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  1. It shouldn't remind you of that because it is nothing like that.
  2. It's not a joke. It's incitement to violence. That is to say a crime. Also utterly reprehensible to try to joke about acid attacks given the horrific effect on many victims in the U.K. already.
  3. Looking good for Johnson at the moment. Already has enough support to ensure that he gets to the final two. He is thought to have much less support with the members of parliament than with the membership.
  4. Was that for this article? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-44933282
  5. I don't follow this at all.
  6. Does she, perhaps, sound a little familiar to you when she speaks?
  7. Suppose it would help your argument if she was a Londoner.
  8. Makes me sick to think of all that money being taken from over-75s to pay millions to Gary Lineker et al.
  9. In my opinion it's a speculative investment. We put the Rangers brand in front of people in a country where interest in football, and disposable income, is growing. I also think that there is a market over there that is different to the European one. Consumers in China won't necessarily make decisions based on the quality of football. I've been over there a few times recently, and know a couple of people who have been living over there, and it surprised me to learn that some Chinese people already knew about Rangers. With regard to 'shoring up support in this country' I think that we already spend the overwhelming majority of our budget on that. Easily at the stage of diminishing marginal returns there.
  10. I suspect the club have a little bit more imagination. I doubt they are looking for a player. How much do you think the club invests in this venture?
  11. A shame about the by-election result. Farage only needed two MPs to achieve his goal in 2016 though. The Conservative party should see that the seat was there to be taken. Time for them to select the correct leader.
  12. How would you measure the success of this venture?
  13. What's this?! A S.N.P. M.E.P. up for libel?!
  14. Are these two things mutually exclusive?
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