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  1. If Gerrard delivers our first title in a decade then he will win manager of the year. You get the impression that Martindale loses a few games and will stick the napper on someone.
  2. Chibmark

    Stairway 13

    It's a horrifying thought for that to happen at a football game. Thanks for sharing the OP.
  3. Not surprised at all. Prepare for an onslaught from our friends in the media.
  4. He's not a new manager, he's been in the job 4/5 months and we've seen NO improvement whatsoever. Normally, a new manager gets in and you see an immediate improvement from the players - this didn't happen. Name one player who has improved since Pedro got the gig because I can't. In fact, I can name a few who got markedly worse. 4 weeks is plenty of time to get in a McInnes or even a McLeish or Smith type to get the basics right before we see another nightmare seasona unfold before us. One thing is clear, he's not got it at all, his record before coming to Ibrox wasn't particularly impressive and now he's blotted our History with 3 of the worst results we've ever had. Struggle to see any optimism at all.
  5. Sorry, but based on what exactly? He's done absolutely zero since he's come in. We've been stuffed at Ibrox by Celtic, 5-1 going on 10, we've lost a 27yo record vs Aberdeen, he's not managed to convince our best player to sign a contract to stay at the Club, he's now presided over the worst result in our history and you think he's a good Coach. Sorry, but you can't see the woods for the trees. He's tactically clueless, the players are obviously not playing for him and the season is a right off if he stays in charge. We have 5 weeks before the league starts, we need to tell Pedro to go and get in a Manager who understands the Club and commands the players respect.
  6. Minutes silence to be held before Saturdays Scottish cup tie vs Motherwell.
  7. That's what I think about nearly all of our players. Rob, Waghorn, Tav et al all lack consistency, confidence and belief. If we can make them feel 10ft tall then they'll be better players.
  8. Re: The Hearts 'offside' goal, defo offside? Couldn't tell from my vantage point.
  9. What is this about? Anyone know?
  10. Cesc Fabregas has went down the pecking order at Spartak Fulham
  11. Would be great to bring through more of our own boys. Best of luck to young Gilmour.
  12. Can't really add anything that's not already been said. We are a shadow of the team that zipped in 6th gear a year ago and we're getting worse. Our best player McKay is being singled out for special treatment from some of the less cultured supporters in the crowd yet Halliday does very little and seems to be some sort of hero to some merely because he grew up on Copland Road.
  13. Why even come up with this rubbish though? Since Mojo, we've literally had hundreds of RC players and not one has had any problem yet quarter of a century later we've to believe that Barton might be the victim of sectarian motives and nothing to do with what's actually happened I.e. He's had a spat with MW.
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