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  1. I wonder why the compliant officer will ignore this one.
  2. A braindead rationale. I suppose we will be waiting until about May to play between 4 and 6 old firm matches. Alternatively we could just play the games when scheduled and all of the castrated bedwetters can fuck off back to Holyrood.
  3. I regret to inform you that I am old enough. Of course I'm also aware that he wasn't always at the side of the pitch. Football has moved on though. The support need to accept that.
  4. There must have been a better candidate to beat Trump.
  5. Quite incredible. It really appears to be beyond doubt here.
  6. Regrettably it will take more than £40 million to lead to disaster.
  7. I think we will murder both of them about ten nil. Which pot will we be in for the group stage?
  8. I'm sorry if my point isn't obvious. Rather than leave anybody baffled I'm happy to explore the painful details. I don't think that the players need to be reminded to focus. Most of these players have worked with the coaching team for two seasons now. If the management don't scream obvious points at the players then it is because the players are trusted. The team doesn't lack leadership on the pitch either. For example anyone can see that Goldson is always talking to the players around him. I've often noticed Arfield do this too. For Tavernier, and Davis, it is less obv
  9. Is this how football fans see football? the team is under-performing, i need to start screaming Laughable really. I suppose that is what many fans do at matches or when watching on television. I just don't know why anyone imagines that a manager should do it.
  10. Go back and watch the first goal again. Watch Davis instead of Barišić. He runs for the line and leaves the scorer wide open. If you still need more persuasion then think about how often we put a cross into the box without scoring. A well positioned defence doesn't need to worry about letting crosses in.
  11. Go back and watch the matches where we dropped points last season. McDairmid park for example. Katic falls short in other ways.
  12. Drawing away, to one of the form teams in the league, isn't bottling it. Hibernian played better than any domestic opponent this season. Where do you copy, and paste, your talking points from?
  13. Davis sucked in for the goal we conceded. Great confidence from Morelos. Time to finish the job.
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