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  1. Though the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will ...
  2. I've been wide awake. One would have to have been asleep to think that further meddling, by the West, will improve anything in the middle East.
  3. Can't wait until someone posts the inevitable article telling us what Candeias thinks about it!
  4. You'll stay home though, right?
  5. Don't get too confident about this magnificent list of achievements. I'm asking the Labour party to legislate so that I can decide where your car can go. While I'm at it I'll also have them pass another law to paint your living room walls green.
  6. Draw a line around 'kurdistan' and you will have another 70 years of unrest at the very least. I honestly don't know where these silly ideas come from. If it is going to happen then the United Nations, and the United Kingdom, would be well advised to stay out of it.
  7. Wait until you learn of the other tragic news. An unsinkable ship left port, in Southampton, only to collide with an iceberg ...
  8. Rangers supporters could have achieved that by buying the club themselves.
  9. Yeah, I'm not sure if drawing arbitrary lines around areas in the middle East has been an unqualified success in the past.
  10. Hahahaha! Great stuff. After paying little attention I take a look at the last page of the thread only to discover alexscottisliar receiving a reprimand for letting his fevered imagination get the better of him!
  11. Precisely why the people who want things should pay for them.
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