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  1. Perhaps all is not yet lost ... @freyamcc FollowFollow @freyamcc More All has changed in #Creggan #Derry - last night journalist Lyra McKee was shot dead on its streets by dissident republicans, today this mural is updated:
  2. The background of a 'no-go' area. You could substitute the Bogside, and many more communities, for the Creggan in this story. On the one hand you have the duly appointed Police Service appointed by the legally voted upon authorities and on the other a little gang who have appointed themselves protectors of the 'no-go' area. Here are the respective points of view ... PSNI ... https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-northern-ireland-47987269/journalist-murder-in-londonderry-a-horrendous-act Gang ... The language of each is telling. Police - search operation Gang - series of attacks; an incursion; campaign of oppression; attack on the community etc. Gang - the inevitable reaction to such an incursion was resistance from the youth of Creggan - why, is it inevitable if their logic has not been warped? - the blame for last night lies squarely at the feet of the British Crown Forces - Why, did they throw petrol bombs or fire shots indiscriminately towards civilians? - we admit that a Republican Volunteer fired the shot that killed Lyra McKee, but it was an accident. The police being there caused it to happen. People who have brought into this world a new generation of hate since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement, who have nurtured this generation and who have taught them that only their point of view matters are the architects of 'No-Go areas'. Could this happen in Glasgow? Under the SNP/SF/IRA auspices it could. If you are in any doubt of that try walking through the Calton with a Rangers scarf on. Or perhaps you could have another wee gang - 'Call It Out' - take up your case for you, after all they have met and discussed the situation with Humza Yousaf.
  3. D'Artagnan Retweeted Vanguard Bears‏ @VanguardBears 4h4 hours ago More Please note the change of time for this protest on 27th April. Now at 10am. Enough is enough. 2 replies24 retweets30 likes Reply 2 Seems like a sizeable number of the 'Protestant People of Scotland' have decided to attend.
  4. https://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/16354369.agenda-by-susan-aitken-glasgow-intends-to-take-a-strong-stance-on-marches/ 13th July 2018 Agenda by Susan Aitken: Glasgow intends to take a strong stance on marches By Agenda by Susan Aitken, Leader, Glasgow City Council ... Modern Scotland prides itself on tolerance. What we cannot tolerate is hate crime, sectarian, racist or otherwise. ... ... Official participants may not be involved in sectarian and anti-social incidents around parades but it’s simply not enough to absolve themselves by pointing to hangers-on. They need to step up and take wider responsibility for those they attract and refer to as their wider support and networks when it suits. What happens on your watch happens on your watch. ... ... Only where the police have intelligence of significant and serious disorder do they object, allowing parades to be either prohibited or re-routed. And it’s worth stating that Orange parades are not the only marches where police action has been required in the past year. ... ... We are governed primarily by the European Convention on Human Rights. It permits freedom of assembly to all and any, including those we disagree with. And the key principle of the 2006 Scottish Parliament guidance on parades is that the role of councils is to facilitate, not to adjudicate on who can and can’t. Ideology and costs are not factors. The law is explicit in what applies to one parade, applies to all. https://www.scotsman.com/news/humza-yousaf-most-people-in-snp-want-to-get-rid-of-monarchy-1-4127741 Humza Yousaf: Most people in SNP want to get rid of monarchy A LEADING SNP politician has admitted “most people” in his party want to get rid of the Queen as head of state, despite its official policy to keep the Monarchy. Humza Yousaf suggested the SNP’s position to retain the Monarchy in an independent Scotland was simply an attempt to secure more support for breaking up the UK. Appearing on the BBC’s Question Time programme, Mr Yousaf said: “Most people in the SNP – it would hardly be a surprise to you – would at some point like to see our head of state elected. But for the purpose of independence we said we would keep the Queen as head of state.” ... https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-28194554 Orange Order defends right to parade 7 July 2014 ... The 12-year-old girl was said to have been watching the parade when a fight broke out among a number people nearby. This resulted in the girl being hit by what is understood to have been a bottle. She was treated at Yorkhill Hospital for a head injury, but was later released. Her relative was also hit with the item and suffered a cut to her hand. ... ... "Over the last two or three years the Orange institution has worked endlessly with Police Scotland, Glasgow City Council and other local authorities to ensure that we are reducing the number of police by training stewards. ... "We have over 3,000 stewards trained at this moment in time which allows the police perhaps to reduce their numbers and concentrate on any disorder that may arise from the followers of our parade." ... More facts Ad infinitum for those who wish to search for them. Some people want facts but are too lazy to search for them or maybe it doesn't suit their agenda to balance their argument. We know the leader of SNP on GCC has an