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  1. ranger_syntax

    Jose Mourinho Sacked

    If I was him I would consider going back to manage in Portugal until the national job becomes available.
  2. ranger_syntax

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    I can think of someone who has not ...
  3. ranger_syntax

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    I am indeed very fond of facts. For example the last census told us that Britain had about ~15 million people under the age of 20. What this demonstrates, beyond any doubt, is that you don't subject what you read to any critique at all. Could we infer the same about what you think? This is even before we get into a discussion about how one really measures poverty.
  4. ranger_syntax

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    The choice doesn't have to be between the free market and Marxism. Especially given the widespread failure of any attempt to establish Marxist states. Your common description of our political system as 'corrupt' is becoming laughable. I think we all know that when you describe the system as 'corrupt' you just mean that you never get the politicians that you want. (boo hoo)
  5. ranger_syntax

    The Ideology of Corbynism

    Given the content of the original post I find these comments to be beyond parody. Would it be worth asking again why the reported facts are always considered to be smears? What is it about buster that makes him think that people oppose him because they have been brainwashed?
  6. ranger_syntax


  7. ranger_syntax

    Ball boy

    I've always wondered what the problem with the ball boys is. The have been useless as long as I can remember.
  8. ranger_syntax


    The Hearts defenders made Dolly Menga look like Pele.
  9. ranger_syntax

    [FT] Rangers 1 - 0 Hamilton (Candeias 3')

    After the first 5 minutes I thought we would score at least 5. As time went on it became increasingly obvious that we wouldn't score again. Decent performances from the midfield trio. Grezda and Barisic looked very good down the left also.
  10. ranger_syntax

    Bluebear54's GPL 2018/19: Rangers vs Hamilton

    Rangers 2 Hamilton 0 First goal scorer: Lafferty
  11. ranger_syntax


    I regret that I must explain this to you but, in the spirit of the generous who give to those in need, I will. A beggar can do whatever he, or she, pleases. The point is that if you need something then you will take it. When a beggar declines food we can infer that he, or she, is not begging out of necessity.
  12. ranger_syntax


    Think you might want to edit that again. Perhaps you could respond to something that I actually said.
  13. ranger_syntax


    Quite. How fortunate that you should immediately add further data points to support the theory! The idea of a beggar who shuns either meat or fruit reminds me of some timeless wisdom. Beggars can not be choosers.
  14. ranger_syntax

    The Winter 2018/19 - Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

    Looks like the manager has little, or no, interest in the Mexicans.
  15. ranger_syntax


    To ban begging would be extreme. I think that we need to accept that it is part of life in the city. Beggars will always remain as long as people give them money.

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