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  1. compo


    When was the last time they had a good president
  2. It's all these contrived celebrations I cant stand wee silly dances lying down fannying about like big jessie's 😡
  3. All these small clubs have their own agenda guided by the dark side from Glasgow's east end
  4. An age thing I have rectified it now Spurs are a get one goal and hold on to it team I think the Blades can do well against them
  5. Were top of the table let's keep it that way
  6. compo


    America is the home of litigation when I lived there stories of one suing someone or some company were every day things
  7. We should be to strong in every department and will get the points, mon the gers
  8. He cant attend the enquiry next week it he can travel to Glasgow to record his television show for the Russian television channel
  9. Sri Lanka is six hours ahead of us but if it's a Tamil controlled area its five and a half hours ahead
  10. A certainty it's definitely on the cards and do you know something if it comes about our board will probably accept it
  11. some dreadful batting from Sri Lanka very poor technique
  12. i am told there are moves to the premiership null and void
  13. being coached like a solicitor putting his client through a mock trial coaching them on how to answer the questions put to them
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