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  1. Here’s Jimmy sticking one in the net against Dundee United
  2. All the more important to win this year’s league as it looks like from next year co-efficient points will no longer count
  3. We should have a sweepstake for which minute he gets injured
  4. Jimmy Brown Kilmarnock saving from Scott in the 1960 league cup final
  5. Yes the wife and myself did it about ten years ago
  6. Roma would have been ideal and you could have done the Vatican tour when in town .
  7. A wonderful player,the Preston plumber
  8. The time has come to stop giving aid to the Ukrainian all it’s done is prolong the suffering and gives nato countries a chance to trial their latest weapons you can’t blame Russia for all the suffering the west have to shoulder their share of the needless deaths and destruction so withdraw all aid and advisors then let it play out .
  9. So who do you fancy in the next round
  10. Harold Davis a proper ranger
  11. The most important thing for us is to win the league and guarantee ourselves some of this European money and let the manager and DOF invest it well
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