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  1. It will be the 'end of the world' if we finish a couple of points behind Celtic.
  2. Meanwhile our good form is interrupted and dropped points follow. Anybody still ok with moving the winter break for no real reason?
  3. Now that Defoe is gone we need to figure out new things to say when Morelos stops scoring. I'll miss reading rubbish about how we need Defoe on the pitch or about how he should have coached Morelos to be great finisher.
  4. Not sure what you base that on. His league scoring record is very good this season.
  5. It couldn't be justified before. The increased scope can't be justified after witnessing it in action. Who votes for this?
  6. It's not virtue signalling. The status of the opinion is not set by the individual that holds it. I understand that you really want to use those words but that's not how they are typically used.
  7. Is there any evidence that vaccine passports are effective yet?
  8. It's not virtue signalling. He holds the perceived low status opinion. It is virtue signalling to make a show of criticising him publicly.
  9. Knicker wetters will be grieving so please show some sensitivity.
  10. I quite like the stance he is taking too. I've heard some sad stories about people getting vaccinated just to avoid the inconvenience that will be imposed upon them. I heard about one fellow in particular who went out and got vaccinated to get a pass for the football. Spineless behaviour.
  11. I caught the tail end of a conversation about this at work today. Some knicker wetter was hoping for him to get turned back. It was everything I could do not to burst out laughing.
  12. The only 'fannying about' is from fans endlessly speculating, circulating misinformation and so on. You know the sort of thing. 40+ page transfer threads for example.
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