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  1. The least this board could do is ask publically for clarification on every tackle until a clear standard is known.
  2. Funny how the ascension of Rangers witnesses their continued decline.
  3. Boy, Ronaldo can really strike a ball ...
  4. Tims, ******s, scum or Celtic supporters they are all the same. They have proved that they do not deserve to be treated with the respect of normal people. From support for a team heirarchy which has denied and deflected child sexual abuse for sixty-odd years, from a club support who initiated behaviour in the ‘shame game’, from a support who did nothing to name and shame the perpetrators of serious bottle incidents on young Rangers’ fans and for a club and support who gleefully tried to kill our club – you want to protect their integrity until proven guilty? They don’t deserve your c
  5. Don't think you'd ever see Messi jump this high to head a ball, that means that a whole big part of his game is missing ...
  6. Blair was Ulster’s worst nightmare. OTRs ffs. Then he also allowed Reid to install his soldiers in all walks of life in Scotland. Snake’s belly doesn’t come close ...
  7. Go on son, we're right behind you. You have the makings of another Willie Johnston !!
  8. Here's your corroboration... 😝 Kerrydale Meltdown @KerryFail · 16h Morelos finished at rangers smashed arfield car at training ground and said it wasn’t him. Youth players has it on his phone
  9. I wonder if he had received any advice on how to achieve another gear🤫
  10. Too many moans compared to expressions of support. How's this ...
  11. barca72

    Number 7

    Henderson was a great we player. Found this...
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