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  1. D'Artagnan Retweeted A Force For Good 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇬🇧‏ @UKaForceForGood Aug 16 More A Force For Good will welcome the "All Under One Banner but Not Really" SNP-endorsed march to our United Kingdom, on Union Street, Aberdeen, Sat 17th Aug. We'll be counting them too. Here's our head-counted Tally so far, versus the AUOB fantasy figures. Scottish media, take note!
  2. Hutch‏ @Alan50583050 FollowFollow @Alan50583050 More Richard Gordon on @BBCSportsound "Aberdeen have a lot to do and Midtjylland have a lot to do" The seethe is fucking ecstasy
  3. Well done to you and Mrs 917. Another wee Bearette about to flourish.
  4. Helium balloons are pulled by gravity, as are all objects with mass. The reason they don't fall is that there is another force acting on them, a buoyant force from air pressure that is equal to the weight of the air displaced by the balloon. The reason you don't float is that the weight of the air you displace is quite a bit less than your weight (a person is more dense than air). The reason a normal balloon doesn't float is that the weight of the air it displaces is just a little bit less than the weight of the balloon (because it is filled with air, but the rubber of the balloon itself is more dense than the air). The analogy you want is to objects floating (or suspended) in water. Most rocks sink to the bottom, pulled by gravity, because the weight of the water they displace is less than their own weight. A bowling ball (ironically) is very close to the same density as water, so it will float suspended in mid-water, just like the helium balloon that has leaked a little bit. Just a tad about how bouyancy works. Any fluid in a gravitational field possesses a pressure gradient, (which if the gas/liquid is in equilibrium) counterbalances the effect of gravity. Gravity acting on such a fluid creates this pressure, which is referred to as hydrostatic pressure. To make a long story short, the external pressure (of the air) is greater at the bottom of your ballon than at the top. So the net external pressure on the balloon is imbalanced, providing a net upward force equal to the weight of the displaced air. If you put your balloon in space , there is no pressure, and therefore no imbalance of pressure to create the bouyancy effect.
  5. Any truth in this, do you think? ... Close Liz Truss‏Verified account @trussliz 21h21 hours ago My piece for Scottish Daily Mail on the £941m shortfall in Scottish tax revenues due to lower growth in Scotland. SNP need to take responsibility, lower taxes and back enterprise. 613 replies228 retweets514 likes Reply 613
  6. Agent P 🇬🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿‏ @AgentP22 FollowFollow @AgentP22 More Methadone is now responsible for half of Scotland's drug deaths. Now we know why the SNP is trying to divert attention to Westminster. https://www.pressreader.com/ Close
  7. Dr Richard Simpson‏ @DrRJSimpson FollowFollow @DrRJSimpson More Dr Richard Simpson Retweeted Neil Henderson People are dying please spare us Your Indy nonsense this is disgraceful. No attempt to analyse why we have 3xrUK rates with same legal framework. 2000+ families affected by deaths in the last 2years will be aghast at this blame game. Did they mention SNP cuts in community&prisons Dr Richard Simpson added, Neil HendersonVerified account @hendopolis THE NATIONAL; People are dying. Help us save them #tomorrowspaperstoday 3:14 PM - 16 Jul 2019 Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP 🔶‏Verified account @agcolehamilton FollowFollow @agcolehamilton More Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP 🔶Retweeted The National This is a new low. Either these journalists don’t know that drug treatment and sentencing rests with Holyrood and that @theSNP cut drug services by 23% or they do & are spinning for a nationalist govt against whose door these bodies lie. Utterly reprehensible. Delete your account Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP 🔶added, The NationalVerified account @ScotNational Today’s front page: We gave the UK and Scottish Govts 600 words each to explain how they would tackle the tragedy of Scotland’s drug deaths crisis. The Home Office refused and told us to publish an old quote. So we have. 12:23 AM - 17 Jul 2019
  8. Apropos to the thread ... Close
  9. That's a ridiculous suggestion. How does a junkie 'high on drugs' have a reduced inclination of committing a crime? Where does it help the Scottish public's budget by paying for drugs to feed a junkie's habit? Instead, spend that money on increasing the resources of Police Scotland to combat the distribution of illicit drugs, and go after the dealers with a vengeance. The laws are already on the books, all that is needed is the will to combat the cartels. Step up Nippy.
  10. Has Gordon been given a deep 'fit and proper' scrutiny?
  11. Booting hell out of each other ... UEFA Europa League Qualifying at Victoria Stadium 02-07-2019KO:16:45REF: B Luca St. Joseph's 0 - 0 HT Agg: 1-1 Prishtina 9/27/48/11 Preview Commentary Stats Teams Form 45+4' HT First Half ends, St. Joseph's 0, Prishtina 0. 45' Domingo (St. Joseph's) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. 29' Armend Dallku (Prishtina) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. 25' Mauricio Torres Fernandez (St. Joseph's) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. 14' Leotrim Bekteshi (Prishtina) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul. 0' First Half begins.
  12. Irish Republicans are neither in their heart nor their mind British citizens. Why would you want to soften their sectarianism and bigotry by calling them British citizens? They are just misplaced terrorists, don't fool yourself by supporting them as anything more.
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