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  1. All terrorists are scum and should be hunted down and terminated, just like we did in Gibraltar.
  2. Climate change is an idea thought up to make you think your saving the planet by paying more taxes therefore keeping you in your place .
  3. compo

    The A to Z

    A wee bit of fun I have first go A..Albion training g ground
  4. The blue one smart the other two get the thumbs down would like to see us in a white away kit with blue and red trim
  5. If you shop around you can get a handsome 11/1 on spurs this Saturday against city , tempting .
  6. Amazing how a bunch of wahoos can disrupt a city lot of businesses must be losing money /trade due to their selfish behaviour and what's the London mayor doing looks like next to nothing time to bring in Boris's water cannon.
  7. What I would give for a bit of middle east backing at our club .
  8. What would you do with these hooray Henry neds I would give them a damn good thrashing a hundred lashes of the cat of nine tails then throw them in jail and another hundred lashes on their release just to remind them , no more fannying about.
  9. Once Clarke leaves they will be desperate for bums on seats
  10. United have a big rebuilding job ahead dont envy the manager the task
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