append below the URL for the modelling of the virus done by Imperial College. This is the model that was mentioned in the press briefing today. Unfortunately, it's not very cheerful reading. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-college/medicine/sph/ide/gida-fellowships/Imperial-College-COVID19-NPI-modelling-16-03-2020.pdf
  10. I thought in the first half Rangers were in control with some good passages of play. We had some half-chances but were just lacking a goal but I thought with the pressure we had this was only a matter of time. We started the second half a bit slow and then after the Hamilton goal we became too frantic with too many hopeful balls swung into the area. I was surprised with the substitutions and considered that Kamberi was having a reasonable game and Kamara apart from a few errant passes was providing good link-up play especially with Aribo. Their replacement by Defoe and Kent did not improve us and I felt that in this type of physical contest Defoe makes little impact and probably at this stage in his career is not good enough for Rangers apart from when no-one else is available. I also think that Morelos was not at his best. We create some good space in the wings with both Barisic and Tavernier seeing plenty of the ball but the latter's delivery is too hit and miss but with a preponderance of misses. Barisic's delivery was better but I think we need more invention from him rather than floating hopeful ball after ball into the area.
  11. I can see why SG used him on Saturday. He was probably hoping that with Hearts pressing there would be space in the Hearts half for Ojo to use his pace to create chances. Unfortunately, with a couple of exceptions this did not work out, partly because we were not feeding him with good balls and also because he is too one dimensional. He doesn't have the skill of Kent for going past players and he almost always wants to get the ball on his left foot which makes it easier to defend against him.
  12. I think it is becoming clear that Morelos will leave in the Summer. That being so, we want to maximise his transfer value. Leaving him out of squads is unlikely to achieve that end and may exacerbate the tension between him, SG and the rest of the squad. If, as CammyF has suggested he has apologised to the rest of the squad and knuckled down in training I would include him as one of the substitutes with a view to putting him on at some stage but would start with Kamberi.
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