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  1. I sincerely hope that I never stoop to your level, a little dignity is always preferable when your horse finishes a distant second.
  2. The chairman of the Rangers Supporters Trust, Gordon Dinnie, confirmed there is an investigation and that after the complainant stepped back from his duties, the Trust asked Mr Dingwall to do likewise. In a statement issued on Sunday, Mr Dinnie clarified the terminology used by his fellow board member, saying: "Both people involved [in the allegations] have stood back from participation in the trust's internal affairs whilst the complaint is being progressed as per the rules of the society, neither was suspended."
  3. Really how did you manage to concoct that theory, the games up live with it .
  4. You would have to inquire of the boycott threateners as to the that possibility, I really couldn't say and care even less life and the club will go on either way..
  5. Only if you think so, I know what I think.
  6. Anyone in the media could have simply canvassed the major shareholders and others to ask if they would be prepared to divulge their vote it would be up to the reader to decide if the information was of any value or truth, nothing sinister.
  7. At the end of the day it is all academic, the club and the board along with the supporters will move on, the RST will be left behind to sort their own internals out unless some authority decides otherwise, in fact any who decide guerrilla warfare is a good tactic will almost certainly also be left behind by the greater support.
  8. The legal position is more than clear, it is an embarrassment that the reqs are reduced to repeating old nonsense.
  9. A very serious matter which you very publicly would wish censored, if you consider yourself a sweetie wife that is your right society is more tolerant these days.
  10. So now we have claim and counter claim, incidentally there is nothing to prevent the subject being discussed, it is not as yet within the jurisdiction of a court.
  11. I don't need help, leaving speculation to the one side it is very very serious, obviously you are free to think otherwise.
  12. It would appear that the RST information was light from their statement, Mr Dinnie confirmed his information to STV, this information also puts a rather different slant on MD's statement with regard to the facts of the matter.
  13. The Rangers Supporters Trust is investigating allegations of improper conduct against its spokesman Mark Dingwall. The co-founder the group, who has denied the allegations, will have his future decided at a meeting this week. The Trust holds the largest membership of any Rangers supporters group and also holds the largest shareholding of any collective supporters group. STV understands the complaint against Mr Dingwall has been withdrawn as the complainant resigned from the board of the Trust during the investigation. Remaining board members are still concerned about the accusation
  14. He should have read the Times story first, seems he has changed his mind about it being suicide to go against his board, having said that there is no certainty which way the votes will be used.
  15. Sandy Easdale, the largest shareholder at Rangers, has said the only way the Scottish football club can operate in a financially viable way going forward is if fellow investors vote at an AGM to keep the current board in control at Ibrox. His comments come only days before shareholders will arrive in Glasgow to vote at Thursday’s AGM to decide the future of the Rangers boardroom. Investors will decide between the current boardroom and a requisition group led by Paul Murray and Malcolm Murray, respectively the former director and chairman of the club. After speaking to a number of top t
  16. Applicable is the word you are searching for.
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