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  1. Let's hear your views on working from home is it better or would you miss the office banter and the Friday sessions in the pub. And how safe would the jobs be they might end up like call centres and see their jobs transferred to India or some other country were the wage bill will be peanuts.
  2. Italy 3 Wales 0 Switzerland 1 Turkey 2 Ukraine 2 Austria 1 N. Macedonia 1 Holland 1 Russia 2 Denmark 0 Finland 0 Belgium 4 Croatia 1 Scotland 1 Czech Republic I England 4 Sweden 1 Poland 2 Slovakia 1 Spain Portugal 1 France 3 Germany 3 Hungary 0
  3. Belgium have fairly improved since DeBruyen has come on
  4. And how did you know he was a Scottish fan , the lady replied well he had a can of lager in one hand his kilt held between his teeth and his knob in the other hand
  5. They were lucky I was in their teams
  6. Weve all got to die of something get out there and live life to the full
  7. One more goal Ukraine then you can take a breather
  8. Never played for any team worth talking about all amateurs but have played alongside Harry Hood, Alan McGraw,Joe Mason, and the old Hibs captain Joe Davis and also Eric Smith , I was just one of those players who deliberately injured others
  9. J Edgar Hoover was also a keen dresser
  10. Just shows how much the average voter bothers when they elect these idiots
  11. Roll on July 31st I am sure whatever fans are allowed entry will give Doncaster a rousing reception as we unfurl the flag .🤣🤣🤣
  12. This is how things work in a one party administration their arrogance is endless and it will continue
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