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  1. Passed away at the relatively young age of seventy a first class player with the gunners and liverpool centre forward who blossomed as a type of left half ,great player.
  2. Any fool should know you never trust the japs sleekit little characters
  3. let me just say this its only morons that throw snowballs now if those shenanigans happend in a eufa match we would be getting a fine or worse playing behind closed door , grow up for goodness sake Mon the gers
  4. Looks like her trial will be starting sometime this week as the jury has finally been picked ,will she take the stand or leave it to her expensive lawyers, I think it will be difficult for her to get a fair trial as most television stations and newspapers have already found her guilty . Should be interesting.
  5. The performance of the weekend has to go to the groundsmen at the Ethiad for their endeavours in getting the pitch cleared at half time 😉
  6. Arfield for me his goal settled the nerves and let our lot play a bit ,
  7. Three points on a cold and frosty day not a bad day's work
  8. I still say the magpies should have sent for Sam .
  9. A wee bit of frost a plastic pitch ,a good leveler get the plimsolls on 😄
  10. Looks like this south African variant has put the wind up government's I will expect a proclamation from the duchess of Dreghorn within days
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