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  1. Step for a hint... Group H # TEAM P W D L F A GD PTS 1 Lille 5 3 2 0 12 5 7 11 2 Milan 5 3 1 1 11 7 4 10 3 Sparta Prague 5 2 0 3 10 11
  2. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/spfl-explain-celtic-hibs-reshuffle-23094465 ... And now the SPFL 's director of operations Iain Blair insists policy has always been to favour the home club in such situations. ... “As has been the case for the past 22 years, SPFL policy, where two clubs do not agree about a fixture change and in the absence of any other relevant factor, is to favour the home club." ... 😒
  3. Joe Black @joe_black1509 Dave King Rangers AGM Dec 2019 ''The South African authority would not approve a further investment in shares in Rangers and eventually only approved a loan on an interest earning basis.
  4. Bondi is a former AG of Florida, is this possible?
  5. My God man, how can you make such a statement? Don't you know that under normal circumstances they have 60K of TGFITW at the stydome and thousands world wide who are retching on that pronouncement? How can you be so callous on their prospects? Ah f**k it, on second thoughts I agree with you!!
  6. You mean like the backlog of fixtures faced by Scotland's representative in the Europa league cup final in 2008? Now what would happen if some clubs could not accommodate the exigencies of league re-scheduling because they, say St. Mirren or Alloa, had previously booked a tour of Japan for their club? There again, I could ask you if you can see the buttons on the back of my head.
  7. Don't worry, I'm sure I read somewhere that the SFA have plans to assist and save all levels of Scottish football.
  8. Don't expect it at all. Liars and hypocrites to a man.
  9. Whatever, the precedent has now been set!
  10. I agree, bud. My point is, I think, that it wouldn't take any more than 4 or 5 red cards before the players in the league get the message. As Bluedell says they are not going to let us win the league as things stand.
  11. No you didn't say that so I guess I was being a tad facetious. You did say - "The players can't do anything. They will just get sent off if they do." Does this not suggest that the players can only do what they are allowed to do? The behaviour of the referees might have changed but my point is that players determine between themselves just where the line is. If they perceive that a Rangers player is prepared to accept a yellow card to assert just where that line will be then the opposition will adapt their behaviour accordingly. Said player can't induce a second yellow
  12. My bad. p.s. Porteous is still a prick.
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