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  1. The interview is not difficult to locate, and so you can listen for yourself. There was no ambiguity to be heard from our manager's lips, with regard to the subject gisabeer put as his title for this thread.
  2. The gaffer spoke on thistopic in his recent interview: https://www.itv.com/news/2021-03-09/exclusive-steven-gerrard-on-rangers-title-win-liverpool-links-and-racism-in-football To wit: "Gerrard also highlighted the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and taking a knee, which has become a key feature in Scottish and English football this season. He said a "small minority" of fans were letting down the message when it comes to anti-racism. "It's important to everyone, especially with what's going on in the world. We will continue to give all the support we can and we will support those messages." He added: "The hope is one day it'll be eradicated."
  3. Anyone of us whom I've seen today look as though they missed their sauna appointments. Not that it'll have any effect on my love for them all!
  4. They shouldn't be able to, I would agree. However, I'm afraid I have to disagee with you here as they both can and almost certainly will. The immorality and injustice of it all doesn't enter into their thoughts, while "get Rangers and put them down" never leaves them.
  5. Indeed so, my dad is never from my thoughts but currently he is slap-bang in the forefront. He left us when we were at the bottom. I promised him we'd be back, in amongst my other final farewells. It is doubtful he knew anything of what I was saying, but I hope so - especially now the relief of not having falsely promised is a reality.
  6. This was so good to hear.
  7. Very much so. That's why I came back here - to see all you on this forum who helped me through the deep, dark years celebrating as you so deserve to do. Manly love to one and all
  8. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss 55! 55! 55!
  9. Not sure how much more happiness I can take. Will be fun finding out, though!
  10. Hi chaps, I've been away for a couple of years. Anything much changed? ??? Hope that I am not too early with this @Rousseau. (I know: "one point")
  11. I find, in life in general, that the technical term for that state is: "reality"
  12. Looks a mess. I see this twit-ter blames us despite it being clear who started it. Polis look weak as hell. As they did in the Wigan nonsense.
  13. I won't be buying at all now. That horrific creature and his toxic company are still involved and getting money. Well, not from me. Huge disappointment. Was going to be quite a few Christmas presents sorted too. Wonder what Hummel think of it all... And Puma. It is a freaking mess. Ashley won and won again on the exorbitant legal costs. He's laughing at us, still. He's earning from us, still. We are not yet free from 2012 and its aftermath and won't be for the foreseeable.
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