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  1. I find, in life in general, that the technical term for that state is: "reality"
  2. Looks a mess. I see this twit-ter blames us despite it being clear who started it. Polis look weak as hell. As they did in the Wigan nonsense.
  3. I won't be buying at all now. That horrific creature and his toxic company are still involved and getting money. Well, not from me. Huge disappointment. Was going to be quite a few Christmas presents sorted too. Wonder what Hummel think of it all... And Puma. It is a freaking mess. Ashley won and won again on the exorbitant legal costs. He's laughing at us, still. He's earning from us, still. We are not yet free from 2012 and its aftermath and won't be for the foreseeable.
  4. I am watching tonight, commentator Craig. Doing work admin at the same time so hoping for a serene progression towards qualification.
  5. Excellent stuff 😃. A very good listen, cheers.
  6. Looking forward to hearing it later, thanks to everyone involved
  7. Many thanks Commentator Craig. Points on me at Ibrox sometime later in the season. Have to drive now. Cheers all. WATP
  8. Agree from last week's showing. Was surprised he and Middleton didn't start after that, tbh
  9. I thought he looked a class above last week
  10. Now I am in the move.... Glancing here when I safely can.... Ah the "joys" if caring so much..
  11. Thanks for the commentary, must appreciated. SteveC owes Craig some 🍻
  12. I remember saying on the match thread that I was concerned by him playing on while injured. Another thing of which we have experience.
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