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  1. El Salvador have adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. https://www.reuters.com/world/americas/el-salvador-approves-first-law-bitcoin-legal-tender-2021-06-09/ This is very different from the idea of Bitcoin as a safe haven asset but still an interesting development.
  2. I couldn't disagree with this. Of course the flip side of free expression is that others are free to come up with unkind descriptions (e.g. racist, bigot) of anyone who is booing.
  3. That's interesting. I'm only thinking about it from the perspective of an individual though. If I donate to Club 1872 and stop donating then, in future, someone else will control the shareholding that I paid for. That is to say that it will be controlled by whoever controls Club 1872. A combination of the membership and the board. I would lose control because I had not remained an active participant.
  4. This will be obvious to many but I'll add this for your benefit. In the absence of leadership you do it yourself. Stop making excuses and take responsibility.
  5. It's a well worn topic but I might as well throw in my 2 pence worth again. Club 1872 is undeniably better than zero fan ownership. It is better for Club 1872 to buy Dave King's shares rather than risk the wrong people getting hold of them. The problem is that if you donate to Club 1872 you need to take an ongoing responsibility for it. You never own the shareholding but someone does. That is to say you really need to remain a member and be active. If you don't then who knows who will end up controlling Club 1872. Actual fan ownership of shares is undeniably better
  6. In reality you deserve what you get. Particularly so in this case.
  7. Not really. Both can be described as virtue signalling. That's what you were complaining about. Another similarity is that footballers probably see them as nearly identical acts. Almost as if much of this is in the eye of the beholder.
  8. Fans don't boo other forms of virtue signalling. For example nobody criticises Show Racism the Red Card.
  9. This is great news. I don't care about the match. I just know that this will end all discussion about Gerrard managing Liverpool one day. HAHAHA.
  10. Not too keen on this. I think we should be moving him on from the playing squad. He might well be a good coach though. I have no insight into that. I'm not a fan of players moving in to coach former teammates in general. I have much more confidence that he will benefit the youth players.
  11. We should get some of that money by pushing up prices. Particularly for hospitality.
  12. Any rumours about James McArthur this year? Looks like he is out of contract. Perhaps his window of opportunity has ended.
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