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  1. In the previous game against St.Johnstone, Gerrard rested about half his team with a view to the important fixture being the cup quarter-final. In all his interviews he stressed that the focus was on winning the quarter-final against St.Johnstone. So, for him the game was not a dead rubber but a real opportunity to progress and perhaps win the Scottish Cup. A number of players let Gerrard down and it should be apparent to him that a few changes need to be made. It has been evident from the past few games that Davies is our playmaker and anchor in midfield and without him I am not sure who
  2. On Rangers TV Andy Little suggested that Simpson and Itten (in the second half) had a good game. I thought Itten was fine in the second half but I was not convinced about Simpson who looked a bit awkward and flat footed. Although a bit early early on the basis of one full game to conclude whether he will be successful at Rangers I think he has quite a bit to go before he challenges Helander. Overall, it was a very poor performance by Rangers with little cohesion, not enough hunting down in packs and difficulty in dealing creatively with the situation when they pressed our back four.
  3. Helander had a very good game and just edged it over Patterson who defended well and also provided a good attacking outlet.
  4. Honorable mention for Helander in his anticipation for the goal and solid performance at the back.
  5. Moreover, it always looks as though he is going to hit it to that side. His crossing is great but I never have the feeling that he is able to hit the ball with power.
  6. I thin he is modelling his hair on Gerrard to help ensure he remains in the latter's good books. 😀
  7. I thought Morelos had an up and down game; at times coming short and taking the ball and then passing it on whereas at other times the ball was bouncing off him and his passing was very sloppy. I think we also have to accept that he could easily have been sent off for the stamp and that could have changed the nature of the game in Hibs favour. I know there has been some comment on the stamp by McGregor but I feel there was less obvious intent with his than there was with Morelos.
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