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  1. Think we will need to do a bit of gegenpressing
  2. Looks like a fancy Dan term for getting your sleeves rolled up and getting stuck in 😂
  3. Ibrox is our home who the fuck in their right mind would let in these arseholes , ban them for life .
  4. And now another freebie all so called poorer families will get £ 300 plus in their xmas stocking.
  5. Plenty of goals last night five at Anfield nine at the Etihad, I watched two former giants Inter play Real Madrid one blinking goal 😂
  6. Wouldn't last five minutes in the private sector
  7. It will be very a very tight game two sides are evenly matched Rangers are slightly favourites by a smidgen. Mon the gers
  8. A defensive mistake cost United last night and Chelsea had to work to get their result ,best bet on offer last night was the evens for Bayern to win at Barcelona.
  9. And to think we once built some of the finest ships ever to sail the seas disgraceful.
  10. The toffees up to a lofty fourth position in the table 🙂🙂
  11. Looks like she's been in one of those bargain book shop , three for a pound
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