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  1. Good post mate, thanks for denigrating Rangers further........... Probably be blown out of all proportion in tomorrows press. https://twitter.com/seanreilly71/sta...72014463389696'>https://twitter.com/seanreilly71/sta...72014463389696 https://twitter.com/seanreilly71/sta...72014463389696
  2. Dude, you have the power...Please kill my account Short memories all round..................
  3. Please see above re: Easdale/Green/Ashley asset grab and kill Rangers bloc.Fine.... I'm happy to be anti-Easdale/Green/Ashley
  4. Any word of Christmas yet?? I'll see you all in 2025. Might even buy myself a top. BTW Alan / moniker Brahim Hemdani is a huge fan of the Easdale/Green/Ashley asset grab and kill Rangers bloc. On that note, where's Simply The Best these days? Needless to say please do not send me an invite.
  5. Ok in any normal thinking place I would agree. But in terms of the stagnant backwater that is Scottish football / society it is a problem. Your complicity in this instance Just keeps on reinforcing the perceived religious division which is all "our" fault of course. Why give the haters ammunition? Seriously, especially on here, why?
  6. mmmmmmmmmmm..... Bearger, sometimes I wonder if you mean us more harm than good. You did see the bottom right corner of your cartoon I take it. What are you thinking? Should be deleted, just reinforces stereotypes that are constantly used to put us down.
  7. Why the f*#k are folk here giving those morons the attention they so crave? All reference and links to them should be removed from this site asap. Doing their dirty work for them, why? Crazy.
  8. Ohhhhh,! Won't somebody think of the children!!!!!!!!!!! For crying out loud, get a grip the lot of ya. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
  9. I suppose I better say it, as it looks like no-one else around here is going to - Well done England and your program researcher.
  10. I guess everyone is watching the C****c game. Enjoy
  11. Plenty of Scottish fans will be quite happy with this. Put Scotland in the same sentence as England and huge irritation is guaranteed, feathers will be ruffled. I fully expect some smart laddie to soon decide that wearing a poppy is anti-Scottish. And I fully expect a bandwagon to follow...........
  12. It will ever end for that pathetic bunch of obsessives. Their screwball lives are meaningless without us. If they ever did get what they thought was a "victory" they would need to be immediately sectioned. What purpose would they have any longer?? It's all about the Bears, bout the Bears..........
  13. I have no desire whatsoever to bump this but I have to say to Ian - If you have to post our detractor's BS then please post a link so we have a choice of whether to click/read or not. Provan?? Oh, come on! No offence intended mate.
  14. Same old, same old. I would not wipe my you know what with the Record. Anti-Rangers poison for the masses. The worm will turn and they will rue the day!
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