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  1. Big Sam weaves his magic once again
  2. There's always a tiny amount of people who get adverse effects to medication but thankfully it's such a small number me I am allergic to elastoplast when I cut I have to just let it bleed
  3. Watched Spurs yesterday and seen the worst of VAR if the referee had a pair he would have at least booked the Spurs player Son for feigning injury and this player has form for pretending he's been injured.
  4. A good first half rather poor in the second half , must do better.
  5. A good display today to set us up for next Saturday's match
  6. Leeds played in a crimson outfit I would imagine there might have been some crimson faces on that city bench if your pushing for the league it's your duty to start with your strongest eleven.
  7. Looking like next Saturday's cup tie is going to be rescheduled as it clashes with the date of prince Philip's funeral, a sensible move .
  8. Scott7 has still to put on his forecasts
  9. The onlway these social media moguls would take notice would be for the top black American sportsmen plus movie and showbusiness people to come out and publicly leave all these platforms.
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