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  1. Wouldn't miss an opportunity to vote against Corbyn, Sturgeon and Remain.
  2. Personal? You were the one who decided to brag about how you had earned your money! I wouldn't mind telling you what I do if you really wanted to know.
  3. Well, I know what I think should worry the markets most. But Corbyn is likely to keep us in the European Union.
  4. Not really as it doesn't answer the question. Quite funny that you should contribute this mistake though. I don't think anybody cares if he watches the Queen's speech. But it is very funny to watch him tell barefaced lies about it. I've been a critic of Corbyn for various reasons. I've never found him quite so laughable and pitiful as now though. He is like David Brent or a primary school child.
  5. I wonder what this noted man of principle does on Christmas day.
  6. Could be that the market thinks Brexit will continue to be delayed.
  7. You are right about Barisic but I think you are being a bit harsh on Flanagan. He is just back from injury and will see out his contract as a decent backup player.
  8. Was thinking the same myself during the second half.
  9. All in good time. Cosgrove looks like he has no control over what he is doing.
  10. Hard to believe that we have thrown them a lifeline.
  11. Great work by Tav to pick him out. Great finish too.
  12. Aberdeen 1 Rangers 3 First goal scorer: Morelos
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