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  1. A crackpot more like , she's stark raving mad
  2. Before the campaign started the so called experts on the wireless were telling us Leeds need a striker as Bamford wouldn't score in the premiership, 😄
  3. It's enough to bring tears to a glass eye I was out yesterday and and seen quite a few coffee shops filled with customers so there is no excuse to halt a sport that is playing in empty stadiums.
  4. If brains were dynamite they wouldnt have enough to blow their bunnets off
  5. Yes I am all for a stats page but you will have to explain what all these figures represent
  6. Like me the only stat that counts is to finish at least one goal ahead of the opposition.
  7. The right hand doesn't seem to know what the left hands doing , I have just got a letter to see a cardiologist only trouble is the appointment was for a fortnight ago .
  8. Everything is messed up due to this virus later today i have to go for a flu jag if i were going by public transport it would be a twenty minute walk to the nearest bus stop then a thirty minute journey and the same on return and to make it dafter the wife goes on Saturday its bonkers
  9. something about Peter Mcloy against hearts was a near thing
  10. Again a no brainer for me i would bet all of you will still be talking about that goal on your death beds
  11. I'm singing in the rain 🌨️ Aston Villa2 Leeds 2 Hammers1 City 3 Fulham 0 Palace3 United 2 Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2 Blades 1 Southampton 1 Everton 2 Wolves 2 Newcastle 1 gunners 2 Leicester 1 Brighton3 West brom 2 Burnley 0 Spurs 3
  12. Its been a long time coming but I think we are finally on the road back .
  13. Aye they're both about as safe as Frank Haffey🤣
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