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  1. We must never forget. Never forget the utter waste of milions of the most productive of humans lives; never forget the devastation of the lives of those who were left; never forget what happens when an unelected elite plays pawns with the lives of young men; never forget the bombast, the jingoism and the false patriotism of those who stood on the sidelines encouraging others to die for their own machismo and national inferiority complexes. Never forget the manipulation and propaganda which lead millions to end their lives early so that a few could continue to enjoy the high life. When you
  2. 2010/11 Lost v Braga in CL Qualifiers 2010/11 Lost v Utrecht in UEFA Cup Qualifiers 2011/12 Lost v Sion in Europa League Qualifiers. Awarded tie because Sion fielded an ineligible player. 2011/12 Eliminated from Europa League at Group stage after winning one game from six. 2012/13 Qualified from CL group stages. 2013/14 Eliminated from CL at Group stage after winning 1 game and losing 5. 2014/15 Lost to Legia Warsaw.Awarded tie because Legia fielded an ineligible player. 2014/15 Lost to Maribor in CL qualifying stages Tell me again how much Scottish football owes you
  3. I think you'll fnd it is not just 'semantics'; it's logic. Thanksgiving is, by its very nature, inextricably linked with the Pilgrims, since it is a celebration about the Pilgrims. The Pilgrims however are not inextricably linked with Thanksgiving. Had there been no Pilgrims, there would have been no Thanksgiving. Had there been no Thanksgiving, it wouldn't have mattered a jot to story of the Pilgrims How in the name of Jesus H can you have a "democratically-elected" capitalism? Are we to have referenda throughout the countries of the world to choose the heads of BP, Toyota and
  4. you said: "To me a market is inextricably linked to Capitalism." if it is inextricable, it cannot be an entity on its own. Clearly it can and, for most of human history, has. This, if I may, is another example of binary thinking. Capitalism=markets=capitalism. It suggests, indeed proves, that unfetterred capitalism is every bit as oppressive to those on the receiving end of it as so-called 'socialist' oppression. American foreign policy has largely, if not entirely, been driven by the interests of their major corporations ever since, and before, Eisenhower warned, in vain, of t
  5. And at the risk of being patronising, I'd say that's the problem right there. You tend to think in a very binary fashion. Markets existed for millenia before capital was invented. Capitalism is a relatively recent development in human terms; the barter and exchange of goods and services has been around infinitely longer. As for pure socialism, I'm not sure there ever was or could be such a thing, but in any event it wouldn't be the binary opposite of Capitalism, whereby it was the only alternative and it certainly couldn't be more oppressive than the type of capitalism forced on the count
  6. Capitalism is entirely independent of its environment. It can and does exist quite happily outside a free market - in fact it prefers the market to be rigged, thereby ensuring more profit. You've stretched your definition so much that if it was a rubber baloon it would now look like a bloody giraffe. And here is the nub of your problem. The failure to differentiate between capitalism and the many other forms of economic activity. Feudalism and mercantilism really are not forms of capitalism; you are confusing 'capital' with 'wealth'. Feudal lords would be just as happy with 40 co
  7. Capitalism is the pusuit of capital by private individuals. That doesn't ever change and never will. What you've described in the first paragraph are changes to social structure and market economies and ways in which the state has attempted to constrain capitalism for its own purposes. You have not described changes to capitalism. In your 2nd paragraph you manage to completely contradict yourself and destroy your own argument within the space of 10 words. I'm not sure it that's a record, but it's certainly an achievement. Capitalism has learned from the crash of 2008 so Bankers can't caus
  8. Only, you're not just changing the costume; you're changing the entire scenario. The shove in the back was violent conduct pure and simple and Erwin deserved everything he got. Mohsni should have received a three match ban for violent conduct and not a minute more. The fact that he has been so heavily punished and the Motherwell mob, for that is what they were, got off practically scot free can be put down only to the teams they play for.
  9. Really? I'd be keen to know exactly how Capitalism has changed and evolved and to the solution of which problems this has lead.
  10. Written in a time when the butcher and baker lived in the communities they served and in which their own interests would co-incide with those of their communities. You can work out for yourself what happens when the capital owning classes no longer come from or live in the communities which depend on them for employment. Those communities become 'resources' to be exploited. They don't need the hospitals since they have private healthcare; they don't need the schools since their offspring are privately educated; they don't need the police since they have their ownsecurity systems, so they don't
  11. We know where the towers went. All 3 collapsed at near freefall speed through the path of greatest resistance, reaching the ground in much the same time as a bowling ball would if you dropped it from the top of the building. Tch. Physics, eh? It's just so bloody unpredictable. For centuries they tell you one thing, then out of the blue, the laws of nature change 180 degrees. And they tell you that stuff like time travel isn't possible either, but, how else could the BBC broadcast that tower 7 had collapsed when in fact we could see Tower 7 standing tall as you like over the reporter's
  12. In other words, he'll be a Rangers player by the end of next week.
  13. I think the Motherwell fans are simply magnificent. Not only did they sit on their hands and keep quiet to police and stewards about this group of Rangers fans sitting in their midst during what has been described as the most important game in their club's history, but even after this group of rowdy huns had disgraced themselves by throwing a flare, the 'Well fans continued to remain silent and gathered round their bluenosed enemy, protecting them from being lifted by the long arm of the law. But then, if this wasn't admirable enough, once the game had finished these very same exemplars o
  14. That's got to be my favourite Rangers strip ever. Just beautiful.
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