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  1. Yes, I think redevelopment of 3 stands is the only way that we will see significant changes to capacity. I don't know the numbers but I'm not sure if the investment required, to replace the screens with more hospitality, would be prohibitive. You would think that hospitality should bring a healthy return while a waiting list exists though.
  2. We will need to do something. I wonder if it would make sense to remove the screens and replace them with more hospitality.
  3. T is for Tom Vallance
  4. Going to start providing Gersnet with metrics for thread quality. One metric will be posts before mention of 4 decades.
  5. Be honest. The point of you comment was that 'Enoch Powell' is a synonym for 'bad'. Surprised you didn't offer a substantial critique instead.
  6. I suspect that the Brexit party will increase this lead as the campaign goes on. There is potential to hammer U.K.I.P. down to about 2% and take many Conservative votes. The Conservatives might not even field candidates according to some reports.
  7. Appears to bother many of the right people.
  8. The manager should continue to play the best players until the end of the season. Lee Wallace doesn't need a 'send-off'. He already has a massive pile of cash for his trouble. If he does play Wallace, for sentimental reasons, then those who attend will be entitled to a refund.
  9. Can we say this if we don't know what he said to the referee?
  10. May I suggest that you watch the third goal again. I think you will enjoy it a great deal.
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