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  1. compo

    New Away Kit

    Personally I couldn't give a monkey's if we played in green white and gold and sponsorship from the papa as long as we could play proper football and be successful
  2. I love all this YouTube stuff George George Graham never bought one single player until he watched them on the field of play , now it's YouTube reports and stats .
  3. Every time I see her and her followers I could cry
  4. Time to rejig that old song , Nice one Cedric nice one son Nice one Cedric let's have another one ..
  5. Leverkusen 8/13 Rangers.......4/1 Draw............11/4 Rangers to win three nil and first scorer Morelos 200/1 Stewart ...250/1 Kent.........275/1 Hagi.........400/1 Tavernier 650/1 Jack..........650/1
  6. Getting himself in trim for the young fillies
  7. Just been told that Kenny McCaskill is call for the nationalists to resume their marches for independence, what a out social distancing and what about others banned from marching like the orange and Hibernian lads they will be demanding that they can also March then it will be the save the planet mob followed by black lives matter, bonkers idea .
  8. compo


    Watched the game on Saturday and we more or less are playing the same system as last season, it didn't work last season so what makes our manager think it's going to work this season .
  9. compo

    New Away Kit

    I have been reading that Spurs fans are up in arms about their new kit
  10. compo


    With the lack of thunderous shots at goal you would think we only had one ball and were trying to keep it good .
  11. I wonder how it would go if clubs and suppliers released these new kits say a fortnight before Christmas if there would be an ever higher sales as Christmas presents.
  12. then its about time they tried to teach their side how to shoot
  13. The city of Melbourne has imposed a curfew from eight in the evening until five in the morning the only people exempt will be folk in the health industry this is after over seven hundred new cases on Sunday .
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