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  1. barca72


    No they don't - at least not the children - but maybe they'll learn by the next election, and hopefully lots of surrounding constituences.
  2. How can she be exonerated completely if she has plead guilty as charged?
  3. Preferably in a burqha.
  4. The man who invented the Tunnock's Teacake has been knighted in the Queen's Birthday Honours. Confectionery boss Boyd Tunnock ... Sir Brian Donohoe, who served as Central Ayrshire Labour MP for 23 years ... As far as career contributions go ...
  5. Now comes the absolute kicker , LOLZ, ... ‏Verified account @BBCNews FollowFollow @BBCNews More Saturday’s Times “New Labour MP ‘must be suspended’” #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers (via @MsHelicat)
  6. Who exactly was the victim in this case?
  7. Maybe Her Grace is a better judge of character and can assess a person's gravitas much, much better than can some of her subjects.
  8. Brass neck? Torch? ... LOLZ ... Bishop Thomas Tobin@ThomasJTobin1 A reminder that Catholics should not support or attend LGBTQ “Pride Month” events held in June. They promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals. They are especially harmful for children. 2,095 07:31 - 1 Jun 2019
  9. This needs explored. Looks like a breach of rules for operating a PLC @LSEplc , @CelticFC today confirmed that they have for 2years had a secret investigation into child abuse at the club. The investigation was to cost potential liabilities to the company They didnt declare any in their last 2 reports They lied to the LSE https://twitter.com/jockystan/status/1134836679670423554?s=19 …
  10. STATEMENT Posted by Admin F | May 31, 2019 | featured, Parades | 0 | A statement in response to the court proceedings against Glasgow City Council A spokesperson for the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland said, “We are disappointed with the outcome today. We have always followed the process set out by Glasgow City Council, and we simply asked that they were made to follow their own process too. “However, despite today’s ruling, we will continue our fight for fairness and equality for people of all faiths. We simply want to be able to celebrate our own beliefs, just as all other faiths can celebrate theirs. “A roman catholic church, located on a street in Glasgow, should never be seen as a threat to any other faith, in the same way that Protestants quietly walking past that church should not be seen as a threat either.” “Creating religious No-Go Zones in Glasgow, the first UK City to impose such orders, will only create further divides and raise tensions that otherwise do not exist. “Glasgow City Council and Police Scotland must put an end to this unjust, unfair and discredited practice of religious segregation. People of all faiths and none, should be able to live together, accepting each other’s religious differences, without the need for religious divides.” -ENDS-
  11. Wonder why none of the Nats on here are not answering your post. This is direct criticism of the SNP. I guess they would rather talk about Ruthie and her anti-Indy rhetoric.
  12. She was told 'NO', 5 years ago. She must be misreading a population who were completely apathetic about the EU elections to think this is a vote of confidence for a new Indy. We've seen this before in Quebec and haven't heard from the separatists since. How did the Quebec referendum of 1995 differ from that of 1980? In 1976, with the election to power of the Parti Québécois in the province, Quebec set in motion a process for an independence referendum. This first referendum, held in 1980, failed by a relatively wide margin. After generally unsuccessful attempts to amend the constitution, a second referendum was arranged for 1995. Jul 25, 2013. Does Quebec still want to separate from Canada? Most Quebecers don't want to revisit the question of independence any time soon, a new poll suggests. ... In addition, 64 per cent of francophone Quebecers surveyed agreed with the statement that "issue of Quebec sovereignty is settled, and Quebec will remain in Canada." Oct 18, 2018
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