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  1. Legia Warsaw 0 Rangers 2 First goal scorer: Morelos
  2. This team fills me with confidence. Even the bench looks good!
  3. Suspect Davis instead of Kamara. Could easily see Ojo ahead of Arfield or Jones too. Think the rest will definitely play though.
  4. Full disclosure: My username contains the letters G, E, R and S. The very same letters that constitute the acronym used to refer to this annual report. If you remove those letters then you are left with r, a, n, y, n, t, a and x. But what does this all mean? Nothing. Just like BEARGER's posts on this topic.
  5. I still don't want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom.
  6. I don't want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom.
  7. I like to cycle, as slowly as possible, in the middle of the road. I think that this discourages quite a few people from driving at all. As such I think I have offset my carbon footprint sufficiently to fly as often as I like.
  8. Maybe Barker is included as an option for counter attacking. There will be plenty of scope for that when we go 2 nil up.
  9. I have no doubt. I still want to understand why you share this crap though. Can you say why?
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