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  1. Id suggest Pete, very time one of those banned songs gets an airing, anywhere, it provides FARE an opportunity to come after us under the umbrella of "Intelligence led Policing". We have the uncanny knack of making that target bigger for them.
  2. Thats a good find Iain & shows what we are up against. Also saw a screenshot on twitter of Powar glorifying a Palenstine flag display at Parkhead. Given UEFA's stance on no political displays at football, you really have to wonder how a man whose organisation acts as an agent obo of UEFA in upholding their artcles, can openly celebrate the breaching of the articles in question.
  3. As predictable as night follows day Pete....
  4. Im not sure I can agree with that Pete - the original aim was to protect club & defend the support. Being subjected to punishment courtesy of a report from an organisation with a very questionable history & conduct, reporting to a extremely totalitarian Football Authority whose Articles would give most legislators a field day, ticks my boxes in terms of defending the support. That said I do think the drive & initiative needs to come from within the club itself - I doubt, as histoty has shown, that it wil stop with TBB.
  5. Absolutely Bill, Ive followed much of this discussion on Twitter & Im concerned at some of the views being expressed, as I believe if some of the strategies of sing it "loud & proud" were to come to fruition that would spell disaster for the club. You dont have to be defence counsel to drive a wedge of reasonable doubt into this debate, in fact some of the evidence has already been presented in this thread. I saw the word "Appeasment" being used on twitter - its not appeasement to box clever in a ring where an unjust narrative, devoid of balance & fairness has already been sown & furthermore, imposed by an Football organisation who are nothing short of dictorial in manner and corrupt in nature. Its not about appeasement - its about survival.
  6. Stunnnin result - Jordan Jones gave us a directness which I feel has been missing in the final third. Just need to tighten up those defensive lapses, I think havin regular back 4 woul go soe way to facilitating this. Given the gleaming praise Flanno recived from the manager he may well have staked his claim for the shirt.
  7. No bud, its a bit more difficult to find out since it became Police Scotland. I wouldnt expect much more from him - given that their primary function at footbll matches is public safety, and any admission that there was a crush is akin to an admission of failure to fulfill that function. Be interesting to hear the match comanders recommendindations on the ticketing procedures at the Chadwick.
  8. I retweeted the many various testimonies and pictures from bears outside the ground, some of them were clearly terrified by what transpired. Tom English & Michael Stewart, neither of whom witnessed it, have sought to dismiss this incident without any evidence - reckless, rancid and worhty of ridicule. The Club really needs to step up - Rangers SLO was present & will have reported back to them, also Club 1872 have numerous testimonies which usurp the sugestion there was no crush. silence is not an option Rangers.
  9. Like deja vu from last season Frankie, inabiliy to keep a clean sheet and lacking inspiration in the final 3rd time, sorry to sound negtive folks, but thats the way I saw it.
  10. I think Bill, that says more about the failings at the rancid BBC tha anythig else. Im hoping the whole organisatio is o borrowed time.
  11. Cheers bud, an enjoyable experience
  12. Agred Craig, Seems we are testing the waters of every legal stage - some you win some you lose. I can see this being a real war of attrition & given what is happening at SD not one they will welcome at the moment.
  13. Thanks Frankie, really enoyed the whole experience.
  14. I would concur Gaffer that there is a myriad of things we can point out which we find distasteful or hypocritical in politicians of other parties, but that is a world away from deliberate and malicious action targetted against our club. and following the fanzone debacle, as well as other instances, the SNP have been shown to be guilty as charged.
  15. I'd say John both Murdo Fraser and Adam Tomkins have made their Rangers allegiances quite clear, but its symptomatic of the point you make that in recent times it was Ulster politicians such as Jeffrey Donaldson who could be relied upon to further Rangers interests in the political forum
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