agenda because she has written about it and has spoken about it ad nauseam. She has said she will stop the Loyalist Orders from marching where she deems it inappropriate. She bases her argument on the attack by a thug at last year's Orange Order walk. She berates the OO for not taking responsibility for their pavement supporters. I would ask her how this can be achieved. The OO are allowed to parade with marshalls to make sure that all personnel within the official parade are behaving in a dignified manner within their cultural limits. It is the job of the police to handle any trouble outside the constraints of the parade personnel. She admits that there were no OO personnel involved on the attack on the priest, why were the police not protecting the chapel as the parade passed by? Ordinary citizens are not equipped with the training or the equipment that are bestowed on the police. So, again how can OO personnel interfere with the public walking on the pavement? She is taking her agenda to extremes by blaming the OO and not the police for the attack on the priest. If she thinks it is that easy for the OO to convince people, whom they do not know, to be entirely peaceful and law-abiding then maybe she could get Celtic FC to share with the OO how they always manage to keep the brigade of green under complete control. It must be easy because the Compliance Officer has never cited Celtic for crowd trouble. Now she also states that what is good for one party is good for all. Here are the details of another parade ... Organisation West of Scotland Band Alliance (n.b. are the oldest Republican marching organisation in Scotland formed in 1979. They march to promote the establishment of a 32 County Socialist Republic of Ireland. The band alliance regularly organise events to commemorate Irish republicans who have died for those politics. Wikipedia) Date of procession Saturday April 27, 2019 Start time of outward route 12:30 Assembly point India St. Proposed route India St. ... Nelson Mandela place ... George Square ... ( n.b. The St George's Tron Church, in Glasgow, Scotland, is a Church of Scotland church in the city centre, located in Nelson Mandela Place near Queen Street Station.) ( n.b. In George Square we find the Cenotaph. The monument was unveiled in May 1924 by Earl Haig. In the background of this image are the Glasgow City Chambers, opened in 1888 by Queen Victoria. In the foreground the wreaths surrounding the cenotaph ...) Now according to the esteemed SNP leader of GCC, her agenda states that it is inappropriate for the OO to parade past an RC church. remember, what is good for one is good for the other. Why then has she allowed a Republican band to parade past a Church of Scotland church on their parade? Also, their avowed intention is to remove all Brits from the island of Ireland and yet she lets them parade past the revered Cenotaph. Do the police have any intelligence that republican sidewalk supporters have any intention of disrespecting the memorial to our soldiers or a respected CoS church? Balance in an agenda is very good but when she represents the national SNP party at local level and whose national leaders freely admit that they lied when they said they would keep the Monarch, the Defender of the Faith, as Head of State then it becomes difficult to not perceive that she is working an agenda which is detrimental to Loyalists. The Vanguard Bears may not speak for every protestant in Scotland but I'm quite sure they speak for a great deal of protestants. If only I had an agenda I could post here ...
  5. Are you sure about that? If Rangers lose that lawsuit, if nothing else, Celtic could sue Rangers for loss of income in the CL, namely £30M. Pick a fight where the chances are at least evens for a victory.
  6. Show this tape to our midfield and forwards and it may inspire and motivate them to have a go.
  7. How does that hurt us? We'll probably have a better chance of finishing the game with 11 men on the field.
  8. That's a bit too much pressure, don't you think?
  9. So, one should consider them separate entities then?
  10. That sucks. What is happening to society in the U.K.? The Blue Sea of Ibrox 4 hrs · 😡 Gary McAllister attacked. Gary McAllister has been attacked by a yob in an unprovoked attack while waiting for cab with his wife in Leeds, the Rangers assistant was punched in the face and fell to the ground as his wife fought to pull his attacker off him. Resulting in Gary requiring 10 -12 stitches. Both are said to be shaken up after the incident. /Michael
  11. Back in the day the number on the player's shirt designated his position. Ergo ... 1 goalkeeper Ritchie 2 right back Shearer 3 left back Caldow 4 right half Greig 5 centre half McKinnon 6 left half Baxter 7 right winger Scott 8 inside right MacMillan 9 centre forward Millar 10 inside left Brand 11 left winger Wilson The centre half played between the right back and the left back, with one or both of the inside forwards joining the half backs in midfield. Eventually this evolved to one of the half backs( usually the RH) playing behind the centre half as a sweeper, with the other half back joining both inside forwards in midfield. This was Sir Alf Ramsey's, he managed England to their world cup in '66, preferred formation - 4_3_3.
  12. Vanguard Bears‏ @VanguardBears 16h16 hours ago More A huge well done to all Bears and Bearettes who turned up at today's protest despite horrendous weather conditions. You're a credit. Irrespective of lower than anticipated protest numbers, our point has been made. We will not accept biased reporting from the BBC.
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