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  1. Stop detracting from the young man's superb performance by bickering like auld weemin
  2. I took my eye of the ball ,must do better
  3. Looks to have a great future ahead of him I only hope it’s with the gers
  4. Well at least it gives us something to put at the front of next seasons team photograph .
  5. We should win today this is our level failure today would put the tin hat on a poor season
  6. Big day tomorrow it will either be city or the scouse gits I think there will be idiots invading pitches so the best solution put the knobheads behind bars again better still adopt the Ken Bates idea electrify the fences
  7. Jesus fuck it’s getting like the Kerrydale street excuse forum what next the referee is in the same knights club as Willie colour
  8. Seven weeks on and their running of the trains is a complete disaster
  9. Heart of midlothian 1 Rangers 1 FGS Itten
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