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  1. Moreover, it always looks as though he is going to hit it to that side. His crossing is great but I never have the feeling that he is able to hit the ball with power.
  2. I thin he is modelling his hair on Gerrard to help ensure he remains in the latter's good books. 😀
  3. I thought Morelos had an up and down game; at times coming short and taking the ball and then passing it on whereas at other times the ball was bouncing off him and his passing was very sloppy. I think we also have to accept that he could easily have been sent off for the stamp and that could have changed the nature of the game in Hibs favour. I know there has been some comment on the stamp by McGregor but I feel there was less obvious intent with his than there was with Morelos.
  4. With Jack and Arfield being out at the moment we seem lacking some industry and bite in midfield. I think Aribo is a skilful player but is perhaps not the best combination with Kamara. I would like to see Aribo play in a more forward role where can do some damage with his skill. It's early yet to see where Zungu fits in and I would say he is still adjusting from the more sedate French football he is used to the more rough and tumble of the SPL. Because of that he seems to dwell on the ball too long and thereby is caught in possession. It is to be hoped that as he gains more familiarity wi
  5. We seemed to lose control of the game in the second half leading to a nerve-racking last 30 minutes with Hibs racking up a number of corners from which I thought they must eventually score from one of them. Thankfully, they didn't.
  6. I interpreted Vehofstadt's tweet as a suggestion what might be the effect of Brexit, that is, the imposition of border controls and the possible consequences that this might have for the flow of lorries in certain situations. As someone who would probably have preferred the UK to remain in the EU he is making a general point that supports his belief that the UK should have remained in the EU.
  7. One limitation in the starting 11 is the lack of noted goalscorers in the midfield or in the attack with the exception of Roofe. Perhaps Hagi will step forward with a goal tonight or maybe Tav and Goldson will continue their success in finding the net.
  8. Craig, would you clarify whether the above is based on the one tweet by Verhofstadt that was cited earlier in the thread or are there other tweets etc by him that support your view. I ask because I didn't see any specific reference to Covid in the tweet.
  9. Are you included or excluded from this?
  10. It is not just Sturgeon who is implementing tighter tier regimes on the basis that the new mutation is possibly more transmissible. The same reason is being used by Matt Hancock and Boris to tighten restrictions, for example, in the South East of England. There is still a large amount of uncertainty about what has increased the number of covid cases, it could be down to factors/events other than the increased transmissible of the virus and this is recognised by scientists. From their genomic sequencing they are aware of certain mutations, one of which concerns the spike protein, that potenti
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