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  1. Two words that Frankie included in his excellent summary, were maturity and humility. Such qualities appear to be scarce.
  2. Agree that this appointment, in several ways, is strange. However, the way in which the SPFL board handled the Motherwell issue, the word strange is compatible with the way that this board deal with most issues.
  3. Almost on a weekly basis Provan includes something derogatory about Rangers in his column. He claims to be "frank and fearless " I find him to be "tedious and tiresome "
  4. Yes, M and B were great but with people like Baxter and MacMillan providing quality service, it certainly helped.
  5. A taster for next year's decisions? Just hope that our performances improve sufficiently to ensure that we will be potentially complaining about decisions in Celtic, Aberdeen games etc. and not decisions against Raith Rovers and Morton etc.
  6. Sloppy and self-harming are appropriate words. Far too often, we provide the enemies of our club, with the ammunition to fire at us. By this time in the day, some explanation for the confusion that has arisen, should have been offered.
  7. "even he............" What you suggests makes sense but as Ashley is a sore loser and very rich, regrettably, suspect that he won't let go.
  8. While pleased that the judgement has gone against Green, it is difficult to erase the concerns, emotions and anger that Green and the rest of the disreputable characters , have brought on people who wanted to be proud of a club that they were proud to support.
  9. "Thoughts of many others?" Suspect that there might be many others like me, who can't figure out your reasoning. Please share it.
  10. Does it matter what people like Mark Wilson, Tom English etc. think?
  11. Thought that Dado Prso was one of the most intelligent players who have worn the jersey in recent years. He was able to make those who played alongside him look good. He was no mercenary like some others. Dado always gave his all.
  12. It has been made even more unusual as Colin Cameron has been sacked. Whoever his replacement is will hardly have the time to make a decent assessment. As Berwick Rangers are part-time Craig Halkett presumably will do most of his training at Murray Park. I seem to think that this player was on loan with Clyde last season. I suppose the main benefit for guys like Craig Halkett to go to lower tier clubs is to get game time. But as Zappa has said a one month loan is unusual.
  13. Just feel that we are taking too long to assess his fitness. If we don't know if the guy is fit enough by this time, it seems surprising. MW said a couple of weeks back, a decision would be made soon. If people see it differently, fine, but I guess the strength of this type of forum, is the representation of different views.
  14. MW has done so much, so well but this Eustace business is becoming somewhat embarrassing.
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