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  1. He may well be ratified by the support in the near future, but I can't really see a reason why we couldn't have waited for it. In the grand scheme of things, getting a rep on the board must be quite low on our list of priorities. It seems to have caused a wholly unnecessary division/distraction among the support. Fan ownership/representation will be a long slow process, that if conducted hastily, could kill it before it's even began. On the point of the 'witch hunt', I was actually referring to the internal witch hunt by sections of our own support. I don't see this particular case as bein
  2. The rush to appoint a 'fans rep' on the board was ill-advised, and the choice has rattled a fair percentage of our support. As far as I was concerned, we had fan representation on the board already, in the shape of King, Murray, and Gilligan. Anyone that took even a passing interest in the online Rangers pantomine, knew that Chris was a fairly controversial character. It's easy to blame a biased media and adopt a siege mentality, but at the end of the day, the facts they have reported are accurate. The images tweeted are deeply offensive to a great many Muslims, and non-Muslims alike. Chr
  3. Using the electoral roll for anything other than the democratic process, is about as vile, and undemocratic as it gets. Perhaps we could round these scoundrels up outside the many food banks that this wonderful British government has created. The "poll tax", was inherently unjust, and as such, deserved to be protested against. Chasing people for payment after 20 years, is as ridiculous, as it is futile. If they didn't pay then, it's doubtful they will suddenly cough up now. It's more than likely just another excuse for central government to squeeze the life out of local government bud
  4. They had a currency plan, to continue using the pound. It was relatively late in the day that the BoE made it clear this wasn't going to be an option, under severe pressure from Westminster, no doubt. There's no major reason that we couldn't continue to use the pound, up until the EU situation was resolved, which more than likely would have been way past 2016. The road to independence is never an easy passage, and every single answer can't be provided, until it actually happens. The way people are talking, it's as if no other country has ever dared to separate from it's previous masters. I
  5. Gie yersel peace, Rab. Less than 2 years to create and implement a new currency, all before we even know our EU situation? It made perfect sense, from a business point of view on both sides of the border, to let us keep using the pound. It was financial blackmail, and/or scaremongering of the highest order. There was a decent chance that in the event of a yes vote, that the English would have backed down, under pressure from business leaders etc. It was a disgusting tactic from the No campaign, and shameful that so many of us fell for it. At worst, we would have had a small amount of
  6. So we're to be forever beholding to Westminster, because they see fit to not allow a period of grace to use the pound, until we find a suitable alternative? I would have had much more respect for the Yes campaign if they said they would give us breathing space on that particular issue. The message they sent was, it's our currency, so just be grateful we let you use it. Some partnership/union that is. Have Scots not contributed to the success/strength of the pound? Why is it suddenly now purely the domain of the English? We at least deserved a period of grace until the issue about EU member
  7. I don't see the need for the triumphalism and/or gloating. The shameless blackmailing by the English elite over the currency issue has been the deciding factor, in my opinion. The failure of Mr Salmond to provide an acceptable plan B, has no doubt been his downfall, but that in no way deflects from how low the English stooped to maintain an obviously fragile union. A chance to rid Scotland of the tory scumbags forever has been sorely missed. When I say "tory", I include this joke of a Labour party. I'm not convinced that most Scottish residents understand just how much the English politica
  8. Miller was unlucky to get injured right before somewhat 'easy' games. Games that probably made Boyd and Clark look a better pairing than they actually are. I wouldn't go writing Miller off just yet. He was one of the better players in our first 3 games, even if his finishing was rusty. The situation will no doubt resolve itself naturally, with either injury, suspension or loss of form. I don't think there is a pairing that is so much better than the other, and wouldn't be upset to see Miller replace Boyd or Clark. The competition for a place can only keep all 3 of them on their toes.
  9. Sacking him now would be insanity. The fall-out while we search for a replacement would probably cost us the league before it's even began. It's not like we can give a new manager a war chest to replace some the duds we currently have. If he fails to win this league, he will do the right thing. The truth is, we're in no way ready for the top league, which is even more frightening than our poor football.
  10. He more thank likely tears the arse off them in private, but he's not going to humiliate players in public. Players that he's going to have to rely on this year. He has to say something to the press, so he probably just says the first thing that pops in his mind. All good managers deflect criticism from players, even if that means more for the manager.
  11. He can hardly come out and say the players are rotten. I wouldn't take much notice of what he says in public. He see's the same shite as us. He has to try get the best out of a bad bunch.
  12. There wasn't much between the two teams, but we really cant afford to miss open goals. If Templeton scores that header, we would have won easily. Hearts looked really shite in the first half. Losing Black seemed to spook us, although god knows why, he's rotten. You wouldn't even know Law had played the last 2 games if he hadn't scored in both. Boyd looks as pish as ever, and didn't even score his regulation tap-in when it presented itself. Miller ran himself ragged, but still lacks a bit of composure and quality, but he never stops, which is a big improvement on Daly. I don't think our pr
  13. I'd be embarrassed to go support us in a tournament if we got through on a technicality after such a riding. The Celtic fans busying themselves gloating about it, don't realise they're about to get fleeced for another 4 homes games, in a tournament they have zero chance of winning, and barely a chance of even escaping the group stages. They've made the groups unchallenged for 2 seasons and their squad has gotten worse, not better. It's only a win for the money men these days. The CL has been annoying me for years, this is just the icing on the cake. I don't know why so many of us are dyin
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