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  1. Hard to imagine that Doncaster gets paid a fortune to run this shambles.
  2. Indeed. I don't ever want to be identified as a lanyard wearer.
  3. Not at all. I genuinely think that you have a good contribution to make to this thread. Diversity is strength.
  4. I've always considered a lanyard to be a form of punishment rather than a unique selling point.
  5. Has @Gribz posted in here yet? I feel like he could have an important contribution to make.
  6. Restructuring the league at extremely short notice is a very bad idea. It will be used as a power grab by the teams at the top. If you want to restructure the league then you should give all teams at least one full season of notice. You should also provide a credible rationale. The latter is always absent from any discussion of league restructuring. This is no exception. Meanwhile Neil Doncaster continues to rake in piles of cash.
  7. The idea of deciding promotion, or relegation, on a vote is utterly idiotic. If Scottish football votes for this then it deserves to be destroyed.
  8. My goodness. I can't say that I have used a gloating tone anywhere but I suppose these things are in the eye of the beholder. Lets look at things from a different angle as I don't think it will help you if I continue to state the blindingly obvious. Could it be that you are worried that someone will not be able to renew a season ticket prior to the closing date for renewals? If so then any criticism can wait until the closing date has been announced.
  9. I've not made much of an attempt to keep up with events in Holyrood. Is it true that the S.N.P. have deferred any freedom of information requests while stopping short of ending jury trials?
  10. This is not a unique transaction. If someone can't afford it then the same rules apply. My personal recommendation is to pay for most things when you have enough cash to buy them.
  11. Pretty sure you were referring to the season ticket announcement in the section I quoted.
  12. Can we really say anything about how the club appear to be handling it? The announcement has yet to happen.
  13. I was giving this some careless thought too. The first thing that occurred to me was that your income should be limited to thirty pounds per week.
  14. It's a matter for the club and players to decide between themselves. People always talk about this as if footballers don't run up monthly outgoings like anyone else. Who is to say what any given football player can afford to concede?
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