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  1. Motherwell 0 Rangers 3 First goal scorer: Morelos
  2. We have 6 players that regularly feature in our midfield. Davis with Zungu as an alternative Kamara with Jack as an alternative Aribo with Arfield as an alternative I think that one of the main challenges we face this summer is dealing with the possible changes in this area. Davis is having a good season but he has recently turned 36. If his contract is extended then it could be that he becomes the backup next season rather than the first choice. Arfield recently turned 32 and has another year on his contract. I think we can expect another g
  3. I expect Jack and Kamara to be rotated when both are fit. You might see both of them together in Europe.
  4. I think your brother is wrong. It's really just a talking point invented by idle press hacks. It's unlikely that the member clubs would vote to cancel the season. The consequences of ending the season would be disastrous enough to discourage even our bitterest opponents.
  5. Michael Tracey for Unherd. https://unherd.com/2021/01/impeachment-is-more-dangerous-than-donald-trump/
  6. Peter Hitchens for the Mail on Sunday. https://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/2021/01/an-armedand-angry-mob-surround-the-seat-of-government-in-the-capital-of-a-democracy-claiming-the-most-recent-election-is-inv.html
  7. Only one thing can stop us now. If we suffered a covid outbreak then we would give them a chance to come back. Regrettably there is no real challenge for second place.
  8. Is there a risk of complacency today? Everything is going so well.
  9. It will probably wobble clean off of her shoulders.
  10. Either '88 or '92. Maybe I'm just ignorant of their faults. What we can say, without any doubt, is that each president since then has been bad.
  11. Any chance you could amend this to exclude President Joseph Robinette Biden Junior? I don't want Gersnet to get taken down.
  12. Maybe it was just, uh, a feeling.
  13. The number of Republicans that voted to impeach is irrelevant. There is a majority of Democrats in the house of representatives. I wouldn't consider them votes for survival. The medium term prospects for the Republican party are very uncertain in the event of a conviction. It could allow them to move on. Alternatively it could infuriate tens of millions of the electorate.
  14. It's difficult to take any impeachment seriously now. It's an entirely partisan action. The Democrats would take any excuse to try and remove him from office. The real prize is to prevent him running for office again. Now why would that be such a great motivation?
  15. Your point must be that there is a difference between the B.L.M. riots and a mob interfering with the democratic process. If so then that's undoubtedly true. Either way I don't think you should pretend that the screeching u-turn is about anything other than tribal partisanship.
  16. Who would argue with impartial and objective news providers?
  17. Thank goodness somebody is finally saying this. Some will say that the council has no competence to discuss international trade but those people are FASCISTS! Everybody in my town is starving to death and all because of this HARD RIGHT TORY BREXIT! I propose that we forget that Glasgow City Council is rubbish at every single thing it attempts to do and ask her to be Prime Minister.
  18. There was no attempt to overthrow the government.
  19. The U.S.A. is in a serious decline. It didn't start, neither will it end, with Trump. Look at Biden's divisive rhetoric over recent days. He will just exacerbate existing divisions in American society. He won't arrest spending excess and neither will he deal with China. These are the real problems that the U.S.A. faces.
  20. Wall to wall sob stories until we win the league. After that a lifetime of excuses.
  21. Anybody would think that you either hadn't read it or couldn't understand it.
  22. Probably only one way left for this to get any funnier. Celtic could fight for a hard fought victory tonight before being docked 3 points for fielding an ineligible player.
  23. Celtic could be in a fight for second place. A few people should be getting the sack over there. This should also be used, by us, to go after the S.P.F.L. leadership.
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