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  1. I'm sorry but im absolutely gutted. The tactics at the start suggested we were a team who weren't after the treble. Would have been so good to do the treble as we all wanted, but we've handed it to those bastards.
  2. It's a disgrace how these companies can continually record billion dollar profits per year and yet they are never told to reduce there prices. It's us that have to grin and bear it. Hate those bastards.
  3. IIRC anyone would struggle to name 5 players who have performed for Scotland in the last 4/5 matches.
  4. What?! Fletchers name is there only because he plays for man u?!?! Hes been one of man uniteds best players this season. Having his best ever season and you were tempted to replace him with ADAM, who plays for BLACKPOOL! Can't understand that!
  5. Boo! bet you haven't given them a chance. Ameican football is a brilliant game. I would say cricket and rugby are utter garbage. Its all about opinions!
  6. Who's watching? Got a meeting at half 7 tomorrow morning, but its worth it! Come on the SAINTS!
  7. Done Mate. Doing a dissertation myself just now, so know how much of a burden it can be! Good luck!
  8. Don't agree with that at all. No Matter how bad we are, we pay that bawbags wages. No matter how he feels about his country he should always at least spare a thought for his club.
  9. In all fairness i would also want to see whittaker dropped. Pathetic defender and only plays well going forward the odd game. His defending is atrocious. A defender who cannot tackle. I would like to see a youngster get a change at left back. Sat is prob not the best game for it, but why not against a lesser team. Give whittaker the boot up the arse he needs.
  10. I would agree with that mate. Boyd did more than miller in every department on saturday hands down. A Boyd who can play like that every week is no doubt the first name on the sheet for ANY game. The effort is there now from boydy and its showing!
  11. Miller is the man who chases a dead cause putting pressure under the defenders trying to force mistakes. Also he's ideal for the quick break (as long as he keeps the ball). Boyd in Europe i think will go back to his old ways, slightest touch in the back from a defender and he will be down on his arse. As much as i want him to take any chance he gets.... i just don't think hes the man just yet!
  12. Weir For Me! Even though he's done nothing wrong. Wilson Boughie has potential and makes the mouth water. I would have picked bench if there was an option however due to his antics!
  13. :kb: closely followed by :wilson: who i thought dealt with Kyle Well. He's got a wand of a left foot!
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