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  1. Marlborough was a weird character I met him on a few occasions quiet and weird .
  2. The faint heart never won the fair maiden , good luck .
  3. I was in Glasgow city centre this morning and the nationalists have got tables set up in Sauchiehall Buchanan and Argyle street spouting about the great benefits of an independent Scotland, then I seen a man walk a tightrope as he played his violin that was quite interesting .
  4. Probably with their black flag in their satchels and a well honed knife to set about the infidels.
  5. According to some reports this morning the black flag is flying again in parts of Syria wont be long until the horrific videos are being posted again and all because Trump is giving a green light for Erdogan to carry out the Turkish brand of ethnic cleansing .
  6. The mention of Whyte makes me wonder what the rascal is up to these day's.
  7. Now it looks like the kurds will be to busy to guard all the isis prisoners and that lot and they might be soon back in the picture
  8. Watched the Czech match last night and they had a very impressive half back/inside man called Masopust who plays for slavia Prague dont think he's related to the great josep masopust but a very good player.
  9. You would have your stake refunded
  10. Rugby England 1/5..... France 9/2 Draw 25/1 Ireland 1/25 Samoa 14/1 Draw 33/1 Football Czech republic 6/1 England 4/11 Draw 3/1 I am down at Newmarket ready to commence hostilities against the bookies .
  11. For goodness sake bring back Strachan .
  12. Is there a DVD of this famous victory over Hamilton coming out , would make a fine Christmas present for uncle my Cosmo .
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