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  1. Not really, it's been in the public domain for well over a year now.
  2. Those of us who want this shower of shite out of our club. I'm asking if this guy is credible enough for those wanting the best for our club.
  3. Ally is a loyal person, i have no doubt him resigning had something to do with his 3 long term friends who worked behind thae scenes at the club getting binned. Apparently he was disgusted by how they were treated.
  4. Yeah, there is definitely something far bigger than just Ally McCoist and the managers position at stake here. Our clubs very existence and future.
  5. I'm not playing the victim, i am stating the bleeding obvious. It's there for all too see. I'm seriously out now. I'm off to bed for work. No hard feelings Zap. Apologies if you were offended in any way, was supposed to be a joke. Tmrw is another day. Hopefully we move on.
  6. You can only do what you can do buddy. Credit to you for at least trying. Albertz was a great name to get in the door. And a fiver is peanuts.
  7. Didn't say he was a bad player or that he wasn't popular. We watched the same player but you read a different post. Rangers captain. I'll give you Rangers captain. Vallance, Hamilton. Cairns, Meiklejohn, Greig, Butcher, Gough, Weir. Real Rangers captains.
  8. It's never really that far away mate. I didn't say we would win the quadruple. I didn't say we should expect to win it. I said it was a realistic ambition(and we are not going over what that means again) which it is for a club with our resources playing in this level of domestic football.
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