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  1. Normally, I would agree with you 100% STB, but there's a war going on here and this is the main protagonists positioning themselves for the ensuing battle. It's not an excuse and certainly not pretty, but it probably won't improve until this boardroom situation is resolved.
  2. IMHO, mate, I don't think Green's comments were in any way football related. They were intended to destabilise. Green, for all his faults, is no mug. He knows McColl is buying up shares and there's a messy boardroom battle coming. Publicly putting pressure on Ally and therefore Walter, was clearly a ploy to make their positions untenable, and with Walter resigning today, it's worked. The less allies McColl has on the board come the battle, the better. No matter what I think of Ally's ability as a manager, I wouldn't wish the sort of pressure he's going to be under on him. Good luck Ally, y
  3. nokiss

    Who ?

    Is Gus Poyet still unemployed? IF there was to be a change, he might be worth a look at. Seems to be held in high regard down south.
  4. I'm no Chelsea fan, but that's a nice top. Letters on the socks suck.....:box:
  5. Welcome(almost) big man. Hopefully, one of a few decent and much needed signings. Central defenders and midfielders please Ally.
  6. Clearly knows where to put himself to give him the best chance of scoring. If he has any weaknesses, it's up to the coaches to strengthen them. Given his scoring record from this season and what he'll cost, seems like a no brainer.....sign him Ally
  7. 46 with a mental age of 16(so the missus says)
  8. Yeah, you could be right. We were that used to having CG jumping at the chance to pass comment on just about everything. Maybe it'll be different now.
  9. I've got a wee sneaky feeling, no facts, just a feeling, that this will happen, including us being in an SPL2. The main players in all of this are eerily quiet. Usually, you'd here some sort of yae or nae from someone.........Christ....I'm paranoid
  10. I'm not sure any of this is possible without our involvement. Only time will tell, I suppose.
  11. Surely the current SPL clubs have been told that there will be more TV money in order for them to agree to any sharing of funds with an SPL2. They are dying a death(we think) with what they've got now. Therefore, the only way to get those extra funds, is to have Rangers involved in the new league. Hence the reason for my previous questions. I don't believe for a minute SKY would offer up any extra cash for an SPL2 without our involvement.
  12. I've not read every post on this topic, so I'll apologise in advance if this question has already been asked and answered. Does anybody believe that we(Rangers) are involved in any of this? Is there a chance these moves towards an SPL2 have been initiated by any deals that have been done by ourselves and the powers that be?
  13. Yeah, that's my point. If they invite us into this league, are they basically admitting they're on their knees and they're desperate for us to join. Therefore, giving us the power to get what we want out of it. If it was me(and it isn't) I would only except if certain demands are met.
  14. Are we in any sort of position of power here? A drop the embargo and we'll join situation. Are they desperate for us to join?
  15. That's mighty impressive, in any league. A wee bit unfortunate that with everything else going on the Scottish game, that a huge achievement like that is not getting more headlines, which it clearly deserves.
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