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  1. Rangers 1 Hearts 0 First goal scorer: Morelos
  2. @the gunslinger thinks that the antibodies will leave his body and fight the virus before it enters his respiratory tract.
  3. Great match and a very important three points. Porteous is clearly a halfwit. Really enjoyed seeing him get a red card. Hibernian looked in complete control until the sending off. I'll be astonished if Celtic can take any points at Easter Road this month.
  4. Rangers 1 Hibernian 0 First goal scorer: Morelos
  5. Like our education system it will be delivered in a substandard way. The government will then produce some statistics to 'demonstrate' some success. The statistics won't stand up to scrutiny. That won't matter since most will ignore them anyway.
  6. It's not unfair exploitation and individuals have a duty to avoid tax. Given the outlook that I stated earlier there is little point in engaging with the other stuff. All I can do is wait, and laugh, while productivity grinds to a halt.
  7. Nobody can explain it. Cretins want it. The government will deliver it.
  8. Changes to IR35 are an attempt to increase tax revenue. I think that it reduces productivity and the knock on effect will be reduced tax revenue. That's not so obvious in areas like logistics but it will be in areas like software development. It's extremely funny because the fundamental problem is the fiscal deficit. The intelligent solution would be to create conditions for economic growth and reduce the vast waste of government spending. The cretinous solution would be tax grabs. The latter is always chosen because it is thought to be easy. It always results in negative second order effects. You can point this out in advance and be ignored. You can point this out afterwards and also be ignored. All that is left to do is laugh.
  9. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/business-and-finance/2021/09/ir35-is-this-incredibly-specific-tax-change-exacerbating-the-petrol-crisis I would laugh my head off if this turned out to be the main cause. Government interference in markets leading to inefficiencies?! Fancy that.
  10. I've read some suggestion that changes to IR35 are a big contributor to the shortage of drivers. That would be much more interesting than Brexit. No idea if it is true yet.
  11. The Holyrood election system is designed to suit low calibre M.S.P.s The list system means that there is a pipeline of members that owe their seat directly to the party leadership. The leadership needs obedient members. It doesn't need competent rivals. This won't end well.
  12. Never again. I honestly couldn't imagine a more embarrassing, and stupid, recommendation. At least I have a better understanding of why you can't make a coherent argument.
  13. You are all over the place. It's really difficult to make any sense of what you point is.
  14. Yes, it taught me that kicking the can down the street is very silly.
  15. If we are short by 100k then the significance of our glorious departure is very low. Clearly something much bigger going on. Very recently I was reading about the massive increase in the cost of container shipping from Shanghai to Los Angeles. The charts are mind boggling. I read that this was driven by increased demand for goods in the U.S.A. since March 2020. I wonder if this driver shortage is also driven by increased demand for delivered goods in the U.K. Either way I hope people see sense and let the market sort itself out. The feeble minded calls for planning are too painful to stand for long.
  16. That's a new word for me but I can see it mentioned all the way down in the third tweet. How many drivers is the U.K. thought to be short?
  17. Anybody else think the manager is prioritising the league match at the weekend?
  18. Sparta Prague 1 Rangers 1 First goal scorer: Fashion Sakala
  19. If you are interested then you could scroll all the way down to the second tweet in his thread. How would one know the proportion of E.U. drivers that left because of Brexit?
  20. What do you expect them to plan? Any update on the quantities of fuel involved?
  21. Have people been blaming this on Brexit?
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