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  1. The Queen should only trouble herself to comment on one issue: Congratulating Rangers on another league title.
  2. Popped out to get some supplies. The crossroads at the centre of town is crammed with good honest patriots, smiling faces and blue smoke.
  3. It's easy for the fooball authorities to get that one wrong. A rash decision would help nobody. Lets hope that calm heads prevail and that the presentation happens on the pitch immediately after Rangers beat Celtic at Parkhead.
  4. Rangers are Champions. This is a great group of players and a great coaching team. Title 55 is the very least that they deserve. Time for some English sparkling wine I think.
  5. I'm so angry that I'm only going to spend three weeks celebrating our 55th league title.
  6. If it will be so ubiquitous then perhaps you should leave it out of this thread.
  7. Amazing scenes! Some cry babies will complain and you have to hope that it consumes them for many years to come.
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