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  1. Great goal for a derby game but what about his tackles ...
  2. Why was this walk allowed to go ahead? When the OO wanted to walk down Calton they put it off the streets because the PS had 'intelligence' that the OO parade would be met by 'hundreds of "disruptive" counter demonstrators'. Where is the balance in their decisions? Yet we are all to reassured that they will hunt down any Loyalist protesters involved in the Govan disturbance. Balance by the Powers that be, yeah right!
  3. Pathetic ... https://hofoot.toclipit.com/player/html/kYGPh4SIBx?popup=yes&autoplay=1
  4. No Deal October‏ @WWWright_Way3 20h20 hours ago More No Deal October Retweeted Tom Gordon Utter nonsense from @NicolaSturgeon. This is just adding fuel to the flame they lit when courting the Catholic vote, and are still doing it. Considering 90% of SNP MPs, MSPs and councillors are IRA apologists(one even equates herself to Rosa Parks ffs), we all know who's to blame No Deal October added, Tom Gordon @HTScotPol Sturgeon blames opposition for rise in sectarian trouble https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17944954.sturgeon-blames-opposition-rise-sectarian-trouble/?ref=twtrec … K. @ Unionist & Proud. ✌️ 🇬🇧‏ @irvinepauly FollowFollow @irvinepauly More Nice to see our Irish Republican freinds from the James Connolly society at today's Indy March Vote Wisely folks
  5. Steph G‏ @SG68RFC FollowFollow @SG68RFC More As predicted the 100K turnout for the Indy March in Edinburgh is absolutely on the money eh RT far & wide
  6. The SNP would never use such tactics, eh?
  7. Meghan Gallacher‏ @GallacherMeghan FollowFollow @GallacherMeghan More Thread: The Real Reason Why North Lanarkshire SNP Walked Out The Chamber. 1:39 PM - 3 Oct 2019 41 Retweets 51 Likes 9 replies41 retweets51 likes Reply 9 Retweet 41 Like 51 New conversation Meghan Gallacher‏ @GallacherMeghan 21h21 hours ago More As we had spent alot of time debating other motions, at 8pm the Provost - in terms of standing orders- requested that a motion be brought forward for members to advise if the meeting should continue. It was agreed by ALL political groups that the meeting would continue until 9pm. 1 reply2 retweets18 likes Reply 1 Retweet 2 Like 18 Meghan Gallacher‏ @GallacherMeghan 21h21 hours ago More The SNP then decided to renege on their agreement and wanted items 19 and 20 to be debated at a different time. The Provost advised the suspension of standing orders would be required and this was voted on. The SNP lost. 2 replies0 retweets17 likes Reply 2 Retweet Like 17 Meghan Gallacher‏ @GallacherMeghan 21h21 hours ago More The reason the SNP wanted to defer those items was because the SNP Business Manager admitted that some members had not read their papers. They tried to cover this up by saying ‘Scrutiny’ must take place. They have had more than 4 weeks to do this. 1 reply3 retweets22 likes Reply 1 Retweet 3 Like 22 Meghan Gallacher‏ @GallacherMeghan 21h21 hours ago More Anyways, the Leader of the SNP then launched an attack on the Provost, throwing his dummy out the pram, before standing up and looking to his somewhat confused colleagues. They then decided to follow their Leader out of the chamber hurling abuse at the Conservative group. 1 reply3 retweets19 likes Reply 1 Retweet 3 Like 19 Meghan Gallacher‏ @GallacherMeghan 21h21 hours ago More This is what we actually need to put up with. It’s embarrassing. The SNP refuse to do the work in preparation for the committee then expect others to agree to their demands. The behaviour from the SNP is shocking and this ‘walk out’ shows that they are not fit for office.
  8. All Under One Banner 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿‏ @AUOBALBA FollowFollow @AUOBALBA More We have just received a £6K Traffic management bill from @AberdeenCC. We look forward to the court case 12:09 PM - 29 Sep 2019
  9. More At the Govan parade today. Only one of them showed their ugly mugs.......only one. Nobody else...... God loves a trier. But then they are only here to see the the Pride of Govan
  10. Saying as it is, careful now SusaninLangside ... Close Scottish Protestants Against D
  11. News 2 hrs ago Four loyalist marches to go ahead this weekend in Glasgow By Niall Christie BREAKING Loyalist marches allowed to go ahead by Glasgow City Council after weekend ban Parades through Glasgow by loyalist groups are expected to go ahead this weekend following a ban last week. Council bosses have reportedly taken a decision to allow the events after talks with police, the force has said online. Four marches are due to take place on Saturday, all by loyalist organisations, with a notice to parade by the West of Scotland Band Alliance withdrawn. Assistant chief constable Bernard Higgins said: "Our view is that if processions were banned, some form of protest and disorder could still take place and the policing profile for Saturday would therefore be similar. READ MORE: Glasgow loyalist group would be 'bitterly disappointed' if council banned weekend marches "If the processions go ahead it will allow us to continue to engage with known organsiers to ensure balanced rights were upheld and to police the events under the conditions agreed by the council. "I need to appeal to people who plan on taking part in processions or counter protests to do so peacefully. "We will have a range of policing resources, including a range of specialist assets, in attendance and will take any necessary action against anyone causing disruption. "The decision to amend the route or the timing, or to prohibit any processions is a matter for the relevant local authority. "Police Scotland is required to assist councils to make informed decisions by making appropraite representations on notifications which could potentially significantly risk public safety, disorder, damage to property or disruption to the life of the community." READ MORE: Letters of the day: Glasgow's sectarianism problem lies not with Catholic schools Around 800 people are expected to take part in a procession coordinated by Pride of Govan flute band, starting on Craigton Road on Saturday morning. The Independent Loyal Orange Order, with 50 followers, are due to walk through George Square after leaving Blythswood Square and pass thousands of Scottish Independence supporters at a Hope Over Fear rally. Organisers have previously said they would be 'bitterly disappointed' if they were stopped from marching this weekend. Other marches, by Drumchapel Orange & Purple District and Springburn Campsie Apprentice Boys of Derry, are set to attract a total of around 120 and 60 marches respectively in local areas. This decision follows last week's decision by the council to announce a temporary prohibition on parades. Bosses took the previously unprecedented step following advice from Police Scotland and two weekends of violence, with large protests against marches across the city. READ MORE: All republican and loyalist marches this weekend banned by Glasgow City Council Over the past week, the council have received support for their decision, including from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf, as well as the Church of Scotland. However, on Saturday a protest was held by a number of Protestant and loyalist groups in the city's George Square against the ban. Talks were reportedly held about future marches between loyal order groups and council officials, as well as police, earlier this week.
  12. I've had a wee think about this group. Maybe the OO does not wish to give them a status beyond the ken, hence they are just ignoring them.
  13. Sure - pole dancers😉
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