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  1. Sack them they are employed to do a job not fanny about .
  2. I bend my knee to no one , but if the like they can kiss my arse .
  3. Will be like paying to watch a match down at the public park
  4. From an article I read commented on by Anders Tegnell who it says is Sweden's state epidemiologist and the figures were . Sweden 6.25 per million deaths United kingdom 5.75 per million USA 4.17 million
  5. I see Sweden are now saying they got it wrong by not going into lockdown a few days after figures show the have the highest death rate per capita of any country in the world .
  6. compo


    Thank goodness I am old , just been reading that the "experts" are advising people to wear a mask when having sex 😁 .
  7. Face it the vast majority of the rioters and looters couldn't give a monkey's toot about the deceased they see it as a chance to loot other people's properties and the authorities shouldn't hold back in dealing with them .
  8. Some people will believe anything, what if I told you Ronnie Kray cultivated pansies
  9. I wonder if these same players will show their heartfelt sympathies for the five police officers who have been shot and wounded by these scum rioters , and yes its totally pathetic just as pathetic as ha ing John Barnes on the television this morning bumping on about racism another brainless footballer going on and on . Time to stop arseing about shoot these rioters with the lead bullet not stupid baton rounds .
  10. Now we the liverpool squad posing in a circle on one knee how pathetic is that
  11. Right now it looks like all games might be behind closed doors
  12. compo


    Racing at Newcastle today back to putting my wits against the turf accountants and everyone of the twelve races on the cards will be live on at the races . Now were is the brother with my racing post .
  13. Either that or the sawn off 😉
  14. Might have to look out the purdey in case the native's or nationalists get a bit uppity
  15. Article read another horrid cretin of a man .
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