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  1. And here he is hard at work on his re-election
  2. I have zero expectation that Johnson will do anything else that I want him to. Despite this I do think that I would spend a lot of time laughing if he managed to do this. The agony of his most vocal critics would be exquisite.
  3. I would like to know more about how he gets on.
  4. 2 million sounds like good value for Colak. Maybe we have someone better lined up.
  5. Please accept my sincere apology. The last thing that I would wish to do is prevent someone from self identifying as either righteous, angry or a combination of the two.
  6. You worry that, in desperation, he will do something bad for all. Nothing he does, from this position, will have any serious impact. The real damage is being done by policies that both parties are effectively agreed on.
  7. The Righteous Angry Pair win again!
  8. Not sure what you think the relevant difference is. The two main parties are aligned in terms of seriously damaging policies.
  9. The Conservatives that want Johnson out will be kicking themselves after the Tiverton and Honiton result. If they had held the letters back until today then I think that it would be over for him. As it is they will all have to wait.
  10. You couldn't have a more obvious example of the B.B.C. operating as a mindless propaganda engine. The only way for people to deal with it is to stop paying the licence fee.
  11. Should I take you through the posts to demonstrate the absence of any reference to myself?
  12. If the cap were to fit 'some on here' then he would be able to substantiate what he said. Maybe he can but so far all we have are some excuses. The rules of the forum are clear on whether or not that is acceptable.
  13. Hardly bellitling to ask you to back up what you said.
  14. Oh, right, so you can't support what you said again.
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