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  1. I think we would have got a result if we played this team last year. A few players did not look too clever tonight. Hopefully we get Jack back soon so that we don't need to rely on Davis every game.
  2. Wow, that's actually terrible. I didn't think that this rule could get any stupider.
  3. Which age group? What proportion of that age group are at risk of requiring I.C.U. treatment?
  4. It's hardly informative for you to restate your support for vaccine passports without any supporting argument. One is left wondering why so many words are required.
  5. Sajid Javid confirming no vaccine passports for England. Is there still a group of second class citizens? Anybody who lives in Scotland perhaps.
  6. The Times has a story behind a paywall reporting that vaccine passports are not being implemented this winter. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/covid-vaccine-passports-scrapped-for-winter-by-boris-johnson-5g2fdb2zn The rest is behind a paywall so I have little idea of what to make of it. Is this being reported elsewhere?
  7. The appeal to authority shouldn't be persuasive in general. How far does one need to travel through the looking glass before considering B.B.C. editorial decisions authoritative in any way?
  8. Feel free to make any coherent argument against the point of substance.
  9. If I want to go about my life as normal. Because I happen to attend large sporting events I can't. I either have to sacrifice my lifestyle or my privacy. I don't think that I should have to without good cause. I'm yet to see evidence that there is a good cause. Ask yourself what proportion of ~400k will catch covid. Ask yourself what proportion of that number already have antibodies due to prior infection. Ask yourself how many will catch covid concurrently. Ask yourself how many will catch covid due to attending a large sporting event. Ask yourself how many of those will have little or no risk of requiring intensive care let alone death. Answers to each of those questions will diminish the number further until we reach the point that the violation of privacy is obviously farcical. Although it is earth shattering to learn that I can vote I suspect that more is required. None of the parties are opposed to the vaccine passport as a matter of principle. The opposition parties have a duty to scrutinise the legislation and oppose it. Real protection from such legislation will not come unless the electorate wakes up. Political parties will neither uphold privacy nor leave us alone unless the electorate holds them to account. That means critique of every stupid, and unjustified, rule that is introduced. As it is the numerous feeble minded, or ignorant, souls will shrug and ask what's the problem?
  10. Good result. I'm more concerned about how long Helander might be injured for than anything else. Any word on that yet? Although he is slow he would be a big loss.
  11. St Johnstone 1 Rangers 2 First goal scorer: Morelos
  12. I forgot to cast a vote. I think that the special relationship is a fairy story that is perpetuated only by feeble minded journalists and politicians. Whenever I hear it mentioned I always ask why is this person lying to me?
  13. I've been listening to an audio book called The Afghanistan papers. I recommend it and might pick up a physical copy later. It reports on what really happened over there and reveals all of the stupid ways that a government will waste money. It turns out that after chasing Al Qaeda out nobody had any idea what to do. The most hilarious/sad part must be the efforts to curtail the opium trade. Britain was offering Afghan farmers $700 per acre to destroy opium crops. Many farmers went out and planted poppies immediately. Some even harvested the opium resin prior before destroying the crops for a double payday. Some efforts were made to encourage farmers to grow other crops instead. Offering people something like $100 dollars a month to dig irrigation ditches. Sadly teachers were only getting 60% of that so many quit teaching to go and dig ditches. For some reason the other crops were not profitable so were abandoned. Don't worry though as all those ditches would end up being used to irrigate opium crops anyway. Many of the empty schools would be repurposed by Taliban. During all of this the Afghans would ask why they couldn't grow poppies if the U.S.A. and Europe had such high demand for opium resin. It might have been an idea to discourage the demand over here but the West is increasingly busy facilitating it. I think the U.S.A. spent about 2 trillion dollars over there. This book is a great reminder of how useless government spending can be.
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