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  1. Mickey mouse lawyers Mickey mouse advice.
  2. Oh got new supplies in yesterday
  3. Seen some bits of Friday's games and you cant call this football it's awful, blinking awful .
  4. Doubt if Lampard would last a season
  5. Such a shame to see a once fit man wasting away like this more so when we remember him in his prime .
  6. Season 2019/20 odds Celtic 1/3 Rangers 9/4 Aberdeen 25/1 Hearts 100/1 Hibs 100/1 Kilmarnock 200/1
  7. compo

    New Ibrox

    Looks like a stadium for Spain rather than Scottish weather but I have had enough of this love for the old Archibald Leech main stand its had its day it's time to move on a build something befitting the modern times .
  8. compo


    Watched Tyson Fury the gypsy king dispatch the German hun in less than two rounds this morning he moved like a featherweight and stung like a Bee a first class performance for his first outing at the MGM arena in Las Vegas.
  9. Let's hope for a good day's weather for the Pakistan against India mat h which could be a cracker.
  10. If the stories of people photographing ballot papers are true then the police should investigate and parliament should order a rerun .
  11. After the way the SFA treated our club I would think very few of our fans support Scotland .
  12. One thing about Boris there will never be a dull moment if he gets the job unlike old droopy drawers May .
  13. Think I would rather have sepsis than Rory Stewart
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